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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pocomoke City Police Dept. Dedication and Ribbon Cutting /2

Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Pocomoke City Police Department

Friday June 22, 2012

A banner was on display from Lighthouse Counseling welcoming the Pocomoke City Police Department to their new location of 1500 Market Street

Tom Beauchamp- owner of Beauchamp Construction with daughter.
Beauchamp Construction handled the rennovations on the building.

Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin D. Sewell and his wife Rhonda. It was so wonderful to finally meet her. I knew there had to be a strong woman behind that smile Chief Sewell almost always wears. Maybe she should write a book. Being the wife of a Baltimore City Homicide Detective could not have been an easy task. I just can't help but wonder about her long dark nights. How many times did she have to appear brave, keep a smile, bite her tongue and hold back tears sitting at home while waiting for her husband to finish a case to the point he could return home. How many times were important family matters put on hold? How many sleepless night.

On the Dedication page of "Why Do We Kill" Chief Sewell writes that his wife Rhonda once stated "The Police Department took my husband away from me years ago."

Here's hoping that now with your husband being Chief of the Police Department in Pocomoke City you have gotten back your husband. Oh, there's still crime, his responsibilities are there. But being in Pocomoke has to make all the difference in the world.....for all of you. My very best to all of you.

Many thanks to Chief Sewell, Angel and everyone associated with the Pocomoke City Police Department. I appreciate everything minute of your time you have given to me and you will never know exactly how proud I am of all of you. If there are days when you think those around you are not grateful for everything you do remember always that I do. You kindness, your smiles will never be forgotten and I hold all of you dear in my heart. Please stay safe.

Thank you to those great people at Pocomoke City Hall for your words of appreciation. Pocomoke now has the best police department it has ever had with a new headquarters to be proud of for many years.

Councilman Malloy, thank so much for leading the way and making it possible for me to carry out my mission of keeping everyone informed mostly through photos. This is Mission Accomplished!

And a very special thanks to my wonderful husband. I love you. And remember: YOU bought me the book....and you bought me the camera.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pocomoke City Police Department Dedication

Pocomoke City Police Department Dedication

and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Friday ~ June 22, 2012

Congratulations to the Pocomoke City Police Department! Those congratulations include everyone and anyone linked to the department or had a role in bringing this beautiful facility to a reality for the people of Pocomoke City.

Pocomoke City Mayor Bruce Morrison was Master of Ceremonies and Councilman/Rev. George Tasker gave the invocation. But is was the remarks given by the guest speakers that touched our hearts when commenting on the men and women in uniform that protect and serve the citizens of Pocomoke. They are the best and they deserve the the best.

This isn't the first generation of police officers for Pocomoke City and Chief Sewell stated that. In fact he named many of them and went on to say how proud the newest generation of Pocomoke City Police Officers were to walk in the footsteps of those before them.

In the program handed out before the ceremony Chief Sewell stated: " All of us in the Pocomoke City Police Department are very excited about our new police building. This move has already resulted in greatly improved morale within the ranks of the officers and our civilian employees. We greatly appreciate the efforts of the Mayor and City Council, the City's Public Works Department, Beauchamp Construction, and everyone else who was in this project. We look forward to serving the community from this location for many years."

What wonderful words came from Delegate Mike McDermott as he spoke about the Pocomoke Police Department. To be honest I had to hold back my tears as he spoke. These brave men and women do leave their homes and the arms of their loved ones to become the protectors of society. They are the brave warriors who put their lives on the line for the people. They are the ones who patrol the dark streets on foot, bike or car. And we can not forget those back at the police department manning the radios and working in capacities that keep the Pocomoke Police Department running....nor should the loved ones waiting at home ever go unnoticed.

Worcester County Commissioner Merle Lockfaw
expressed the same sentiments as the others. Being a citizen of Pocomoke and Pocomoke City Volunteer fireman he knows the determination and dedication that is required to be successful.

Above- Jack Tarburton, State Director, U.S.D.A. - It has been through the U.S.D.A -According to the Ceremony Program -"The total cost of the project including purchase of the property will be approximately $1 million. Permanent financing of the project is being provided by the U.S.D.A."

