Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blink Blames The Pocomoke City Volunteer Fire Department Again and Again

For whatever reason I listened to the (Kanuks) David Pretzer radio show and low and behold he had a snip of the self renowned Blink on the show tonight.

While holding my gag reflex I managed to endure the 2 minuets of the "B" on the Kanuks radio show, and true to her embellishing, signifying, self she managed to blame the Pocomoke Volunteer Fire Department AGAIN for the murder of Christine Sheddy.

Saying that if the original fires at the Byrd road farm had properly been investigated by the PVFD Christine Sheddy would not have been murdered.

Good-grief is this woman delusional or what? Oh but she has "inside sources" yea right!! No one in this city would give her the time of day, not if they have at least one brain cell anyway.

I can't believe "B" had the gall to say that the PVFD has any responsibility at all in the murder of Christine, what in the hell is wrong with her?

That's like saying because Osama Bin Ladens mother gave birth to him it's her fault that planes flew into the towers on 911. Geeze........ What a "B"

Blink is doing whatever she can to make this about HER.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a mental case? Something intelligent, something factual, something that really means something?
Consider the source and your questions will be answered, PPE.

jmmb said...

IF. What a word....that IF word. And IF the rabbit hadn't stopped to sh**** the turtle would not have won the race!

Someday the credit in all of this will go to those that deserve it most.............and those that deserve the credit the least will simply wither and fade away........or slither on.

Anonymous said...

Well Blink, maybe if Christine had choosen to be reponsible and not hang with the dregs of society she would still be alive.

Ethel said...

Sounds to me some one snitched and the bloggers had nothing to do with it..Can't wait to find out more about the tip that led them there.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. Christine became a victim because of poor lifestyle choices. This is an unfortunate lesson for all the young people out there.

Anonymous said...

Let her say what she wants on that stupid podcast. Only 5 people listen to it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know she will be claiming the tip came from her and not the inmate.

The Public Eye said...

well... I reckon it was 6 tonight

Anonymous said...

Christine died because she was murdered! You people must have been imbred or Joyce (which is both really).

Thank God Christine was found. Now her family can grieve properly. Her killer/s will be prosecuted.

Get over yourselves and quit blaming the victim. Pathetic low lives you all are.

Clara Mae said...

"Pathetic low lives". That's rich! Don't throw stones at glass houses. Low lives come in many forms and if I'm not mistaken the entire case started with low lives.

Is Blink dense or something? What part does she not understand - PCVF does not investigate fires they only put them out. They do a damn good job of it too.

There is enough blame to go around and those of you who've put yourselves up on a pedastool need to own it. EVERYONE knows why Christine came to Pocomoke so stop acting like you are above it all.

It is beyond understanding how Blink, the spokesperson for Christine's family, is out there blaming people. One would think that the family would have told her to shut up and let us grieve in peace. Mind boggling!

Blink is a non-important person and of course she is on some kind of trip in her own mind that she had something to do with finding Christine's remains.She is furious that she wasn't in the loop when the tip was recieved about where Christine could be found. This woman has serious head problems and will move on to another victim.

Billy and Stepahnie also think that they had a hand in finding Christine. Whoops, you two weren't in the loop either. Guess that means that your sources weren't in the loop. Obviously LE kept the info hush, hush. Why is it that people on PPE know how the info was obtained and the Tattler doesn't? Come on Billy and Steph you need to do better!

Now everyone needs to say "bye, bye Blink" and thank the lord that we don't have to put up with her and the groupies any longer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:15 AM - hmmmm must be Jen up awfully late lashing out at us inbreds. She has never appreciated anything that the many people of Pocomoke have done to try and help find Christine.

Yes Christine died because she was murdered. But, facts are facts and all of the FACTS will come out at trial. It won't be pretty.

It is horrible that those responsible thought nothing of Christine's life. No one "desrves" being murdered and I don't think that anyone here thinks so. We are all feeling sad this morning and many of us will say a prayer for Christine in church this morning.

