Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Men Charged After Drug Bust In Worcester County

BERLIN — Two Worcester County residents have been charged with seven counts of drug related charges after the Berlin Police Department responded to a complaint.

Jerrell Lamont Harmon, 26, of Snow hill and Garry Bicille Waples, 54 of Berlin, were both charged with trespassing, possession with intent, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of paraphernalia.

After being called to Bay Terrace Garden Apartments, 517 Bay Street, officers observed the two allegedly arrive at the location. They officers had prior knowledge that Harmon had been barred from the property, according to police documents.

After placing Harmon under arrest for trespassing, police say, a K-9 unit searched the vehicle, resulting in the discovery of Oxycodone pills, Colonazepam pills, crack-cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy pills and drug paraphernalia.


Anonymous said...

For such a small town the Berlin Police have a great group of police officers. Good Job!

Anonymous said...

For such a small town Berlin sure does have a lot of crime, almost as much as Pocomoke City.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Berlin to Pocomoke is a joke!

Anonymous said...

Berlin has far less crime than Pocomoke. That is not even in dispute.