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Odor on Nictitate (chapter 4)

Grab a snack, a cup of coffee or a beer or 2. This is a long one.

By Odor Eliminator

Chapter 4: The Search is on to find Christine!

We left off last week with chronicled efforts by LE to find Christine Sheddy. Hopefully many answers were found by readers after sifting through Nictitates tale to find truth.

OE would like for everyone to understand that my tale is not about anyone other than Christine and events that are relevant to her. My mention of Mike McDermott is not about helping him run for a higher political office. Mr. McDermott has to find his own way through Nictitates and other’s tales, look within his self, and find a way to right any wrongs. OE does not do politics. Period! As one of my favorite bloggers says – “Nuff Said”!

………. Along came a spider called Nictitate spinning a tale of everything imaginable except for getting down to the business of finding Christine. Nictitate has been on “location” at the farm on Byrd Road where Christine Sheddy was last seen and produced a video showing something. Who knows what its relevance is to the subject. What we don’t see is Nictitates chronicled efforts in searching for Christine.

Are Nictitate and the spawn from the nest even bothering to search? As you will read, others have done that and Nictitates tale has been spun from those efforts.

Many of the searches to find Christine have revolved around one of Nictitates colleague known as “Man with a stick” or other AKA’s such as Lucas Caine, Lukester, and some unmentionable’s. In reality he is Luke Phillips’s. One local blog ran a post about who Luke is and OE knows that the question was a “fake” because the person asking had met Luke at one of the searches. Go figure!

Luke has been involved in many searches for Christine. Sources tell OE that they are not sure where Luke came from or how he got involved. It’s believed that he made contact with Christine’s family and offered his services. Some say that his service’s start with an internet search of missing persons and he makes contact with the family and tells them about his many talents of psychic nature. More often than not Luke goes after the really big cases of missing persons and offers the help from the international seer society.

Speaking about talents of psychic nature, we have to back up because psychics were on the case long before Luke. Almost, from the very beginning of Christine’s case.

Christine’s family contacted Suzanne and Jean Vincent psychics from Pittsburg, PA. Known as The Psychic Vincent Sisters, their website lays claim to their abilities as mediums in clairvoyance, medical intuitive, precognitive, aura, and remote viewing. While sources tell us that Christine’s mother calls them “My Ladies”, OE will call them “The Sisters”.

The Sister’s have been heavily involved in utilizing their self proclaimed abilities to find Christine and many searches of the Byrd Road property were guided or misguided by what they saw in their visions. Eyewitnesses tell OE that Lynn, Christine’s mother would walk around with a cell phone to her ear while following the guidance of the Sister’s. Some observers of this “show” left at the end of the day knowing that they had wasted valuable time and efforts.

The area surrounding the Byrd Road farm is heavily wooded and in some places swampy. Searching is a tedious task and some who have participated in the searches tell OE that there is so much area to cover and it’s slow going when making their way through all of the obstacles presented by the terrain.

We know that LE conducted searches early on including an all out search in late December 2007 which included the assistance of Flatland Search and Rescue. I don’t know if any of you avid readers have been present at one of these types of searches however, eyewitnesses to this particular search tell OE that “you might think that the military had set up camp” in reference to the observation of Flatlands method of operations. OE is told that Flatland leaves no blade of grass un-trampled, conduct searches in a highly organized way, and remain professional at all times.

Flatland did get into a sticky situation when they entered onto the property of one of the residents of Byrd Road. Lawsuits were threatened for violating poultry bio-security procedures however the situation was defused in an apologetic professional manner. Sources tell OE that Flatland did not realize that they didn’t have permission to be on the property and they had no intention of offending anyone.

In January of 2008 private searches were conducted in areas surrounding the Byrd Road farm. Sources tell OE that residents in the immediate area assisted Christine’s mother on day long walks looking in every nook and cranny for anything. The psychic Sisters had given information to Lynn about clues to look for while searching. These clues lead the direction of the searches and sources tell OE that they turned out to be “wild goose chases”.

February, 2008 – taken from the journal of an observer – “The police searched again today for Christine. Her mother and friends were there. Cadaver dogs were searching the property and the State Police helicopter landed and picked up a WCBI detective. The helicopter flew low over the wooded parts of the area searching”. This indeed was a costly but effective search. What was found is unknown because the detectives are not going to reveal anything, not even to the family. Does this look like LE was doing nothing?

I mentioned in the last chapter that some within LE were willing to be “open minded” about the seer society. One particular incident that was told to OE is that the family was insistent about some type of psychic writings that were happening to Jenifer, Christine’s sister. A WCBI detective conceded to their demands and followed directions given from Jenifer’s psychic visits from Christine.

