Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crippen Gets 25 Years For Attempted Murder

Written by:  Jennifer Shutt
Staff Writer- Daily Times
SNOW HILL -- Pleas of "No, judge!" and sobs erupted from the family of Alexander Crippen after he was sentenced to 25 years in prison stemming from his December conviction of first-degree attempted murder.

Several members of Crippen's family left the courtroom after Judge Richard R. Bloxom handed down a sentence of life in prison with all but 25 years suspended, and a 10-year concurrent sentence for handgun use during a felony or violent crime. Crippen is 37 years old.

Crippen was originally charged in the shooting death of Reginald Handy Jr. in June after witnesses said they saw him shoot and kill Handy. Those charges were vacated just before the trial began and replaced with attempted murder charges. Prosecutors said forensic evidence would have made it impossible to prove Crippen was the murderer.

A nephew of Crippen's, Skylor Harmon of Pocomoke City, was then charged with Handy's murder, and Harmon's trial is pending.

At the sentencing hearing, State's Attorney Beau Oglesby recalled Crippen's criminal past, saying an escalation in charges and convictions against him shows increasingly violent behavior. In 1991, Crippen was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest; in 1996, he was convicted of assault with intent to maim and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

"These actions for an individual with no prior criminal history would be atrocious," Oglesby said. "Mr. Crippen was, and continues to be, a menace to our public safety."

Crippen's attorney, Arthur McGreevy, contested the state's request for a full life sentence, saying Crippen should be able to re-enter society at some point in his life.

"He is not a person devoid of potential," said McGreevy, after recalling stories of Crippen helping others and discussing Crippen's recently born son.

Before sentencing, Bloxom said Crippen's lengthy criminal history helped the judge determine the sentence. He also mentioned Crippen's conviction for assault of a corrections employee while he was behind bars.

"You have an adult criminal record going back 19 years," Bloxom said. "As the state's attorney observed, your criminal record is indicative of someone who has become more dangerous."

Although sentencing is often the last step in a criminal trial, Crippen is scheduled to appear at a motions hearing May 6, where he is expected to request a new trial. Crippen has also indicated his intent to appeal his conviction.



Anonymous said...

Pleas of No Dear Lord are coming from me on the arrival of another generation of criminals Crippen has fathered! Save the Youth organization needs to start with this new born son as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

"He is not a person devoid of potential," WTH-either defense attorney McGreevy is as naive and gullible as a 2 year old or a lying BS'er who will say anything even if it makes him look like the fool.

Anonymous said...

If 19 years in prison didn't teach this beast anything then he does need to go back!! With a lesser sentence or to be let back into the streets this creep will only harm again and again.

Great JOB!! to State's Attorney Beau Oglesby and Judge Bloxom. Thankyou for understanding the true need to keep people like this out of our society and off the streets.

Now if you could just figure out a way to keeping them from reproducing!

Anonymous said...

Excellent job done by Beau Oglesby and Judge Bloxom. The only thing I would have done different was when the "No Judge" pleas erupted I would have said "okay then ALL BUT 50 YEARS SUSPENDED."
I think the defense attorney ought to take and raise the infant son if he's so worried about him. Crippen obviously wasn't worried about a new child on the way otherwise he wouldn't have involved himself in Handy's murder.

Anonymous said...

ok, i would first like to say that by simply reading the comments i can clearly see that all of you are as evil as you are making Alex out to be! How dare anyone put any minor innocent children in this! You are ignorant! none of these individuals were law abiding citizens. Secondly, there are 2 other children that he has fathered that are great kids! They do not get into trouble and are perfectly fine! So, as far as the reproduction..that's something that he did do right!You can not punish any child for the actions of their parent. How many of you have alcoholics, drug users, molesters, rapist, whores, or theives as a parent? Does that make you one?!? Grow up
The mother of Alex Crippens' child! Have a blessed day, I will pray for you all!

Anonymous said...

To answer your question neither of my parent's are alcoholics, ever been drug users, molesters, rapists, whores or thieves. Nor is anyone in my family, immediate or otherwise. Most never have even gotten traffic tickets for that matter.
I'm also very sorry to inform you that Alex Crippen is a moron. He seems to be in a contest to see if he can have the longest criminal record going in MD.
"So as far as the reproduction...that's something he did do right!" That statement I'm not going to bother commenting on because you must be joking.
Another thing don't waste your prayers on us-pray for yourself and the other children this loser fatherer. You all are the ones doomed for a life of poverty.

Anonymous said...

to the mother of Alex Crippen's child, you ought to be seeing the lesson of these comments and that's what see what people think of losers like Crippen. These comments are representative of what people are saying behind your back. Contrary to what you think most people do not have criminals as parents. Most people are guided by not only laws but morals.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous 1...I can clearly see that you have nothing better to do than to still leave rude comments. First of all, I nor my child is doomed. You are not god you can not judge anyone. Secondly, POVERTY? You must be joking, you are the ones living in poverty on the eastern shore. I own MY OWN business and my child attends private school. you are ignorant! I will NOT waste any more of my time ever responding to you. My prayers go out to the family that lost their son(the deceased) As far as Alex, he is a grown man, he is accountable for his actions, he has had his day in court..
Anonymous 2, you are correct,not everyone has criminals as parents, that was not my point my point was, as children they are innocent. I dont know one family white or black that doesnt have a criminal in it! I dont care what people think, my child read these things and brought it to me. KILLING is wrong PERIOD no one has that right. My stand was NOT to defend him or his was directed at the comments that mentioned the child(children) They can not choose their parents and neither can we. As a mother my job is to protect. Im sure the next rude comment #1 will say is something directed towards let me address that now,that is not the man i knew PERIOD.
***To me these are primarily racist comments...keep them from reproducing etc...The thing I find so funny is..My parents own 3businesses in worcester county, my child does not carry his name,my child has been adopted by husband (11yrs married) so as you see Im far from doomed. Be mad with him... leave it with him..the man.. not the kids.

***I will not respond to anything further, i have made the point i set to make. Im not defending him, he's not my issue, I agree w/some of what was said..i draw the line at the comments geared toward the children...Leave the children out of it!

jmmb said...

Anon 12:04 Thankyou for sharing. Children should never have to suffer for what their parents may do in life or become.

It is a comfort to know that your child is well cared for. The best of luck to all.

Anonymous said...