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TOLL INCREASE ~ By Delegate Mike McDermott

  • Press Release
  • Toll Increase Editorial Response
  • By Delegate Mike McDermott
Jul. 20th, 2011

If “reasonable” is the term used by the Daily Times to describe a 300% toll increase for a bridge that is currently self sustaining, I do not want to know what theyconsider “unreasonable”.

The Bay Bridge has generated about one billion dollars in revenue since  it has been open. It has been paid for time and again. The money that it generates should go towards maintenance and upkeep. This would seem “reasonable”.

The MTA does not argue that the Bay Bridge is self sustaining. Many would argue that it is far beyond self sustaining, particularly when viewed in agregate totals over the decades.

New MTA projects, which many deemed ill advised, such as the ICC (Inner County Connecter) and the I-95 expansions require vast sums of cash. It would seem “reasonable” to let the user pay for their construction and upkeep. It is noteworthy that the proposed MTA Toll fees do not include any increases for users of the ICC.

As we slip further in the ranking of states in which to conduct business (now at 46 out of 50) , does it seem “reasonable” to raise the cost of commerce by requiring a company now paying $18 to pay $60 to move their goods across the bay? The bills for some of our major companies will be raised by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As people struggle everyday with the job market, does it seem wise and “reasonable” to take away hundreds of dollars of discretionary spending out of the hands of those who must cross over on a daily basis? The estimated increased cost for a two income household living on the shore with a daily commute accross the bay is over $900.00.

The Times laments the days of Governor Tawes and the “gentle pursuasion” in Annapolis. In those days, most members of the General Assembly were folks who signed the front of a paycheck and they understood the need for a thriving business economy. In those days, they would never have agreed to a 50% tax increase or a 300% fee increase for they new the problems it would create and the competive edge that would be lost.

I doubt seriously that Governor Tawes would sign a bill giving illigal aliens the same benefits as American citizens, or that he would be the champion of a bill promoting cross dressers and transgenders.

In fact, the last time I was in the Governor’s Signing Room at the State House, I took a long look at the grand painting of our great governor from the Eastern Shore...and I believe it was tears that I saw.

Let us take back Maryland from such “reasonable” people.

News From A 'Thirty-One' Consultant

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President BARACK OBAMA was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nation two weeks ago in upstate New York. 

He spoke for almost an hour about his plans for
increasing every Native American's present standard of living. He referred to his time as a U.S. Senator and how he had voted for every Native American issue that came to the floor of the Senate. 

Although President Obama was vague about
the details of his plans, he seemed most enthusiastic and spoke eloquently about his ideas for helping his "red sisters and brothers." 

At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes
presented Obama with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name, "Walking Eagle." 
The proud President Obama accepted the plaque and then departed in his motorcade to a fundraiser, waving to the crowds. 

A news reporter later asked the group of chiefs
how they came to select the new name they had given to the President.

They explained that "Walking Eagle" is the name given to a bird so full of shit it can no longer fly.

Hat Tip: Kack

Weather Report


BURN BAN In Effect For Worcester County

As of July 17, 2011
ALL outdoor burning is banned for an indefinite period of time in Worcester County.  Worcester County Fire Marshal Jeff McMahon issued the burn ban today. 

 The ban applies to all outdoor ignition sources with the following exceptions.  Proper use of gas and charcoal grills, campfires at the County’s commercial, State and Federal campgrounds, permitted official Ocean City bonfires, private property recreational campfires which are limited to a fire area of 2 feet with a height of 3 feet, public fireworks displays and volunteer fire company training exercises.

Worcester County Fire Marshal's Office

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TIME MACHINE ... June, 1879 (Part 5 of 5)

(As published in the Warren Ledger, Warren, Pa.)


Details of the most remarkable crime on record.

A Woman Who Wanted To Marry One Of Her Own Sex.

Baltimore, May 27.- The trial of Miss Lillie Duer on an indictment for fatally shooting her once intimate friend and associate, Miss Ella Hearn, is fixed for tomorrow, at Snow Hill, Worcester County, Md.