It’s unclear to OE whether the family believes that Jenifer has psychic abilities. What is clear to OE is that the detective, upon the say so of the family, accommodated their demand that these writings be followed. Sources have told OE that the detective was directed to travel the country side looking in many different places that supposedly Christine was telling Jenifer where she could be found. Obviously, nothing came from the detectives meanderings because we are still looking for Christine.

OE can just imagine a picture in the mind of a detective driving from place to place because the family is saying that Christine is telling them where she is. That is material for a movie. We don’t know what became of these writings and sources say that they don’t know if Jenifer has had any more visits from Christine. Maybe after reading this chapter of my tale, Jenifer will enlighten us about this.

The neighbors have conceded to OE that they are aware of the psychic input and that they were questioned by LE about one of them having seen an apparition of Christine in one of the fields on the Byrd Road farm. One of the neighbors says that “if I had seen something like that, I would have run like hell”. Apparently, someone called LE and told them this story and as usual procedure, LE had to follow up on it. They refuse to comment about their thoughts on the psychic nature of the searches for Christine.

Following the police and cadaver dog search, another search was arranged privately utilizing the same cadaver dogs. Man with a stick, Luke, was the lead in this search and has posted that he personally paid for the use of the cadaver dogs in both the police search and this private search.

Some of us know that Luke got the name “Man with a stick” because of his use of a dowsing rod some call it a diving rod which was used to guide in the right direction to find Christine. It’s a common tool used by those who say they have psychic abilities.

Luke has participated in many of the searches for Christine and in all fairness OE is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that his heart is in the right place. OE will not give an opinion about his methods that is for you to decide. What OE will do is now tell you how Luke conducts his psychic methods of searching. OE’s information about his methods has come from many sources who have witnessed Luke at his best.

One particular “private” search for Christine had searchers meandering all over the Byrd Road farm and surrounding area. Sources tell OE that Luke was leading the pack utilizing the rod to determine the direction in which to go. One source says that they became so “frustrated” following the rod that they went off on their own to search. “He kept twirling this rod and then letting it stop and point to the direction go” the source said. After going back and forth over the same area and finding absolutely nothing, OE is told that people were just ready to walk away, and some did.

According to sources, Luke was also using direction given over a cell phone by another psychic, not the Sisters, and this psychic was supposedly someone who was in on solving some big case. The direction given by the “cell phone psychic” and the direction indicated by Luke’s rod were in conflict and a super natural dilemma was conjured up about which “seeing” was correct.

Vague directions were given by the “cell phone psychic” and in following those directions observers tell OE that it was valuable time wasted. Based from this opinion, it is obvious that people have accommodated Christine’s family in ways that many can’t even imagine. Main stream America would not spend entire days following the directions of the international seer society.

After this search, the cell phone psychic was kicked to the curb. The Sister’s are now the primary seers in search of Christine. Luke is still the “on location” seer and is guiding another private search. One source tells OE that on this search, a lead detective in Christine’s case at the time participated and it was his day off.

The search starts off in an orderly way. Areas are covered by sections and searchers are methodically covering ground. All of a sudden this orderly search turns into a leading of the blind. Luke has arrived and Lynn has been on the cell phone with the Sister’s. Everyone starts wandering aimlessly following the directions of the seer society. One observer tells OE that certain “markers” were described by the seers and if you don’t see any of the “markers” don’t waste time looking.

Mr. LE who was present for this search unknowingly bore the burden of blame for not finding anything. Sources tell OE that criticism of Mr. LE was heavy and not very nice. Mr. LE was not following the program and he was going off into places that were too flooded or muddy with his four wheeler, too look. One place that Mr. LE looked induced him to question whether someone had been in a particular area recently because he had found something that wasn’t there on previous searches. Although it turned out to be nothing of significance, OE can surmise that at least he found something! Mr. LE was sent packing and the remainder of the day was conducted under the guidance of Luke and the Sister’s by cell phone.

We are now into yet another search. This time we have participants from several LE agencies including a Department of Resource Police and her dog. As the story goes, there were certain areas or particular locations that Christine’s family felt had not been searched properly. LE accommodated the family and looked in every place that was indicated. OE is told that this search was put together by many LE agencies and some were providing their own time. Translation – day off from work.

There is a pond on the property of the Byrd Road farm. Although the cadaver dogs that had been used in two previous searches had been directed to sniff out the pond, it remained a sore thumb in the search for Christine. The family was not satisfied with the abilities of the dogs and wanted the pond searched.

A state dive team made up of many LE participants volunteered their own time to travel to Pocomoke to search the pond. WCBI Detectives on Christine’s case were on hand as well. The divers searched every square inch of the pond by hand. OE is told by eye witnesses that the pond is very murky and visibility is poor. The divers had to submerge their selves and utilize their hands on the bottom of the pond to search. One eye witness described the search as a sight worth seeing and says that they were “fascinated” at the capabilities of the dive team.

