Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ocean Pines Fire Department Donates Ambulance to Worcester County Sheriff's Dept.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office photo
 March 20, 2014 -  Sheriff Mason proudly accepted the keys to a 2000 Ambulance from the Ocean Pines Fire Department that was recently placed out of service.

In the photo, Sheriff Mason is presented the keys by Fire Department Chief Angelo and President Healy. The Sheriff would like to thank the members of the Ocean Pines Fire Department, their Board of Directors and the community of Ocean Pines.

 The Sheriff's Office will be transitioning the ambulance into a Mobile Incident Command Vehicle. The vehicle will be used at accident scenes, search and rescues, large events in the county and will be used where scene lighting is needed for long durations allowing fire equipment to return to their stations.

We are very fortunate to work in a county where fire, ems, law enforcement and local governments work so well together and look out for each other and their communities. We will post pictures as the transition of the ambulance commences.

 We hope to have it ready for summer time deployment beginning in May.

Again, our thanks to the members of the Ocean Pines Fire Department and community.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

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