(PART 5)

I had some difficulty in obtaining an interview with Miss Duer. She was self-possessed and did not appear to be in any great distress either about the shooting or the approaching trial. Occasionally when speaking of other matters she would smile and once during my visit laughed quite merrily. She sat opposite me along the other side of a long table, and while conversing would look directly in my eyes, scarcely even dropping hers while the talk continued. Both her father and mother were present. The former is a quiet, easy going sort of a man and said but little, but the mother, who was remarkably like her daughter in appearance, watched the conversation closely and would occasionally check Miss Lillie in a half-formed sentence, by a quick look and a sudden gesture of the hand. Miss Duer said that she had been badly treated by the press and had always been misrepresented. The trial would, she said, show that newspapermen were apt to say more than they had a right to, and more very frequently than they had heard. She declares that the shooting was purely accidental. She called to see Ella for the purpose of taking a walk. She did not want to go. I begged her. She refused. I then wanted to kiss her. I had the pistol in my hand after giving up the attempt to kiss her when the pistol went off. I am not a murderess. I visited her twice during her illness. The first time she heard my voice and called me. I went into the room and she received me by putting her arms around my neck. She then said, "Lil, what's the matter with me?" I told her that she was hurt. "Who hurt me?" she asked. "I, Ella," I replied, "It was I who did it." "Then you did not do it purposely, did you?" Miss Duer denies the statement that has been circulated that she had left Pocomoke City for Baltimore in male attire.

There are two lines of defense proposed- accidental shooting and insanity. Miss Duer, it is understood, objects to the latter, and says that she would rather go to prison than to be proved insane. She is very sensitive upon this point and it is quite likely that the plea of insanity will not be entered.

(As published in the New York Times- June 18, 1879)

Samuel H. Townsend, State's Attorney for Worcester County, opened the argument on the part of the state. He claimed that jealousy prompted the act. That there was malice prepense there was abundant proof. He did not believe the theory of chloral poisoning or that of accidental shooting had been made out. The weight of the testimony was that antecedent actions of the accused girl showed malice aforethought, and her effort to induce Ella Hearn to go to the woods with her showed a terrible meaning on her part, and she contemplated that which would produce serious results. He called up the dying declaration of the dead girl, and declared she could not stand in the presence of God and utter a lie. He asserted that the testimony of the prisoner was too smooth, and filled with too much self interest to be true.

A.P Barnes made the opening argument for the defense. He analyzed the testimony for the state, and said there had been nothing to warrant the assumption that the shot wounding Miss Hearn was other than accidental. With regard to the alleged disagreement between the prisoner and Miss Hearn on the evening previous to the shooting, he insisted that no such disagreement took place, nor was any such language used by Miss Duer as was imputed to her. He claimed death resulted from the effects of improper medical treatment. Authorities were cited to show that an accidental shooting could not be construed as a crime. The testimony (of Mrs. Mason) in relation to the dying declaration of Miss Hearn, that the prisoner shot at her two weeks before, was discredited by the fact that it was in proof that the prisoner did not have possession of the pistol at that time. It had been shown that 2,400 grains of chloral had been carried to the house of Mr.Hearn for his daughter, and it was given her from the day of the shooting to the day of her death.

Footnote: The defense called Lillie Duer to the stand for testimony; she was not cross-examined by the state.

(Tomorrow... The jury's verdict.)

5-Year Old Shark Attack Victim Is In Good Spirits

Being carefree is a way of life at the Outer Banks for vacationers.

But the harsh reality of the dangers lurking in these waters has put worries in the back of parents' minds, after a 5-year-old girl was attacked by a shark while boogie boarding in 18-inch deep water yesterday.
"You don't know what to expect these days, but we are hearing a few more stories like that and it's very unfortunate," says John Creef from Manteo.
Midday, the beach is packed but the recent shark attack is keeping some people out of the water. It's the second shark attack in North Carolina in the past month.

"It's crazy, you really don't know what's in there, it's pretty dangerous especially with the recent news of this shark attack," says Matt Wisergener.

As the tide rolls in, kids frolic in the water. Staying together is key; sharks usually shy away from packs, instead looking to pick off individuals.

During the day everyone here is safe, the sharks are well off the shore, but later on they'll make their way closer to the coast.

"I would not swim at dusk or dawn that's when sharks generally feed. That's when they will come into the shallows and follow bait into the shallows," says Mike Remige with Jennette's Pier.

What type of shark attacked the young girl is still being determined. There are a handful of types that patrol these waters, that's why it's important to look where you're going when you're strolling in the ocean.

"What happens is that somebody steps into a ball of bait and where the sharks of just kind of passing through and feeding anyway and they are inadvertently bit, it's an accidental thing," he says.

