Monday, April 4, 2011

A Comment Worthy Of A Post

Councilman Rob Clarke weighs in, in response to Wal*Mart carjacking article

Rob said...
Dear Editor,

Not only have the suspects in the alleged WalMart carjacking been arrested and a confession given to PCPD officers, they have already been transferred to the Worcester County Jail. The quick action in this case was facilitated by excellent cooperation among all agencies involved in two states and five jurisdictions.

Kudos to the PCPD, MSP, VSP, Accomack Sheriff's Office, Worcester Sheriff Reggie Mason and the WCBI office, State's Attorney Beau Oglesby and I'm sure his counter part in Accomack County.

Lieutenant Sewell headed up the operation for the PCPD and two of our officers traveled to Virginia to interview the suspects, eventually obtaining a confession. Thank you Lieutenant Sewell and officers of the PCPD.

I hope I have not missed anyone. If so please post a comment.

Unfortunately the victim's car was wrecked in an accident with a tree. Most importantly and thanks be to God the victim apparently was not physically injured.

Hopefully WalMart will take additional steps to insure the safety of their customers and employees, especially in the wee hours of the morning. This could include additional patrols in the area by PCPD at night and escorts for WalMart employees going to their cars by other WalMart staff or security officers.

Again, many thanks to all involved for their quick work on this case and my condolences to the victim for the loss and inconvenience she has suffered.


Councilman Rob Clarke
5th District
Pocomoke City

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Anonymous said...

Nice work by all involved. Now why can't Pocomoke City PD and the Worcester County Sheriff's office have on their websites like the MD State Police does, press releases?
And no offense intended but both of those websites aren't too good.