All of these searches were done prior to the “big” search in March of 2009. Some have questioned about how this search came to existence. OE has the answers for you.

The Big March Search was conjured up out of all of the derogatory and negative opinions about LE not doing its job. One of the local blogs had repeated comments trashing LE and of course there was the conspiracy theory of Mike McDermott directing many LE agencies and public service organizations to not find Christine. Leading organizers of this search were Stephanie Burke and Lynn, Christine’s mother.

LE gave their blessing for a public search. They were not able to be part of the search due to legalities. If they were present, all responsibility would fall on our LE agencies, which means the taxpayers.

What an event. By sunup, Flatland Search and Rescue was setting up their operations base from which they would conduct a detailed systematic search. Once again, Flatland volunteered their time and resources.

Candidate Burke and the few family members who participated arrived much later that morning. People were already on hand and time was wasted to get everyone lined up to check in. What’s that I hear? Eye witnesses say that a waiver had to be signed by everyone who was participating in the search which released property owners of responsibility should any accidents or injuries occur. Legalities like the one mentioned about LE’s participation.

Participants were many and Walmart sent managers from eastern shore stores to help search. There were many others and if you want to read a list of them, you will have to read it on Candidate Burkes local blog. Walmart also donated refreshments for the searchers.

Teams were selected. Each team had a person from Flatland as the leader and going by the grids that had been set up they set off to search their given area. GPS was used to record positions of teams while searching and radioed back to the base. Flatland would then record on their computer where people were and where they would be going next. Fifteen square miles were covered that day. Some search parties did not give up until after dark.

Eye witnesses say that they never did see Candidate Burke out in any of the search parties. One post from a blogger has suggested that Candidate Burke was using the event to campaign for her upcoming election. Apparently, she requisitioned the refreshment center as her pulpit to campaign from.

Luke was on hand for this search as well but he didn’t go out with the search teams. Following the guidance of the Sister’s Luke was busy running a pump to remove water out of a hole that is on the farm property. This hole was of particular interest by Christine’s family and Luke because the Sister’s visions placed Christine there. After an entire day, Luke came up empty handed.

The Big March search was an out pouring of community helping to find Christine. Her story is heart wrenching and the good hearted people of Pocomoke and surrounding areas needed and wanted to do something to help. What was not known by the many volunteers is that there had been a skull recovered from Assateague that had been sent off for identification. It’s believed by many that it will be Christine.

Remember the private search that Mr. LE participated in and was dismissed because he didn’t follow the psychic program? At that time, it was known by Luke and Lynn that a skull had been found. Mr. LE was also aware of the evidence found and he still accommodated Lynn’s demand for yet another search. Could this be another reason that LE didn’t participate in the Big search?

Other behind the scene action included post’s made to a local blog by a person claiming to be Clarence Jackson. These post were of a somewhat threatening nature, specifically mentioned the upcoming Big search, and even said that nothing would be found. The local blog owner withheld these posts until after the search. Only Candidate Burke can answer the why of withholding these posts but many bloggers have speculated that she did not want the event (the Big Search) ruined.

So bloggers, speculate away. Why did candidate Burke withhold the post to her blog from the person claiming to be Clarence Jackson? Nictitates tale mentions no information related to this and it’s wondered by OE why her tale has not included this information. After all, aren’t we supposed to be solving a mystery created by Nictitate and the groupies?

I know that you all are going to have trouble understanding this next one. After the Big search and in light of probable evidence of the skull, Lynn insisted on another search. I know, folks, you are all scratching your heads right about now.

This last search to be conducted saw volunteers from Flatland Search and Rescue once again arriving at the crack of dawn. Certain spots had been privately pre-determined by the Sister’s, Lynn, and Luke. Flatland brought in a person with heavy equipment to dig with and a methodical sifting of the remains of the burnt down chicken house on the farm was done. Volunteers painstakingly sifted through the ashes and ruins.

Again, Luke was of doing his thing. He used ground penetrating sonar on a few specific locations and nothing was found. The hole was again visited by him.

Sources tell OE that as the day wore on, volunteers were becoming very disheartened. Lynn decided to share some information that the Sister’s had given her and everyone agreed, okay let’s check it out. By this time people were wandering individually all over the place without any specific destination.

Lynn was on the cell phone again with the Sister’s and began running around frantically trying to follow whatever it was that the Sister’s were seeing in a vision. An eye witness tells OE that it was “real smooth and much too convenient”. Upon the guidance of the Sister’s, Lynn found something that belonged to Christine. OE will not divulge what exactly was found because it is in the hands of LE.

Sources tell OE that the place where these things were found had been searched several times and question how it could have been missed especially by highly trained cadaver dogs. They also say that too many people had access to the place where the things were found and wonder just exactly how these things got there to be found.