NewChannel 3 received a statement from the girl's family this afternoon, stating:

"Our daughter is in good condition after receiving a shark bite to the right leg. The shark attack occurred in two feet of water on Ocracoke Island. Mom was ten feet away and witnessed the event. Paramedics arrived promptly and she received excellent medical attention from EMS personnel, life-flight crew, and Pitt County Memorial Hospital medical staff in Greenville. She is in good spirits, declaring this morning that, "I hate sharks. I like dolphins way better."


Courtney Bloxom Benefit Car Wash


Saturday   July 23, 2011
9:00 AM   until   2:00 PM

Saxis Fire House
Saxis, Virginia

Food will be available
For more information contact: 
Tonya Beasley @ (757) 894-0652

Please continue with your prayers for Courtney and her family.  Her total recovery is  long but progress is  being made with your help through prayer.

Go to Prayers for Courtney Bloxom on facebook

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hadel Tries To Escape From Worcester Jail

Written by
Jennifer Shutt
SNOW HILL — The man convicted last month of murdering Christine Marie Sheddy is newly accused of trying to escape from the Worcester County Jail.

Justin Michael Hadel, 20, allegedly removed a foot-long hinge pin from an observation window and later used it to pry open a security window casing, according to court documents. The charging documents, filed on Tuesday, say it happened July 12.

Hadel could be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole stemming from his first-degree murder conviction at a Sept. 9 hearing. He now faces additional charges, including first-degree attempted escape, malicious destruction of property and possession of contraband in a place of confinement.

“Hadel removed the hinge pin and placed paper in the hinge area to conceal the removal of the hinge pin,” read charging documents filed in Snow Hill District Court. “Hadel used the 12–14 inch hinge pin and pried the security window casing in an attempt to escape confinement through the window.”

Hadel was ultimately unsuccessful in escaping from jail. Worcester County Jail Warden Garry Mumford declined to comment about the incident Wednesday.

Hadel is still being held at the jail pending his upcoming sentencing hearing for the November 2007 murder of Sheddy, a 26-year-old mother of three.


TIME MACHINE ... June, 1879 (Part 4 of 5)

Please note: Due to its length the postings for this article which began on Sunday will continue during this week.


(As published in the Warren Ledger, Warren, Pa.)


Details of the most remarkable crime on record.

A Woman Who Wanted To Marry One Of Her Own Sex.

Baltimore, May 27.- The trial of Miss Lillie Duer on an indictment for fatally shooting her once intimate friend and associate, Miss Ella Hearn, is fixed for tomorrow, at Snow Hill, Worcester County, Md.

(PART 4)

The following statement of the circumstances comes from a lady well known here, and who attended Miss Hearn during her illness. During a long lucid interval Miss Hearn talked to the lady a good deal about the shooting, and related how it all came about.

As soon as the door to the sitting-room had been closed Miss Duer, turning about, looked at her intensely for a moment and said Ella, why will you not walk out with me? Do you not love me? "Oh, yes I love you" said Miss Hearn, "but I am afraid of you." Do you love Mr. ____? To this question she received no reply, when she became very much excited and spoke again quickly, "Do you love Miss Foster better than you do me?" The answer was "yes." This appeared to terribly excite Miss Duer, and she rushed wildly about in a terrible state of excitement. "Don't say that Ella; don't say that." she kept repeating, while Miss Hearn stood rooted to the spot, by the vehemence of her manner. Presently Miss Duer came close to her and said, "If you say that again I will shoot you," and took out her pistol and cocked it. Then she appeared to become more calm and seemed to want to make up with her now thoroughly frightened friend. She attempted to kiss her but was repulsed by Miss Hearn, who put out her arms to warn her off. This caused her to slip and fall upon her knees. "She was then furious and gave me a fearful look I should never forget to my dying day," said Miss Hearn in relating the circumstances. "She pointed the pistol right at my head. I held up my hand to ward it off," and cried out "oh, don't shoot me, please Lillie; don't shoot me, I will go with you, I will love you." But it was too late, and the next second the pistol was fired and the ball had done its deadly work. Miss Hearn lingered between life and death for a month, and at one time seemed in a fair way of recovery, when on December 6, she became rapidly worse, and died peacefully from nervous prostration caused by the shock to her system by the shooting. The Coroner's jury returned a verdict that Miss Hearn came to her death by "nervous depression caused by a shot from a pistol in the hands of Miss Lillie Duer." Miss Duer gave bail in $2,500 for trial.