Stop lashing out at the people who have cared and find some peace.

Ethel said...

When folks are pointing out her lifestyle, they are referring to the scum she had put herself around at this time. Unfortunately all the characters here are no-goods and she was at there mercy, no transportation, had to borrow a phone... very vulnurable. She was in a BAD position. One of these POS's are going to pay for what they did.

Anonymous said...

Hey snapperheads. Here's a thought. If you don't want to deal with Blink and Lynn et all, why don't you just turn your freaking computer off and read a good book. Or better yet, THE GOOD BOOK!

You haven't presented 1 fact! NOT ONE! Just little pissant rants that reflect your character and lack of self esteem. YOU STOP LASHING! None of you have shown compassion or concern. It's always about 'you' and what 'you all think'. Typical net wall flowers. Hate their own lives so they'll find vulnerable people to lash out at because their own lives suck.

Christine was the decent soul in that group. God bless her for tolerating low lives. She didn't ask to die. Good Lord, if that were true, some of you should be in your graves.

Find a life. As for the Sheddy's, you shall prevail. Christine will be remembered for her kindness and innocence. Above all, a loving and doting mother. I commend her family friends for persevering, pushing and demanding the truth be exposed. I commend their tenacity and determination to not let the bullies and critics hold them back from finding Christine. I thank God for exposing the real faith is sustainted.

Anonymous said...

PS....I'm not Jen. I'm no where near Pocomoke...or whatever the hell town it is.

I'm someone who happened to stumble upon this case from a blog and followed other sites. This site is bar none the ugliest.

Maybe I'm Lazurus.....or Janis Joplin. WHO CARES! I'm someone who cannot tolerate people blaming the victim and everyone who cared for her.

Facts are facts. Please....detail by detail with proof, what are the facts, friend? I'm waiting.

Anonymous said...

Clara Mae, please......stop with the 'Blink this Blink that'. I don't even know who the dude is. I call a spade a spade and you all are freaking over people want answers? If you're so threatened by Blink's investigation, then challenge him with FACTS!

And responding with dumb ass cliches is a defense. Nobody's on a pedastal except maybe yourself. People who want answers and justice do not have motives except finding Christine. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT????????

Please, if there is a text book on how one conducts themselves in an exact circumstance as Christine's, direct me to it. I want to know the protocol.

In the meantime, seek help with your obsession with this Blink person. Honestly, you're addicted to slamming someone you've never met! Why so threatened?

jmmb said...

Anon 7:46
There is no text book, therefore no protocol. It's simply called common sense.

And just so you know no one is threatened here. And I don't know of anyone that begrudges that family of having all of the facts.

If you weren't so hot headed maybe you could see your way clear to understand the all that has taken place. I hope you anger has been eased.

Anonymous said...

7:46, I for one would go out of my way to NEVER meet Blink. I choose to only associate with honest ethical people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46, why are you on this site?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46

Then why are you posting on this site?

Anonymous said...

When has this site been dishonest or unethical?

Clara Mae said...

Anon 7:46 sure does have the dander up. What's wrong the statements I make are too close to the truth?

You groupies have made yourselves a freakin joke! As jmmb said "common sense" try using some it might enlighten every one of you.

Anon 7:40 since you live far away from here what in the hell do you know? You haven't had to put up with all of the slithering snakes who aren't about finding Christine they're about their own agenda. We have had to put up with the lies and deciet for over 2 years Not you!

Many of us commenting on PPE have spent many hours searching for Christine. Don't come on here and tell us what's up! Where were you when searches were going on - sitting I your glass house?

Anonymous said...

No, clara mae, they were sitting on their brains, oops I meant asses.

Clara Mae said...

Why would I want to challange Blink with facts? Now I know she needs fodder for her book but she will not get it from me. Try again!

Every fact that OE has layed out has been facts about the real story. We all know how frustrated that makes you groupies but get over it.

What do you care what us inbreeds are saying? Afraid you might miss something?