Thursday, February 18, 2010

Robert L. Hawkins VS Harvey Lynch For District 1

Hawkins says a win would be his last term

Pocomoke City Councilman Robert Hawkins is seeking one last term representing District 1, a seat he has held for 21 years.

The incumbent candidate said a win in the April 6 election will likely mark the end of his political career in Pocomoke.

"I just enjoy the camaraderie with the council," Hawkins said. "We've been able to work together and get a lot of things done. I still feel that my health is good and I can help the people and the city."

His opponent is no stranger to city government, either.

Harvey Lynch, his challenger, spent three decades working for Pocomoke City maintenance and water before retiring in 1989. Now he wants to use that experience to lead the town.

"I worked for them for 30 years, so I might know a thing or two," Lynch said.

The Worcester County native said he has "done everything." Prior to his time running maintenance for the town and ensuring a safe water supply, he worked as a crabber, a truck driver, a trapper, a fisherman and served in the Merchant Marine. Now in retirement, he focuses much of his efforts on carving decoys and other birds out of blocks of tupelo gum wood.

Lynch, who has lived in Pocomoke since 1946, said he doesn't have specific plans for changes needed in town, choosing instead to emphasize that he would make decisions only after studying the issues.

"I'd have to get into whatever they are doing," he said. "You have to get into a group to know those things, to know what's going on, before you know what should happen."

For Hawkins, should he get another term serving Pocomoke, his focus will be on shoring up commercial ventures.

"I'm interested in getting small businesses and small industry instead of big industry," he said. "Because we had Birds Eye and Campbell's Soup, and when they left, that really hurt."

Bringing in more businesses would also help revive downtown, once the center of Pocomoke City life, Hawkins added.

"We are still trying to work on downtown Pocomoke," he said. "Like all small towns it's lost a lot of business."


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Anonymous said...

Lynch has no experience and quite frankly, couldn't find his way out of a closet.