Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arsonist Tonya Bundick's Attorney Asks For 62 Arson Trials

I wonder how much this is going to cost the county???

Bundick Wants 62 Arson Trials

By Linda Cicoira
Arsonist Tonya Bundick has asked for separate trials for each of the 62 charges of deliberately setting fires made against her in
connection with a spree that ended nearly a year ago.

Defense lawyer Allan Zaleski’s motion for the request was filed this week in Accomack Circuit Court. He is seeking separate proceedings  “in order to preserve the right of the defendant
to due process of law as guaranteed under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” he wrote.

Bundick was convicted earlier this year inVirginia Beach Circuit Court of deliberately causing one fire and conspiring to set it. Evidence had been presented to a jury at that proceeding when Bundick changed her plea to guilty.

Her motion to move the trials for the remaining 62 cases off the Shore has not yet been decided. Bundick also has not been sentencedfor the convictions.

She is being held in Eastern Shore Regional Jail.


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