(To be continued... the reporter's interview with Miss Duer, and the defense presents its case)

June 25, 2011- Truck and Tractor Pull

Pocomoke fairgrounds was filled with lots of activity the night of Saturday, June 25, 2011.  So many  fans of this type of sport purchased tickets for the annual  evening  event  tractor and truck pulling.  Children were excited and spectators were lined up on the bleachers and in lawn chairs on the grass.

But the true hustle-bustle was "behind the scenes" in the pits and in the staging area.  Driving teams were busy preparing to give a great show and thrill the spectators.  Last minute details were being tended to.

It may look like fun, and to an extent it is, but these places can be very dangerous places.  When these trucks and tractors are moving it can be  from quite difficult to nearly impossible to see anything or anyone moving about. 
On this night, where anything can go wrong in a split second or blink of an eye, it was a comfort to look around and see the Pocomoke Volunteer Fire Company in the shadows with emergency equipment standing by in case their emergency services were needed.

To many of you this may no seem like no  big deal.  Let me assure you that is certainly is! 

My husband and a few of his friends are racers.  The type of racing they do is on a much smaller scale from a truck and tractor pull but requires speed.

I have been in the pits of race tracks  and watched with my own eyes trucks begin to flame and smoke with the driver inside. I've seen them roll over and over.  Just last summer I witnessed an attempt to rescue a racer on my husbands team,  by the drivers  son, daughter, son-in-law, my husband  then followed by the drivers wife! 

There WERE NO paramedics.  NO fire fighters.- just in case their services might have been needed.   NO fire extinguishers!!- only the one mounted in the truck.

  And no matter how often or how loudly I complain about the need for some type of emergency attendence no one listens. 

Drivers of these vehicles performed for an audience of many.  They gave a wonderful performance.   If anything had gone wrong any driver  would have had medical and fire protection within seconds.
 Pocomoke fireman were also nearby on the race track through the entire evening.

Their appearance was quite a comfort to see. I applaud them all for taking their  private time to protect others.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Latest On Pocomoke City Craigslist Scandal

Amber Watson
POCOMOKE CITY, Md. - The Craigslist scam that left one Pocomoke city mother and her four children homeless has ended on a positive note.

Robert Austera pleaded guilty to three counts of theft. In May - we spoke with Mindy Page who said she met Austera on Craigslist and signed a lease to move into a house on Laurel Street. But authorities say Austera didn't own the home - and was only hired to do maintenance.

Austera was not charged in Mindy's case but pled guilty in similar cases.

As for Mindy - she worked out a deal with the actual homeowner and she and her family are now living in the Pocomoke house.

TIME MACHINE ... June, 1879 (Part 3 of 5)

Please note: Due to its length the postings for this article which began on Sunday will continue during this week.


(As published in the Warren Ledger, Warren, Pa.)


Details of the most remarkable crime on record.

A Woman Who Wanted To Marry One Of Her Own Sex.

Baltimore, May 27.- The trial of Miss Lillie Duer on an indictment for fatally shooting her once intimate friend and associate, Miss Ella Hearn, is fixed for tomorrow, at Snow Hill, Worcester County, Md.

(PART 3)

.....(an earlier shooting incident) When asked why she (Miss Duer) shot the only reply was that if she (Miss Hearn) had not halted then the next shot would have been more effective than the previous ones.

From that time Miss Hearn began to be seriously alarmed when in company with her friend, and on one occasion it is related when she, with strange vehemence, asked Miss Hearn if she did love her and went so far as to actually propose that she should get married, she fled from the parlor, where they had been talking, and locked herself in her room. These little difficulties were gotten over finally, however, and the intimacy was renewed, but not so warmly as before. Miss Duer was constantly complaining that her "passionate love was not returned," and sighing over her "lost hope of bliss with her dearest friend when they would be always together." There was a young man of the town, who about this time began to pay marked attentions to Miss Hearn, about which Miss Duer remonstrated with her in the most passionate manner, telling her that she would shoot the man that took her friend from her. A Miss Foster was also a friend whom Miss Hearn was very fond of, and the two began to be very close friends. On the morning of the 4th of November Miss Foster and Miss Hearn had taken a walk together, and upon her return home she found a note from Miss Duer requesting her to call at her house, as she wished to see her urgently. Late in the afternoon she went with her little sister, and when the two met, Miss Duer asked Miss Hearn to take a walk with her the next day in the woods. With the fear of a possible repetition of the former shoot in her mind, she very decidedly refused. This appeared to arouse all the fire of jealousy of Miss Duer's nature, and she passionately, and upon her knees, begged that her request might be complied with, but in vain.