OE surmises that at least ten searches were conducted and every time, Christine’s family was not satisfied. Sources tell OE that they have never seen Christine’s sister Jenifer make an appearance although she has been highly critical of everyone’s efforts. OE is mystified as to why Christine’s family kept insisting on searches of the Byrd Road farm when they knew that LE had found a skull on Assateague which is presumed to be Christine’s.

It appears to OE that Christine’s family has put blind faith into the international seer society. OE questions the wisdom of this because just suppose something was overlooked by a searcher because no “markers” were present where they were looking and every nook and cranny wasn’t searched.

According to OE’s way of thinking, none of this makes any sense. To criticize every step of LE and off handedly dismiss their efforts as doing nothing is ludicrous. To blindly follow the Sister’s who by the way have never made an appearance is something from another world. To rely on a Man with a stick to guide you to Christine – OE does not have a word to fit this scenario. And if all of that isn’t enough, enter Nictitate and the groupies.

Nictitate appears to be fixated on the Byrd Road farm as are the Sister’s, Luke, and Christine’s family. Is there something that they know that the rest of us don’t?

This chapter turned out to be rather long. OE had so much information and found that to cut out any of it would be a great disservice to the many fine people who have volunteered their time and efforts to help find Christine. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess but more than likely we will have a new chapter from Nictitates tale to read as she finds clues from what OE has written.

Coming soon….. Odor on Nictitate, Chapter 5 – OE is not quite sure which subject to follow next. It will be a surprise!

Note: For those of you who want to highjack writings from OE – DON’T. Any writings contributed by Odor Eliminator belong to The Pocomoke Public Eye exclusively and all rights are reserved. You may not copy and paste, dissect, snip, or use any of OE’s writings in any part or its entirety without prior written consent.

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Anonymous said...

Very detailed and organized account of the searches. It is still a mystery to me why Lynn is convinced that Christine is still on the farm. She openly does not like or trust the abilities of LE and was allowed to cunduct a search on her own terms. Seeing as how critical Lynn is, one could assume that she has some knowledge of how such an investigation should be conducted. Well, her numerous searches produced nothing.
So, in typical character, she begins bashing LE for not coming out to help with her searches, knowing darn well why they could not. Also, the "sisters" have stoudtly refused to come to the location to be able to point to the location of Christines "body". no attention to the man behind the curtain...

Anonymous said...

I also find it quite disturbing that Lynn and company find such pleasure in the fact that the biologocal father of their 2grandsons has a felony warrant. Come on, Christine has been arrested more than once, and she saw fit to produce two children with him. Does Lynn think it is helping her grandson's by publicizing his criminal record? She should also consider that he has contributed 1/2 of the DNA of her grandsons. Oh, and BTW Christines BFF Jimmy Quail (Q) also has an open arrest warrant. No news of that and I bet they haven't let Crimestoppers know where he is living!

Tricia Griffith said...

This is a fantastic article. Even an outsider like me can understand what is going on and it isn't pretty.

How long does it take to identify the skull? Or at least be able to tell if it is Christine's or not. Seems like we should know for sure soon. I hope anyway.

Hats off to OE and everyone at the Public Eye. This is a fantastic place and you should all be proud of yourselves.

Tricia Griffith

Tricia Griffith said...

Who is posting the latest info about Christine's case? I went to Blink's site and nothing new. I thought her site was the official come and get your info because she is insider site.

Looks like it is the Public Eye keeping people informed. Unless I have missed something.

Anonymous said...

I will state this as a fact - i4Ni said he does not even think Christine is still on the farm. So, is doubting the sisters?

Very informative article OE, thank you for the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

I might be confused but didn't Blink say they found some clothing at the farm? After all this time?

They are all nuts! Certifiable!

Anonymous said...

No one that I ever spoke with about all this, ever did believe the family or the Burke's "nothing's being done" rants.
The latest by the Burke's is that none of the occupants of the farm were questioned by LE. The Burke's have a hard time telling the truth. In reality they have no idea who was questioned and who wasn't.
Now we all are being blamed for 3 View not coming. Did anyone see that little tidbit?

Anonymous said...

2:22, It wouldn't surprise me at all, if Lynn and/or Luke didn't put whatever was found at the farm, there themselves. At this point, since all the lies have been exposed I believe some to be capable of anything.

Anonymous said...

Did you all know Justin was in jail recently? Not in Maryland but in another state.

Anonymous said...

What comes around goes around.

How ironic all this sexual offender talk has turned out to be. Justin was only 15 yrs old the first part of November 2007. I just hope a 27 year old woman wasn't "hitting" on a 15 yr old. Shannon Stoy and groupies just keep on stepping deeper and deeper into it. What's good the the gander is good for the goose and in this instance, could be relevant.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now 3view isn't coming? Geeze, maybe Sean discovered who Blink truly is!

