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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crippen Found Guilty For Attempted Murder

Alexander Crippen could be facing life in jail for attempted murder with the possibility of an extra 20 added to those years for carrying an illegal weapon. Gee, that means for the rest of his life he gets to breath, eat, exist behind bars. No matter where he is and no matter where the man that he attempted to murder may be BOTH are alive. And good for them, I guess. But what about the family of Reginald Handy?

Forensics couldn't prove Crippen killed that young man. And no one saw? Not a soul saw anyone that night but a bullet into the back of Handy? I'm just wondering, because there doesn't seem to be any closure for the family that loved and had to bury Reginald Jerome Handy.

If it can't be proven that Crippen fired that bullet into Handy's back then who did? Or is that the family just has to accept that Crippen probably did do just can't be proven beyond that "shadow of a doubt"? Where is the closure for this family?
What do you say to them? Does anything happen for them?
SNOW HILL -- Friends and family members of Alexander Crippen cried and consoled each other in Circuit Court after Judge Richard R. Bloxom said Crippen was guilty of trying to kill a man.

Testimony in the trial for first- and second-degree attempted murder, first- and second-degree assault and gun charges concluded Dec. 7. Bloxom said he needed time to review the testimony and facts of the case before giving a verdict, which he issued Friday.

During his deliberations, he recalled the instructions given to jurors when they have trouble deciphering witness testimony: that they may believe all, part or none of what witnesses say.

Crippen, who has listed residences in Fort Washington, Md., and Pocomoke City, has been held without bond at the Worcester County Jail since late May, when he was charged in the murder of Reginald Jerome Handy Jr., 22. Handy was gunned down outside a Laurel Avenue home on May 27.

In June, a grand jury indicted Crippen on murder and other related charges connected to Handy's death in addition to attempted murder. But Bloxom dismissed the murder charge against Crippen during a criminal motions hearing. Prosecutors said forensic evidence would have made it impossible to prove Crippen killed Handy. Crippen was instead convicted of attempting to kill another man, Torrance Davis, 28, who was at the scene of the shooting in May.

After the verdict was read, Deputy State's Attorney Michael Farlow asked the judge to order a presentence investigation before Crippen is sentenced.

"Now that he has been found guilty on all counts, we will be seeking the maximum penalty," Farlow said. The maximum penalty life in prison. He said a second charge, wearing and carrying an illegal weapon, can carry an additional sentence of up to 20 years.

Crippen's defense attorney, Arthur McGreevy, said he expects his client to appeal the decision.

"We are obviously disappointed but respect the judge's decision," McGreevy said.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crippen Two Day Trial Begins

SNOW HILL -- The first day of what is expected to be a two-day court trail for Alexander Crippen began with testimony from about a dozen people, including Torrance Davis, whom Crippen is charged with trying to kill.

Crippen is charged with the first- and second-degree attempted murder of Davis, along with first- and second-degree assault charges and other related offenses.

Deputy State's Attorney Michael Farlow and Crippen's attorney, Arthur McGreevy, presented opening statements before Judge Richard R. Bloxom before the state began to call its witnesses.

Davis testified that on the night of the shooting he heard a "boom, then pop, pop, pop, pop."

Police found a Bushmaster assault rifle, AR-15, at 503 Laurel St., about one block away from where the shooting took place.

Davis also testified that he had been at the scene of the shooting for about 10 minutes when, he said, Crippen "just started shooting."

"I think he emptied his clip ... maybe six or seven shots," said Davis. "I seen the fire come out of the gun."

An officer from the Pocomoke City Police Department, who was one of the first officers on the scene, testified that when she asked Davis to tell her who shot Handy, he was unable to.

"As I was tending to the victim, I said, 'If you know who did this,' you need to tell me," the officer testified, indicating she lowered her voice so people standing in the crowd could not hear her. "He just kept saying 'R.J., breathe' ... he didn't answer me or say anything in response to the question."

Crippen was previously charged with the shooting death of Reginald Jerome Handy Jr., Davis's cousin, who was found dead at the scene the night of the events now being discussed at trial. But the charge of murder was dismissed at a pretrial motions hearing last week, leaving the lesser attempted murder and assault charges, which are still felonies.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Murder Charges Dropped At Pretrial Hearing

SNOW HILL -- Alexander Crippen is no longer charged with the murder of Reginald Jerome Handy Jr. after a Circuit Court judge approved a motion to dismiss the charges at a pretrial hearing.

Deputy State's Attorney Michael Farlow did not object to the dismissal of first-degree murder, first-degree assault and second-degree assault charges against Crippen.

"The forensic evidence would have made it impossible to prove Mr. Crippen is the person who killed Reginald Handy," Farlow said, noting Crippen is still charged with the first- and second-degree attempted murder of Torrance Davis, Crippen's cousin, along with separate first- and second-degree assault charges and other related offenses.

Arthur McGreevy, Crippen's lawyer, said it felt good to get the murder charge against his client dropped. He is focusing on the trial scheduled to begin Monday.

"At the trial, I believe my client will be exonerated of all the charges," said McGreevy. "He was not any of the people firing weapons on that day."

The shooting death of Handy occurred on May 26 at about 10 p.m. in Pocomoke City, when he was shot once in the back before being transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, where he was pronounced dead, according to police and court records.

Upon searching the area where Handy was shot, McGreevy says police found six .45-caliber shell casings, six other shell casings and a .223 rifle cartridge.

The deputy state's attorney and defense council put several additional motions in front of Judge Richard R. Bloxom, including allowing audiovisual equipment in the court during the trial, redacting objectionable statements in Crippen's interview transcripts and correcting a typographical error in court documents.

In a July interview, Davis said he and his cousin didn't know Crippen personally before the night Handy died, and disputed police accounts that had Crippen arguing with Handy beforehand.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

22 Year Old Virginia Man Shot In Pocomoke

POCOMOKE CITY, Md.- Police are looking for a suspect wanted for shooting a 22-year-old man to death in Pocomoke City late Wednesday night.

Pocomoke City police say that at around 10 p.m., they received calls for shots fired in the area of Laurel and Fifth streets. Upon arrival, officers found Reginald Jerome Handy Jr., of Greenbush, Va., suffering from a gunshot wound.

Handy was transported by ambulance to Peninsula Regional Medical Center and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Worcester County Bureau of Investigations, along with Maryland State Police and Pocomoke City police investigated this incident and identified a suspect as the shooter. The suspect's identity will be released once an arrest is made.