The next day at an early hour, Miss Duer called at Miss Hearn's house and was shown into the sitting- room where the latter was sitting with her mother. The conversation that occurred in the room was of a general nature, and nothing was said there of the walk. When Miss Duer was about to go Mrs. Hearn requested her daughter to accompany her to the door, and the two girls passed out in the passage. After a few moments had elapsed a shot was heard and Miss Hearn rushed back in the room with the blood streaming from a pistol shot to the mouth. She was immediately placed under medical treatment, when it was discovered that the ball had entered the mouth and lodged about an inch deep near the right upper jaw. Miss Duer had followed her in with a smoking pistol in her hand, but did not remain long. A young man named Clark was near the house and heard the shot, and when he appeared Miss Hearn was lying upon the sofa in the sitting-room, while Miss Duer in a frantic manner, was rushing about crying wildly: "I have shot her; oh my God, she will die." Miss Hearn lingered for a time between life and death, being at times delirious, and raving. She would hold up her right arm before her face in her moments of mental derangements, calling out nervously, "Lillie, don't shoot me; I will go with you and always love you." The arm had been bandaged on account of a severe burn, supposed to have been caused by the flash of powder when she was shot. Much has been said and written about what really occurred at time of shooting.

(To be continued)

Footnote: Lillie Duer was from Pocomoke, not Newark as the newspaper article had stated in error in a previous posting.

Blueberry Festival This Weekend

Police Searching For Missing Mother And Four Children

HARRINGTON, Del. - Harrington Police need your help finding four young children and their mother, 41-year-old Jodie Roundtree who is also known as Jodie Miller or Jodie Brown.

Police say she left her Ward Street home earlier this month with four of her 6 children.

 If you know where the family might be, police are asking you to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Outdoor Burning Bans In Somerset and Worcester Counties

Md.- Both Somerset and Worcester counties issued outdoor burning bans on Monday. Both bans are effective immediately.

Somerset County's ban applies to all outdoor ignition sources, including campfires, bonfires, fireworks, leaf, brush, grass and trash burning and other similar methods of open incineration. Cooking with contained barbecue grills and charcoal grills are still permissible. All existing outdoor burn permits have been rescinded.

The ban is in effect until further notice.

Worcester County's burn ban applies to all outdoor ignition sources with the following exceptions:
  • Proper use of gas and charcoal grills;
  • Campfires at the county's commercial, state and federal campgrounds;
  • Permitted official Ocean City bonfires;
  • Private property recreational campfires which are limited to a fire area of 2 feet with a height of 3 feet;
  • Public fireworks displays;
  • Volunteer fire company training exercises
Worcester County's burn ban will remain in effect until the dry conditions dissipate. In addition, all existing outdoor burn permits have been rescinded. 

Source;  WBOC

Fire Ruled Arson In Pocomoke Apartment Building


The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office is assisting the Pocomoke Police Department with a fire investigation at Lynnhaven Acres Apartments. 

The apartment complex is located at 806 Lynnhaven Drive, Pocomoke, Maryland. 

The Pocomoke PD was requested to respond to the above mentioned address for reported smoke in a structure. 

Upon their arrival they observed a small amount of smoke in an apartment building with burnt paper lying on the ground just outside of the apartment building. 

 Pocomoke PD reported the burnt paper was hanging on a board just inside the door and was removed and extinguished prior to their arrival.  The fire was intentionally set or arson. 

 Anyone with additional information should contact Chief Deputy Matt Owens at 410-632-5666 ext. 2 or

TIME MACHINE ... June, 1879 (Part 2 of 5)

Please note: Due to its length the postings for this article which began on Sunday will continue during this week.


(As published in the Warren Ledger, Warren, Pa.)


Details of the most remarkable crime on record.

A Woman Who Wanted To Marry One Of Her Own Sex.

Baltimore, May 27.- The trial of Miss Lillie Duer on an indictment for fatally shooting her once intimate friend and associate, Miss Ella Hearn, is fixed for tomorrow, at Snow Hill, Worcester County, Md.