The Public Eye said...

this post is not about Justin, also he had to be over 15 he was driving in and out of the farm in his truck.

please stay on topic, off topic comments WILL be deleted

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, but I beg to differ, PE. OE's goal is to reveal the TRUTH no matter how distasteful it may become. Justin by all accounts, has a big role in Christine's demise. As Shannon Stoy would say, with all due respect he was 15 years old at the time and was having a consensual relationship with Christine. Sorry if anyone is offended but those are the facts. It's all going come out eventually anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh no PE....looks like the Salisbury Grinch is coming to take away your Christmas toys!!!

The Public Eye said...


LOL, like he knows anything at all about this case other than a woman is missing from Pocomoke.
He's just a nut trying to get a squirrel and wouldn't know the truth if it came in his welfare check.

Be careful how ya talk about him though, he just lucked out on stalking charges against him after a judge granted a PO against him for stalking Donna Ennis.

Blogger dropped him because of that blog being so vial and nothing is fact based, if you don't see it in a picture there, don't believe it.

Let'em bring what they got, we have the truth and I wont run from the people that post here, I back the PPE's and what they stand for.

Just remember, if they are talking about me they are leaving someone else alone. I can take it.

Anonymous said...

PE, you are a good man!

The Public Eye said...

3:17 PM

I got one fooled ..LOL

one thing I can't figure out is... if we are so far off and hated why do they continue to come here several times per day? To find the truth?

The way I see it is nothing will ever happen until the truth is laid out, sometimes the truth hurts...

Anonymous said...

i doubt these people are looking for the truth. they dont care about the truth. they just care about attention, intimidation, fighting and taking their own miserable lives and just trying to hurt others. there personalities, behavior, and their lack of a integrity are the glue that keep them together. imo

The Public Eye said...

"lack of a integrity are the glue that keep them together. imo"

I agree, all what? 10 of them now?

what a team!!

Anonymous said...

PE, Keep up the good work. The Fat POS Turd on the green blog is throwing threats your way. He won't post any comments that are positive if they don't agree with him.

The Public Eye said...

no worries, there's times when we know we are on the right track by the enemies we make. so I know I'm right now!

Anonymous said...

I keep asking myself...what kind of people would hook up with the likes of Blink? She is obviously a very disturbed person. I have yet to find one nice thing written about her...anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how twisted this has all got.

I don't care if the family uses psychics, I don't care if they use aliens for petes sake.

What I do care about is how they and Stoy have deliberately lied about people, places and things. There in lies the problem.

Shannon clearly stated on her own Blog, she does NOT work with psychics. She has printed several lies and knowingly done so. She accuses others of using several names yet she is the one that does so. She has been exposed over and over again, yet the family still supports her thus showing their lack of integrity. They have shown their true colors in many cases and I will not apologize for how I feel about them. This, however, does not mean I would not like Christine brought home to her children. Two very different issues at hand.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with PPE (Tom) and I can tell you for a fact he will reach down their throat and pull their ringed piece back up threw their mouth if he wants.... hahaha keep messing with him fat so.. a stalking charge will be the least of your worries.

Anonymous said...

did you know that Stoy claims to be a intuitive?
I have a website where she posted as one

The Public Eye said...


nah!! not anymore, if I see hair I turn it loose.........LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently Blink was not abrasive or offensive enough for Lynn so she has turned to the Grinch. I just looked at his site for the first time and he claims to be friends with Lynn. So once again she is appealing to the lowest common denominator. This will really help her cause.

The Public Eye said...


Right, that was the absolute worst and last place anyone would want to turn to.

I wont even go look, but I can bet not more than 4 or 5 people will support the vial that's spewed there.

If he post again... let me know and I'll post the emails that he sent me.

Anonymous said...

Yep, and looks like i4ni is posting there. Phew, I am glad he found somewhere.

My question for an i4ni, doubt we will ever great a straight answer.

Steve, do you believe Christine is at the farm?

Anonymous said...

PE - he was only like 3 comments. lmao

The Public Eye said...


yup that's about an average and one will be his

The Public Eye said...

here ya go

nuff said?

Anonymous said...

Apparently i4ni is suffering from "the Emperors new clothes" syndrome. He claims that PE is "making up lies about a grieving family" but can't see the truth that is in front of him.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on PE, post the emails that the Grinch has sent to you.

Anonymous said...

Was Jennifer pregnant? I know her baby is approx 4 months old plus 9 months is 13 months ago. Hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Oh so the Salibury Grinch is one that believes along with the Burkes that nothing was done in regards to the Sheddy case? I can not wait until I can tell the Burkes and everyone else I told you so.

Anonymous said...