Senator Jim Mathias - A long time friend to Pocomoke City and also had some great words to share with those present.
Two of my dear old friends....John McDaniel and Patrol Officer Ralph Corbin. Other officer's last name is Craven (I believe, help me on this one). If I am not mistaken this officer is the same one that tried to get me to give him my thumb print- to see if I was a fugitive!

This young lady seems to be the back bone to the police department. Angel D. Thornes, Executive Administrative Assistant for the Pocomoke Police Department. That's a pretty large title to hold for such a petite person. But in the course of the past few months I've seen her dig her heels in and work hard just like the others. On one occasion I saw her busy with the new furniture that had been delivered to the new department; and dealing with the headaches that you get when your goods are damaged. The last occasion I ran into her was on the second floor of the old police headquarters on a really hot day. She was in a file closet moving paper files. That's not easy work.

I also think I am correct when I tell you that it was Angel that did the excellant selection of furnishings in the new police department. Each and everyone that holds a position in the police department of Pocomoke City deserve our thanks. They have all done an outstanding job!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pizza Hut Dedicated To Mr. Johnny Strand

ONLEY -- Surrounded by family members and friends, Shakia Austin of Melfa sat inside the Pizza Hut restaurant patiently waiting to see the building be dedicated to her late uncle, Johnny Strand.

Matching her mother and several others in attendance Saturday, Austin wore a white T-shirt printed with a picture of Strand and the nickname, "Uncle J" written beneath in cursive letters.

"I came to celebrate my uncle and remember how kind he was to people, how kind he was to me," Austin said. "He tried to help anybody and everybody."

More than 30 people gathered inside the restaurant to attend the dedication ceremony to Strand, a former manager there well-known for his kind personality and generosity.

Strand, who had worked at Pizza Hut since it opened in 1990, was slain three months ago. Shortly after he was reported missing, the 49-year-old manager was found dead inside his Melfa home May 1.

Fernando Carrillo Sanchez, 23, of Accomac was charged with second-degree murder after being located by nearby residents, according to the Accomack County Sheriff's Office.

As a way to help remember Strand and his many contributions, a small plaque was recently made and affixed to a dining room wall inside the restaurant.

Pizza Hut employee Jason Bennett of Onancock, who had worked with Strand for five years, reflected on Strand's cheerful and encouraging attitude while he waited for the plaque to be unveiled by District Manager Gil Liberty.

"He had a smile on his face every morning," Bennett said. "And he always strived for the best in us."

Liberty's comments immediately mentioned Strand's importance.

"He meant so much not only to this restaurant but so much to our franchise as a whole," Liberty said.

In addition to the plaque, a scholarship fund in Strand's name is also in the process of being established.

According to Liberty, the fund will be awarded each year to one senior each from Nandua and Arcadia high schools who "understands what kindness is," just like Strand had.

Liberty hopes several individuals will make donations so students can apply for the scholarship next year.

Once the plaque's covering was removed by Liberty, Strand's former co-workers, friends and family members lined up to see the small nameplate on the wall beside the kitchen door --a spot where Strand stood as he greeted customers.

"Welcome to Johnny's Place," the plaque reads, written below a picture of Strand standing in front of the restaurant.

Last month, Austin began working at Pizza Hut because she felt that working there is what Strand would've wanted.

She's working toward following in her uncle's footsteps and "making the service great" for customers.

"I know he's smiling down on me telling me I'm doing a good job," said Austin.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This Sunday, April 25, exactly 2 years after the Pocomoke City Volunteer Fire Company dedicated their new firehouse, the fire company is dedicating their adjacent Community Center at 1410 Market Street.

An Open House will be held from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM and will feature tours of the magnificent new Community Center banquet facility.

At 3:00 PM, a cornerstone ceremony will be held. The time capsule from the Fifth Street firehouse cornerstone dedicated in 1939 will be opened by the senior members of the fire company. The contents of the time capsule will be revealed and should prove interesting. A time capsule containing modern materials will then be set in the new cornerstone.

Following the cornerstone ceremony, the Pocomoke City Volunteer Fire Companys new tanker truck will be dedicated and placed in service. The purchase of the tanker was made possible through a Homeland Security grant to the fire service.

Another true asset to Pocomoke!