(PART 2)

It seems strange that she could love such an unsexed being as Miss Duer appears to be, from what is told of her. She would smoke with the sang froid of a Frenchman, and was even fond of tobacco in its other forms. Her dresses were always worn short, and a little jacket with inside pockets, like a boy's, filled with tobacco or licorice, and a boy's hat, which she tipped when acknowledging a salute, composed the most striking articles of her usual costume. The young girls with whom she associated tell numerous stories of her idiosyncrasies. She never cared for the society of the sterner sex and would make hot love like a Romeo to her female friends. Sometimes they laugh these strange fancies away, at others she would frighten them with her vehemence, and they would run away from her. She was always a mystery and a young lady who knew her well says it was a favorite theory of hers that two women could be quite as happy and get along quite as well married as a woman and a man. In all outdoor sports she excelled her lady friends, and could jump, shout, and play base ball as well as any young man in the town. She always carried a pistol and was an expert shot. It is said that all of her dresses were made with a pocket for her pistol, and it is certain that she always carried one and was fond of using it. But with all these peculiarities she was looked upon in Pocomoke as a bright, intelligent woman, with queer notions, to be sure, but which time would most likely correct. I watched Miss Duer closely as she sat talking quietly but with animation with me in her father's parlor yesterday for some indication of the strange characteristics she is said to possess, but in the somewhat melancholy cast of her countenance and the calmness with which her eyes met mine, there was nothing to suggest anything peculiar about her.

The tragedy occurred on the 5th of November last. The professed friendship of Miss Duer had become very unpleasant to Miss Hearn, and every effort was made to break off the acquaintance. Miss Duer chafed at this, and would frequently upbraid her "dearest friend" for the coldness of her manner and the evident weakness of her affection. The truth was that Miss Hearn had reason to fear that her life was not safe with her. Upon one occasion while the two girls were in the woods gathering leaves for decorative purposes, Miss Hearn started home some distance ahead of her companion, who called upon her to wait. Not obtaining instant obedience to her somewhat abrupt command she called again quite sharply. This second summons was not heeded, when without any warning Miss Duer pulled out her pistol and shot twice at the now thoroughly frightened girl. When asked why she shot the only reply was that if she had not halted then the next shot would have been more effective than the previous ones.

(To be continued)

Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested After Running Over OCPD Bike Officer

A Pennsylvania man suspected of being a drug dealer has been arrested following a chase and search early this morning in Ocean City.

Police there say at a quarter to 2 this morning, bike officers tried to arrest Michael McGovern of Williamsport, Pennsylvania for selling an undisclosed amount of drugs to an undercover detective. That’s when they say the chase began on the Boardwalk at 19th Street, as McGovern tried to start his car and get away, hitting a bike officer and dragging him.

Police say he bailed out of his car on Marlin Drive and jumped into the canal off Herring Way. Police followed him up to 28th street, where he was eventually arrested.

McGovern has been charged with Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance.

On July 16, 2011, at approximately 1:47 am, Ocean City Narcotics Detectives assisted by both plainclothes and uniformed patrol officers attempted to place an individual under arrest for Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance to an undercover OCPD Detective.

During the arrest, the suspect identified as Michael Joseph McGovern, 30, of Williamsport, PA, fled from officers in the area of 19th Street and the Boardwalk.  A lookout for McGovern was broadcast over the police radio.

Uniformed OCPD bike patrol officers located McGovern as he was attempting to leave the area in his vehicle.  Officers were able to get to McGovern while he was entering his vehicle; however a struggle took place inside the vehicle with officers on both the passenger and driver’s side.

During the struggle McGovern managed to start his car and put it in reverse, striking and dragging the bike officer who was on the driver’s side and just missing the officer who was on the passenger side.  The bike officer who was dragged on the driver’s side by McGovern’s vehicle eventually was able to escape by falling outside the vehicle and under the driver’s side door, which was still open.

McGovern then became involved in a short vehicular pursuit, before bailing out of his car on the west side of Coastal Highway in the area of Marlin Drive.  Officers continued to pursue McGovern on foot and determined that he had jumped in the water way/canal in the area of 21st Street and the bay.

McGovern was tracked north to the 28th Street area by OCPD personnel, who were assisted by the Maryland State Police Aviation Unit, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Department of Natural Resources Marine Unit.

Police eventually located McGovern at 4:38 a.m., in a condominium at 413A Eagle Drive.  McGovern was taken into custody. As a result of McGovern’s actions one OCPD bike patrol officer was injured and transported to Atlantic General Medical Center.  The officer was treated for injuries to the hand and arm and released.