To those who think this real life nightmare is now a "show"~ You put on a front that appears accommodating, loyal, and yes, even sacrificial. Then, without warning, you raise your knife, and by the time we see the glint of the blade, it's almost always too late. ~

Anonymous said...

10:17 I do not think this is a "show" at all. Justin had a terrible life. For a grown woman to take advantage of him and confuse him even more is appauling. He was just 15 years old! I would think a "mother" of 3 would have more sense!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Someone is waxing poetic. You don't put your entire life, the good, the bad and the ugly out on the world wide web and not expect someone to disagree with you. If you want to stick to one issue (ex. finding a missing relative), you seek help from reliable sources. Attacking, belittling and downright insulting those who are trying to help you is not the way to go about it. Also, posting personal attacks on other people, regardless of your previous interactions with them also lowers your credibility. Imagining a huge "conspiracy" where everyone in a town is out to "cover up" a crime, shoots you into the realm on the unbelievable, along with the many outright lies and misinformation that you have posted. Methinks thou hast cut thyself with thine own blade.

Anonymous said...

Mr.LE on the 4 Wheeler deserves a bonus. He is much more even tempered and understanding than I would have been.

Tricia Griffith said...

I tried the link you posted PE and it says, "The blog you are looking for is not found." Was that the point? To show it was gone? I'm sorry for being such a dork but I came in in the middle of the story and am still trying to figure it out.

Unknown said...

Don't even try what?

Note: For those of you who want to highjack writings from OE – DON’T. Any writings contributed by Odor Eliminator belong to The Pocomoke Public Eye exclusively and all rights are reserved. You may not copy and paste, dissect, snip, or use any of OE’s writings in any part or its entirety without prior written consent.

Anonymous said...

lmao Lynn posted the link to the Grinch's site as a pro Christine site. She is one ignorant woman.

We are not anti Christine and they all know it. These people really like to twist the truth.

Anonymous said...

it is so disgusting how this family uses their missing daughter for their own selfish gains. i have never seen anything like it.

Anonymous said...

What could the family be gaining?

Anonymous said...

What Lynn means is that the site is "Pro-Lynn's Agenda". Right now, "The Grinch" is stroking Lynn's ego and giving her the attention that she craves. Remember, every time she says it's "about the children", she means it's "about Lynn".

Anonymous said...

Hadley, aren't you friends of JT the FAT POS Grinch? What are you doing on this site?

Tricia Griffith said...

My Friends,

We keep trying to put logic into an illogical person's agenda.

We will lose our minds if we try and figure out why Shannon and Co. do the things they do.

Don't waste another minute trying to understand the WHY of Shannon and CO. Because you are logical and logical never works with illogical.

Here is an example;

I live in a town called Coalville. Guess who the latest poster is posting up a storm about how great Blink is . . . That's right a poster named "Coalville." What are the odds that this is a coincidence? It's not. It's Shannon's way of trying to make me go, "Oh No, She is such a good detective she knows where I live." When in reality what I say is, "What a loser."

Christine. We have all come together because of a missing woman. You all are here because you wanted to help Christine's family. Instead all you got was a swift kick in the face for trying to help, for showing compassion, for offering up ideas. I am so sorry you all are going through this. It is not fair.

I can't wait for OE's next installment. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, I am a big fan of WS. I read there all the time. I am glad you were smart enough to get rid of Blink before she could cause you any more trouble. She is really a nasty person.

I was shocked to read christinesmom's comment to you on the tattler. I am sure she has been told a bunch of lies by Blink but I would have thought she would have been more respectful to you as you can do 100% more for her in your sleep then Blink could ever do. It was shocking to see her be so rude to anyone that could help her.

I just can't imagine what is wrong with that woman and her choices. Yet, I did respect your kindness and I felt bad for the way you were treated.

Keep up all your work.

Anonymous said...

I just wish to know why the family choose to lie, long before Blink ever arrived?

Our local LE guys and girls had to sit around and listen to all of this unable to defend themselves.

What was motivating the falsehoods and fabrications told by Christine's family? Did they not think the truth would surface?

Anonymous said...

Was everybody still supporting the family until Blink got involved?

Anonymous said...

I am waiting to see what Blinks "Plan B" is. Apparently "Plan A" was to make up a bunch of lies and alienate the locals. "Plan B" must really be a doozie!

Arizona said...

oh my... I read a few lines, scrolled down and realized it was all the same crap you've already said on numerous occasions, still with the grammatical errors (sisters is PLURAL, not POSSESSIVE) so basically, tl;dr, which is a shame if you want people to hear what you're saying.

The Public Eye said...


is that your name or location?
if it's your location... ain't you lucky...

PS; dats da way us sho peeps talk ;)

jmmb said...

