Monday, February 15, 2010

Are There Any Doctors on The Eastern Shore That Know How to Treat a Patient?

HELLOOOOOOO!!! If you're out there Doc speak-up

I'm sure any good Dr will agree that a person knows their body better than any examining doctor, a good Dr will anyway....

The problem is there's no good doctors here on the shore or at-least I've yet to find them.

For several years now I've been searching, some don't take an illness seriously, some want to start from scratch, and some just plain lack commonsense.

As I have told my friends and family I feel like a car that needs a muffler and have had every test and part replaced except the muffler that I know I need.

How can these doctors see you for the first time and change medications, the better question is why? Do they get a kick-back?

Why can't they look at past test, xrays, etc. and see what the previous doctor saw? Why do they need to "start from scratch"?

I admit .... I'm a tough patient, but it's because I'm tired of repeating the same test over and over again and again.

I had a couple strokes three years ago, for whatever reason they left me in pain, something that the doctors say does not happen, well IT DID ME!!!

If there's a Doctor out there that will listen to their patient, look at prior records, xrays, CAT scans, MRI's and can handle a patient without needing all their doctors friends to do this that or the other please contact me. I dare you.

It's not that hard, all ya have to do is LISTEN!!

"Mechanics repair their mistakes, Doctors bury theirs"

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