Saturday, January 26, 2013


Dog Found Saturday afternoon around 2:30 PM on Horsey Road, Accomack County, Virginia.

Dog is friendly, well mannered and seems to be used to riding in a vehicle. Nails are clipped and one eye appears to have been shaven recently.   One white spotted ear.  Other ear is all black.

 Very sweet and friendly dog but I CAN NOT keep her. She was extremely! COLD and hungry!

Does anyone know who may belong to this medium sized dog????


Anonymous said...

Any luck finding the owner? Should I start a "Name jmmb's Pup" contest on PPE?

jmmb said...

Ha. ha. No luck finding the lost owners and we have been trying. We have given her a name but only because it sounds better when giving commands- that "hey dog!" didn't get it with me so I gave her a name. She seems quite content and is a cuddle dog!

Trying to find a place to send her so we don't have to result to Animal Control. There are no guarantees there and this is such a special dog...she just lacks her family. We just couldn't leave her in the cold.