This chapter explains a few things about the search in March. I was told the gentleman down at the pond pumping water was the husband of the neighbor! Now I know it was Luke.

And I also find it suspicious that Lynn found something that was Christine's. My common sense tells me that whoever cleaned the house out would have discarded everything knowing the residents had moved.

And I never did believe for one second that LE was not doing their job. Seems like a couple of times they weren't exactly wanted in the search. Wonder why?

And why would anyone give LE a hard time for taking a four wheeler into a muddy area to look for a murdered young woman?

Darn shame the family wasn't satisfied with the cadaver dogs, searchers, LE, and anyone else involved. I'd say they may be hard to please or they're looking for something that just isn't there.

jmmb said...

Is it just me or does anyone else find it a little suspicious that items are found in another search after LE and cadaver dogs had been there? I find it suspicious that these things are found with the help of cell phone psychics. Personally, I think they were planted there to be conveniently found in order to make LE look bad.

Anonymous said...

Arizona, What everyone has learned contrary to what others would like everyone to believe, is something was being done. The dive team and helicopter is all new news to alot of us. We were led to believe the farm had NEVER been searched. This is a detailed account.
jmmb, yes I also find it conventient that the search where no mention of LE being present something was finally found.

jmmb said...

Anon 7:06 P.M.

I would say yes. People were in support of this family up until blink stepped in. Alot of people still are. Yet alot of people now know that LE did NOT drag it's feet and they did NOT kick this family to the curb. For a detective or police officer to search for a missing person on his or her time off is a great act of kindness. Count how many times the Flatland Rescue Team has been there on those wild goose chases.

Anonymous said...

Now where is Blinks next chapter? lol

She needs to get professional help too. I can't begin to tell you how many people she has screwed over, I had no idea she was that bad. I am told that many of the "monkeys" can't stand her and some have even left because of her. It seems she has attacked many people on there too and is way out of control but I hear they just allow her to run all over people.

Do the owners know? Do they care? What is the deal with that?

Anonymous said...

7:06pm, People were supporting the family up until everyone figured out Shannon Stoy was a fraud. She lied about her credientials and her only knowledge of the legal system consists of what she gets out of internet searches.

She is nothing more than a blogger who pulls things out of the air to try and get hits and comments to her blog.

Anonymous said...

Next chapter?, That is funny 10:59.
I guess it could be about how Shannon was dismissed by 3View or scooped by the PE about Jr. Or maybe how she missed one of the principal being arrested in July or Justin being arrested in August. Shannon, don't even bother trying to search for anything about Justin's arrest. His name isn't mentioned; he is a juvenile and wouldn't be 18 until November.

Anonymous said...

I would never support christine's family again. They have shown who they are by supporting Blink. They didn't care who got hurt because we all must remember they are the grieving family. For some destorted reason, they feel this gives them a free pass to be nasty.

Lynn has done many behind the scenes nasty things. She has even assisted Blink her attempts to get even with people.

Lynn needs to start worrying about her own Karma. Life has a way of paying us back for our sins. Blink will get hers too. It just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Trust me on this, Lynn or Shannon do not care about the truth. It is fine with them to write misinformation about others loved ones but it is the old "Keep Up" and let me play the victim card when it comes to them.

Lynn deserves what she has brought on herself. imo

Anonymous said...

I watched Blink squirm when she was called out for having having misinformation. Did you notice that she never made that right? Hey Blink, get your facts straight before you write about someone's elses daughter.

Anonymous said...

3:04 lol, i remember that...wasn't that about the mustang? then she accused the person of have alterior motives? after she edited the comments, i left convinced more so than ever Blink was very unethical.

perosnally, i wouldn't want blink to help me find my cat, if she was missing. lol

Anonymous said...

More misinformation is that Jr and Tia were evicted from the farm. They chose to move in with her mother because the house had no heat or hot water and it was starting to get cold.

Anonymous said...

No misinformation about the squatters being evicted. Check county court records! As for the heat and hot water - righto on that one. The propane comapny would not deliver them propane nor would any other company touch them.

Anonymous said...

I know that Tim Miller from TES thinks Shannon Stoy is a real nut job and it has nothing to do with his former employee Mandy either.

He has concerns about her involvement in missing children and person cases because she is nothing more than a blogger. He has been kept up to date about her activities. He is very unhappy with the owners of Scared Monkeys too. Appareantly, they have to tried to post on their front page but the post was never allowed through. Just another bridge burned for Lynn and Shannon. How sad because Tim is such a good guy and would have helped when he had more money. How many more relationships will Shannon destroy before this is over? How does she sleep at night? She is such an evil person.

Anonymous said...

9:58, There are no court records indicating they were holding over at the Byrd Rd farm-because they weren't.
Most of they time there wasn't even running water because the pump wasn't in good condition. The side yard became the toliet and laundry was done at relatives.

