Saturday, February 20, 2010

Body: Remains Found In Quiet Snow Hill, Thought to be Missing Mother Christine Sheddy

WMDT Channel 47 reported this, I guess last night. Maybe alot of you know it by now. Let's hope it is Christine and the nightmare is over for her family.......finally. It's way past time.

Update: Remains Found - Latest News
by - Katherine Amenta

SNOW HILL, Md. - A tiny bed and breakfast in Snow Hill could very well be a crime scene tonight. Human remains were found buried in the backyard this weekend. So, could it be a break in the Christine Sheddy case? Investigators said it is too soon to tell.

"It's a shock, because Snow Hill is a very quiet town," said Snow Hill resident Jim Adcock. But, that quiet was broken on Thursday.

"We did receive information that there were remains at a location in Snow Hill," said Worcester County Deputy State's Attorney Mike Farlow.
The tip led the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation to the "River House Inn" Bed and Breakfast on East Market Street. "The owners of the property were informed Friday morning that there was potential evidence on their property," said Farlow.

Human skeletal remains were found in "River House's" backyard. By Saturday morning, the dirt was back in place and detectives were leaving the scene. The State's Attorney's office said based on clothing, they do consider the body a female. But, they won't speculate on whether or not this could be the body of missing Pocomoke woman, 26 year old Christine Sheddy. Sheddy was last seen November 13, 2007 in Pocomoke City.

We spoke with Christine's mother when Christine was first reported missing; "It's been over a month now and still no Christine," Lynn Dodenhoff said in 2007. "If anyone can help us find her, one way or another, we just need to bring her home."

It is still unclear how long the remains were buried. The State's Attorney's office said after all the recent snow, it is difficult to know what kind of condition the grass was in. There was no answer at the property when we knocked.

The State's Attorney's office said a positive identification on the remains could come by the end of next week.


Anonymous said...

I kept on thinking there was some sort of park behind the post office in Snow Hill. Now I know it's the B&B property.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are a real piece of work. Why do you feel you're entitled to judge those who loved Christine and wants answers? I'd be asking the same questions as them! From what I've read, and I live a long ways from this town, that there is just concern to have their 'fixations'. If you all care about Christine and the truth, why don't you show support rather than criticize? This isn't a soap opera. This is real life and Christine's family needs answers. They deserve them! I'm appalled by the hateful comments and lack of support. God forbid any of you are EVER in this situation. Where would you turn? What questions would you ask if you were Christine's family and friends?

Lynn is Christine's mother. She's not a terrorist. She's not a criminal. SHE'S A MOTHER WHO LOST HER DAUGHTER! Her grandchildren had their mother taken away from them. May I suggest some of you go volunteer your time with a victim's services unit and witness for yourselves how this tradegy rocks a family from it's foundation.

Ditch your unjustified hang ups and consider how this affects your community. Your mentality contributes to the evil.

My heart goes out to the Sheddy family and friends. You have MANY who support your efforts to get answers. Do what you have to. Those that are accountable need to be revealed. God speed.

To the rest of you, I pray you find that place in your heart you know is compassionate and suspends doubt. Do onto others....

The Public Eye said...

why do we get these people with absolutely no comprehensibility.

Good lawd, please try at least to understand what you read before making stupid comments that make no sense.