Monday, January 21, 2013

RAVENS WIN!! Guess Who's Happy???


The Baltimore Ravens defeated  the New England Patriots 28-13.  The team now moves on  to play in Super Bowl XLVII vs. the San Francisco 49ers with the game to be played in New Orleans.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of football.  But when your daughter has lived in Baltimore for many years and loves both Orioles and Ravens teams you learn to listen.  Besides, it's usually what the rest of my friends and relatives are doing too.  (I at least watch enough of a Ravens game to at least know what everyone is so excited about!)

So tonight the Ravens win.  Good for them!  Great for Baltimore!  I have many happy friends and an excited daughter!!  And without a doubt they will be commenting about this on their facebook pages until pigs fly, I guess. 

 God love their hearts.  I read everyone of those comments and have no idea how many photos I've seen of Ray What's-his-name.  But hey, I like the guy.

The Super Bowl is just a few Sundays away so I already know that there will be plenty of swapping photos, comments and articles for me to read.  My daughter will be a constant chit-chatter about the game until the day of the game when she won't even want a phone call from me!

But, that's okay.  It's what they love and I love to see people happy even if I am on the outside looking in.........

Me?  Well, heck!!  I'm just darn glad that for a while PURPLE POWER will mean something else - other than a cleaning product!!!

Somebody buy me a Raven's shirt!  I'm going to watch that Super Bowl game!!!


Lovingly submitted to all of you Ravens fans:

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