Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Picture For Today



Anonymous said...

Congratulations PPE and contributors on a well run blog. You consistantly are in the #1 postion on blognetnews.
Your posts are enlightening, factual and entertaining. Keep up the good work :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

"Factual" that's the problem with that other Pocomoke blog. Let's see how Ms. Burke tries to wiggle her way out of this latest doozy she's a telling. The one about the high school and mace. It should be a riot. Can't wait to see the doubletalking she'll start up.

David Mullens said...

Anon 2:02,

Thanks for visiting this site Joey.

Anonymous said...

She's doing the doubletalk dance alright. This time it's about a new conspiracy the Burke's have fabricated, one involving the high school and mace.
Stephanie asks "Are the schools going to admit this", probably they would and surely
rocket scientist, the 100's of kids attending the game would!
Why don't you ask them????
It's amazing how the Burke's think up these lies to spread around.