Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hogan Hosting Business Summit to Improve Maryland's Economic Competitiveness

Annapolis - The urgent need to improve Maryland's economic competitiveness has been a consistent theme from economic watchdog group Change Maryland. It will be on the agenda next month when the organization's Chairman Larry Hogan brings together a panel of recognized business leaders, economists, policy experts and government officials.  They will lead an honest and candid assessment of what actions the state must take to improve conditions for private sector job growth.

"Maryland is lagging behind other states in the region in economic performance, and this forum is the first of what will be many bi-partisan, tangible steps towards a much-needed course correction," said Hogan.

With the poor business perception and a clear track record of tax and fee increases, Maryland is seen as damaged goods by employers of all sizes.  Companies including Boeing, Caterpillar and KIA have recently created tens of thousands of jobs in business-friendly southeastern states. Maryland does not even make the short list of such major facility expansions.

Meanwhile, Virginia continues to best Maryland in virtually every measure of economic performance.   Governors in nearby North Carolina, New York and Pennsylvania have realized the need to improve economic competitiveness and are actively pursuing fiscal, tax and regulatory reform to attract employers.

"Maryland will emerge as the mid-Atlantic dust bowl state when it comes to attracting private sector business and jobs if we do nothing," said Hogan. "Our over-reliance on the public sector employment base and federal government installations has been to the detriment of the private sector business community and has cost us jobs and revenue."

Change Maryland is committed to pro-business, private sector job growth and bringing fiscal responsibility and common sense to Annapolis. It is the largest and fastest growing non-partisan, grass roots citizen organization in the state with more than 25,000 members from every county. There has been tremendous interest in the February 21 event which has already sold more 250 tickets and is expected to sell out in well in advance.

Larry Hogan will moderate the panel and joining him will be Sage Policy Group Economist Anirban Basu, former Department of Business and Economic Development Secretary Aris Melissaratos, newspaper columnist Marta Mossburg, Maryland Public Policy Institute President Christopher Summers and General Assembly members Senator Allan Kittleman and Delegate Steve Schuh.  They will lead the review of Maryland's competitive situation and propose solutions.

The forum is scheduled in the middle of the legislative session in Annapolis to inject a different view into a hyper-partisan,politically-charged legislative agenda that glosses over structural problems in Maryland's economy.  It will be held at the Westin Hotel, February 21 at 8:00 A.M.

Sponsors of the event include Merritt Properties, the Peterson Companies, Apple Ford, Taylor and Preston, The Columbia Bank, Koch Homes, NOVUS Residences/Cafritz Interests, Great American Car Wash, Bank Annapolis/First National Bank, Bethesda Architects, Caruso Homes, Stavrou Companies, Ribera Development, The Hogan Companies and the Maryland Public Policy Institute.


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