McGovern is being held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building and is awaiting an initial appearance before an Ocean City District Court Commissioner.
McGovern is being charged with the following:
-          2 Counts Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance – Marijuana and Ecstasy (MDMA)
-          Leaving the scene of a personal injury accident
-          1st Degree Assault
-          2nd Degree Assault
-          Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
-          Resisting Arrest
-          Fleeing and Eluding
-          Reckless and Negligent Driving


Atlantic Residents Speak Out Against Septic Plans

Written by
Carol Vaughn
ACCOMAC -- A roomful of Atlantic residents this week spoke their piece about a proposed sewage facility in the town.

But despite a flurry of last-minute phone calls, the Accomack County Planning Commission failed to achieve a quorum.

The commission adjourned its regular monthly meeting without conducting any business.

Atlantic Town Center Properties LLC in April applied for a conditional use permit to construct a remote wastewater treatment plant on Nocks Landing Road in Atlantic to treat sewage from a planned unit development several miles away near the former Dream Roller Rink.

The plant also could be used to treat sewage from Chincoteague, 9 miles away, according to a principal with the company.

But a citizens' group that has been meeting for the last two weeks or so opposes the project. A recent meeting held at the Atlantic firehouse attracted some 130 people.

About 140 people have signed a petition sent to county officials opposing the facility.

Atlantic resident Ronnie Thomas said about 120 people opposed to the sewage plant were prepared to attend this week's Planning Commission meeting, but he said, "I had heard rumors it was going to be tabled, so we called everybody off."

Some who came prepared to speak during a public comment period wondered aloud afterward whether the lack of a quorum happened purposefully.

Jack Waterfield, who with his brother owns a farm on the north side of the proposed plant, spoke after the meeting about a July 13 memorandum from Accomack County zoning administrator Dave Fluhart to interim planning director Tom Brockenbrough.

In the memo, Fluhart stated that in his opinion, the conditional use permit application "should not be accepted or processed" because the plant, as a remote, private facility that is not replacing a failing facility, does not meet requirements of the county zoning ordinance for the agricultural district.

Waterfield had planned to speak to the Planning Commission about his concern about a pond on the property where the facility is proposed, which he said flows into White's Branch and then into Watt's Bay.

Two county planning department employees this week toured the site and Waterfield showed them where the branch flows through three adjacent properties and then joins tidal wetlands on his farm, where it empties into Watt's Bay -- making the branch a resource protected area under county law, Waterfield said, citing potential problems from stormwater runoff as well as hurricane flooding.

"Seven hundred thousand to 1.5 million gallons of sewage per day won't stop coming and has nowhere to go but into Watt's Bay in any of these scenarios," he said in a prepared statement.

Bill Paige, president of the homeowners' association of Eagle Sound Estates, a subdivision located at the eastern end of Nocks Landing Road, also had planned to speak to the Commissioners.

In his prepared statement, he said he did not know a wastewater treatment plant was planned for less than a mile away from his home until he read about it in the newspaper.

"Like many who live in Atlantic, I felt blindsided and disrespected," Paige said, also citing the developers' "unusual decision to apply for the permit to construct before first applying for (a) Virginia Pollution Abatement" permit from the Department of Environmental Quality.

Dan Hoppe, a resident of nearby Wishart's Point, also planned to speak. He has two concerns, he said, the first being: "If I have to have a closed septic system living by the water, how can you have an open system that large on that side of the water without concerns about spillage into the water?"

Hoppe said he is also con-cerned about a decline in property values if the sewage plant is built, which would affect tax revenue.

"We're looking at $500,000 homes going down $200,000 -- that's lost revenue to the county," he said, adding, "Do we need a septic system? Yes, we do; but we do not need a developer to tell us where we need it. We need the Planning Commission to do a study on what's best for Accomack County."


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pocomoke Mayor and Council Meeting

Written by
Bill Kerbin
POCOMOKE CITY -- After a policy change, any group that rents or uses a city facility and does not already have liability insurance coverage will be required to provide the coverage under a new program.

The city's new Tenant User Liability Insurance Program is sponsored by the Local Government Insurance Trust and the National League of Cities.

According to City Manager Russell W. Blake, this will protect the city from any problems that arise during the time of use. He added that the insurance can be purchased online at

Timothy S. Ailsworth, executive director of the insurance trust, estimated that the cost of the insurance would be $75 to $150 depending on the event. It could be paid by credit card over the computer.