The Public Eye said...

Too whoever it is, PLEASE stop naming names in every one of your comments.

If you name an individual person in a very negative way as you can see by the many that have not been posted they go POOF...

you can say the same thing without using the names, all that does is stir-up stuff.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

11:00 p
Isn't Mandy with 3 view? Wouldn't she have ok'd Blink's initial involvement with 3 view? What does Leonard have to say about Shannon?

Anonymous said...

The Psychic Vincent sisters or the Ladies as Lynn calls them, Have never refused to come to Maryland. They would love to find Christine Sheddy. So, Lynn and family could have closure. They live in Pittsburgh. I am sure that would get expensive for the sisters to pay for expenses and travel to every missing person case asked to work on out side of Pittsburgh. The ladies volunteer their time. My research shows they have done quite well over the phone during searches. The psychic Vincent Sisters have found several pieces of potential evidence sent to the state for DNA testing. The Vincent Sisters have found a bone fragment, piece of clothing/pants with blood on it, possibly belonging to Christine, A CD with Christines' writing on it, verified by Lynn Sheddy. The ladies found a piece of tissue/material that was found under concrete and sent for DNA testing and all this will show latter one way or another. The sisters knew about the arson connection two years ago, when first consulted. We all want to find Chrisine, I hope this all pans out. I did research they have a good working relationship with law enforcement. All volunteer work. The psychic Vincent sisters were on A/E Biography Channel for profiling a killer, Aug 22 2009. They helped convict State trooper Kevin Foley. Its a good read. They gave detailed information. They are know for profiling and details. I am glad these sisters are helping out. There is a killer out there somewhere and a body to be found. Someone knows and need to come forward. The state is taking to long. What's the hold up?

Anonymous said...

The psychic sisters were the ones who found the piece of skull that LE took to have dna testing on.

Anonymous said...

The psychic ladies are not in any seer society. They only work with the family and LE. They are the only psychics, the Sisters who LE has talked to and would only speak too and have on several occassions. The man with the stick(luke) does his own thing. LE won't deal with him. No other psychic or blink on crime, has talked to LE. Only the psychic vincent sisters have been consulted by the LE in maryland.

jmmb said...

With numerous searches being done by Flatland Rescue and cadaver dogs I simply do not believe that anything could have been missed belinging to Christine. I find it just a little odd that evidence just "produced itself" with the assistance of 2 psychic sisters after all previous searches.

Seems unbelievable that the dogs missed this, searchers missed, and so did Flatland. Whatever evidence these sisters "found" I don't think was there in the beginnig. Doesn't make sense things could be overlooked like that so many times.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

If you are SO sure about how people you do not know 'think' and 'feel' about Christine, why are you posting as anonymous? Come out of hiding. You spew venom and use names. Anonymous? How would you feel if you were identified? Also, you're doing exactly what you're accusing these people of....spewing venom and weaving tales. It's called 'reflecting'. You are what you state about others.

I am not familiar with this case. I just learned of it. The only think I've learned on THIS site is how hate, gossip and slander worsen the wounds.

I suggest more church and having a soulful conversation with the Man upstairs. Your anger needs to go anywhere but on here.

Anonymous said...

PS: Being psychic and feeling intuitive are different. One claims to have the ability to see, hear, feel, (etc) information that is intangible.

Instinct or gut feelings are based on a 'feeling' but never claimed as the truth. Can't put your finger on it. I'm sure you know what I am referring to.

jmmb said...

Anon 9:51/9:56
Sorry you just found this site. There are, however, more chapters after this one. Please feel free to read them. We have tried to give an honest and detailed story of what actually took place.

Your suggestion of "more church and a soulful conversation with the Man upstairs" should be done by everone. Unfortunately, we no longer have a suggestion box. And anger on here? Guess that's your opinion because alot of readers see it as speaking their minds. Quite frankly, some people are angered by this. However, the anger did not begin here.

And you know yourself the reason for signing a comment "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

No "tales" woven on this site, ANON 9:51.
Your comment would have suited Blink's blog much better, where tales are woven constantly. Shannon's life is one big tale which most people can see straight through and if YOU don't like it, DON'T read here-it's quite simple. And knock it off with the "not familiar with this case"-you all sound like a bunch of nuts saying that over and over.

Clara Mae said...

9:51 speaks of "wounds" being worsened by hate, slander, and gossip. If you aren't familar with this case how can you speak of such things?

There are many stories wraped into Christine's case which appear to have wounded many people in different ways. The only connection to all the stories is the perpetrators. The question is - Which is 9:51? One of the wounded or one of the perps?

It would be my guess that 9:51 will not answer this question after his/her last post nor will 9:51 have any further communications. It's kind of like "the man behind the curtain" in the Wizzard of Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!