Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Wal*Mart Carjacker Is Charged

Being held for bond in an unspecified location? Would anyone know why.....unless it's because he is a juvenile?

By:  Linda Cicoira
An Accomack youth was charged in connection with an armed robbery and motor vehicle theft that allegedly occurred late last month at the Pocomoke Walmart.

Troy Anthony Ewell,17, of New Church was charged with 16 counts according to the Pocomoke City Police Department

He will be tried as an adult and is being held for $250,000 bond at an unspecified location.

Another suspect is being held in Eastern Shore Regional Jail in Eastville. Information about that male has not been disclosed because he is a juvenile and has not waived juvenile status.
On March 28, Maryland officers responded to the Walmart on Old Snowhill Road. "Upon arrival they learned that a 69-year-old store employee was on her way into the store when she was approached by two blackmales with a gun who demanded her wallet and vehicle keys," a spokes person said. "The victim complied and the two suspects fled from the parking lot in her vehicle."

The following day, the vehicle was in a single-vehicle accident in Accomack County, where police found it had been severely damaged and abandoned.

Officers were able to identify the driver and passenger of the stolen vehicle, the spokesperson added.

Ewell was charged with armed robbery,  robbery, two counts of use of a firearm in a felony, two counts of handgun on a person, armed carjacking, conspiracy to commit armed carjacking, conspiracy carjacking, carjacking, two counts of unlawful taking of a vehicle, two counts of theft under $100, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

He turned himself into authorities on March 31.



Anonymous said...

Don't know where the writer of this article got the unspecified location from but he's being held in the Worcester County Detention Center. Just look on Vinelink a site for victim's families to keep track of offenders.

Anonymous said...

The main reason why I never leave the house without my 45. Arm yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Lock these 2 up and throw away the key! The nerve of them scaring this poor woman like they did! They deserve to be caged up and never let loose.
And 4:28 if they aren't locked up they will end up with a bullet between the eyes but in the meantime will leave a path of crime in their wake.

Anonymous said...

oh but theres no crime in Pocomoke. Why not let him out?

afterall didnt appear on

crimes are just exaggerations!


Anonymous said...

no agenda posted for pocomoke's 4/11/11 town meeting either.

Nothing is new.

Anonymous said...

Bet this wasn't discussed at the town meeting.

Anonymous said...

Yea well shot happens to happen n a coward dies millions of deaths but a real brother dies one n to bad they let them out