Ailsworth was at a municipal meeting to present a $3,000 check to the town to help finance the Pocomoke Police Department's extended high-speed pursuit training. In his letter, he said that this grant was "an example of how LGIT and local governments can work together to address risk management concerns."

The council voted to sign two agreements with Becker Morgan Group for architectural work on city projects. One was to pay the company $24,000 for services during the construction phase of the new restaurant between the Discovery Center and the Pocomoke River. Gillis Gilkerson was awarded the bid for construction of the new building.

The other agreement was for design services in the remodeling of the former automotive body shop on Market Street as the new police station. The agreement calls for the town to pay the architects 7 percent of the total construction costs, or the lowest bona fide bid. The estimated cost of the remodeling is about $100,000.

In other business, the council approved the purchase of four rounds of golf to help the Col. Richardson High School golf tournament; was introduced to the town's newest police officer, David Mason; and discussed possible appointments to the city boards and commissions.

Councilman Robert Hawkins reported that a total of 680,477 tons of material was shipped on the Pocomoke River during the past year. Also, the U.S. Coast Guard spent $200,000 replacing markers in the area.


T I M E M A C H I N E ... June, 1879 (Part 1 of 5)

Please note: Due to its length the posting for this article will be in five sections, today and during the coming week.


(As published in the Warren Ledger, Warren, Pa.)


Details of the most remarkable crime on record.

A Woman Who Wanted To Marry One Of Her Own Sex.

(PART 1)

Baltimore, May 27.- The trial of Miss Lillie Duer on an indictment for fatally shooting her once intimate friend and associate, Miss Ella Hearn, is fixed for tomorrow, at Snow Hill, Worcester County, Md. The case excites extraordinary comment, which is not alone confined to that section of the state. A correspondent writing from Snow Hill states that the town is rapidly filling up with strangers and that the trial is the sole and absorbing topic of conversation. Public sentiment is divided, with the majority of the opinion that Miss Duer will be acquitted. She is now a prisoner in the National Hotel under surveillance of officials. Since her removal to the hotel she has borne her imprisonment with comparative cheerfulness, and is allowed the companionship of her intimate relatives and friends under certain restrictions. Her sister is her constant and devoted attendant. Miss Duer spends her time principally in reading, preferring books of a romantic or poetic character. Byron is her favorite poet. Her friends do not think that she fully realizes the gravity of the charges for which she stands indicted.

The sad tragedy of last November, in which Miss Ella Hearn, a beautiful young girl, just blooming into womanhood, lost her life by the hand of Miss Lilly Duer, is again the paramount matter of interest in this quaint little Eastern shore town. Miss Ella Hearn, the victim, rests peacefully in the old Episcopal churchyard. She was originally from Laurel, Del., where she spent most of her youthful days, and where her pretty face and sweet ways are remembered by a large number of friends and acquaintances. That she was the fairest and most lovely girl in all the county about was the testimony of all who knew her.

At the time of her death she was scarcely seventeen. She was a girl of high spirits, and was gay, cheerful, and dashing, in her disposition. She was highly esteemed among her friends and those who knew her as a young girl of sweet and pure disposition. Although her education was limited to the acquirements possible at the high school at Newtown (Pocomoke) she was fairly accomplished, without any brilliant attainments or pretensions.

For some years during the last of her school days she had permitted rather than encouraged a growing intimacy with Miss Lillie Duer, whose affections and passion at last resulted in her death. The families of the two girls, while very respectable, do not belong to the aristocratic society here. Miss Lillie Duer is about twenty or twenty-one years of age and she has lived all her life in Newark. She is not at all pretty, and is somewhat awkward in her movements, as though her female habiliments trammeled her, and she would better get about in male attire. Her eyes are large and unflinching; she meets your gaze with a steady, firm, somewhat defiant, stare. The face is thin and clearly cut, and her forehead is strikingly high and broad. Her thin lips close tightly, which causes the firmness of her expression to strike the observer at once. With short and very dark hair parted at the side, she wears a roll at the top of her head. Altogether the face is one which would not fail to excite interest anywhere. She talks quite intelligently and with ease, appears to have entire confidence in herself and acts as though she would much prefer to be a man than a woman. Her intimacy with Miss Hearn began some years ago, and during last spring and summer the two girls were constantly together, much like brothers. Miss Duer appears to have obtained a mastery over her more womanly, but weaker minded companion, and it was an affection more mixed with fear than love that controlled Miss Hearn's actions.

(To be continued)