Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robotics Team Gets Support From Pocomoke Mayor and Council

Written by
Bill Kerbin

POCOMOKE CITY -- Plans for a new 170-seat restaurant near the Delmarva Discovery Center should be ready to go out for bids later this month and ground could be broken as early as this summer, the mayor and council heard Monday.

Council members got a look at the plans for the proposed restaurant between Discovery Center and Pocomoke River after the board's newest members were sworn in.

Don Malloy and Mayor Bruce Morrison won seats on the council in recent city elections. Morrison has previously served on the council.

W. Ronald Morgan, president of Becker Morgan Group, presented the restaurant plans to the council.

City Manager Russell W. Blake said the town has received two grants for construction of the building: a $500,000 state grant and a $150,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture grant.

Morgan said the plans were designed so that the restaurant could be bid with several alternates. If the bid for the entire facility comes in too high, two sections of 30 seats each could be individually cut off to bring it down to the available funding.

Fair fireworks

John Smith, president of the Great Pocomoke Fair Committee, appeared before the council to request funding for fireworks at this summer's fair. The cost is estimated at $3,200. Mayor Morrison said the council would work on the budget in the near future but he thought that the town could fund the project.

Smith also asked about a previous request for a one-day beer permit at the Truck and Tractor Pull on June 25. In their previous letter, members of the committee had said that it would be an adult-oriented event. Also in answer to a question Smith said that the committee expected to make about $5,000 on the sales.

Morrison said that since it was mainly for adults he would not object to the permit. The council voted to approve the sale.

Robotics team

Members of Eastern Shore Robotics made a request Monday night for funding to help with expenses for their trip to the World Championship.

According to Ashley Webb, a team member, the group recently returned from the regional competition in Richmond, Va. The group is made up of students from Pocomoke High School, Pocomoke Middle School and Virginia schools.

Working out of the MIST building in the Pocomoke Industrial Park, the students are building robots to be displayed at the competition.

The council voted to give the team $1,000 for the trip.

Bids awarded

City Manager Russell Blake informed the council that the city had received a $22,000 grant from the Maryland Energy Administration to increase the energy efficiency at City Hall. With the grant, he asked for bids to replace the present heating and cooling systems with a high-efficiency heat pump system. Tom's Refrigeration was the low bidder with a bid of $24,500 for the work. The council approved his bid.

Blake also wanted to tie the Maryland Avenue well into the generator system at the sewage treatment plant. This way it would give a backup in case the town's electricity was interrupted. A bid of $2,607 from C.F. Lambertson was OK'd.

Finally the town has a $141,000 state grant for the replacement of the water meters with meters that can be read by radio signals. Before the work is advertised, the town has to hire an engineering firm to help plan the work.

George, Miles and Buhr was the only company to reply to the Request for Qualifications. Since the firm is experienced in this type of work, the council decided to approve the work. Blake hopes to be able to replace 25 to 35 percent of the existing meters.

The council also agreed to accept a proposal from the EnerNoc Co. to allow the company to control the power at the wastewater treatment plant during peak times. The city would have the say during any time that a cutoff request was made. In agreeing to the proposal the city could save up to $15,000.

Under other businessm the council agreed to allow the use of the Winter Quarters Golf Course for an Elks Club tournament; to allow a Sunday beer and wine permit for the American Legion's fundraiser; and to give Save the Youth $250 for a motivational program for area youth.

A new police officer, Franklin Savage, was introduced to the council.

Source;|newswell|text|Worcester County Times|s


Anonymous said...

Any way the city can post the plans for the restaurant on their website? I would love to see them!
And a big welcome to Officer Savage!

Anonymous said...

Who is going patronize this new restaurant? It's not on the highway so no travelers will even know it's there. 170 seats? Ruby Tuesday is only about 110 or so. What about the local restaurant owners who paid for their restaurants themselves? Is it fair for them to have to compete with this monstrosity subsidized with taxpayer's money? The owners of Upper Deck, Don's, Friendly's, Freddy Mitchell and many others pay taxes on businesses they built themselves and that tax money goes to a government sponsored competitor. Talk about a royal screwing!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56 How is this a royal screwing? Would you rather have those tax dollars spent in another town?

I would hope that a resaurant would be an attractive asset to downtown Pocomoke. During the summer months the river is busy with boaters and there are people who work downtown that could really use another choice for lunch or dinner.

In the long run I am hoping that the resaurant will add to the appeal of downtown Pocomoke and attract other businesses.

Anonymous said...

If there was enough demand to make another restaurant economically viable there would be one already.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:18, An attitude like that is why this country is in a financial hole. How much grant money did we spend on those fancy street crossing lights downtown? You know, the real expensive ones that count down the seconds until the light changes. Are they really needed if maybe 30 people cross that street per day? If the Feds offered us $650,000 in grants for a Turd Museum you would probably be upset if we didn't accept it, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

4:28 and it is an attitude like yours that would possibly keep a town from gaining those things. Wouldn't you want that money spent on downtown?

Nothing wrong with the street lights downtown.

Everyone grumbles because they say Pocomoke is nothing, has nothing. But then when a decision is made it's not the right decision. Or it costs too much money. Give it a go. Anything that goes downtown to help its growth I (and most people) will agree with.

Pocomoke has a new mayor now so lets at least give him a chance along with his council, to see what they can and will do.

Anonymous said...

Geez-I don't know who to agree with as both 2:56 and 3:18 make good points. I don't like to see tax dollars spent on something that should be private like the restaurant and other things like golf courses. But then there's the other side that says the restaurant may be good for other downtown business.
And 4:28 some of the Homeland Security given to local LE agencies are a joke. And of course the agencies didn't refuse the grand money and went out and did useless stuff and bought useless stuff just because to them it was free.

Anonymous said...

"170 seats? Ruby Tuesday is only about 110 or so. What about the local restaurant owners who paid for their restaurants themselves? Is it fair for them to have to compete with this monstrosity subsidized with taxpayer's money? The owners of Upper Deck, Don's, Friendly's, Freddy Mitchell and many others pay taxes on businesses they built themselves and that tax money goes to a government sponsored competitor. Talk about a royal screwing!"


Those who supported Morrison are screwed. Now they know the truth!

The city owns part of the property and a trust owns other part directly behind the delmarva discovery center (whose land is also owned by a trust). This will definitely be a GOVERNMENT OWNED restaurant as they ascertained grants for the project even as far back as 3 years ago. THE CITY EVEN PASSED AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING ANY OTHER RESTAURANT DOWNTOWN WITHIN SO MANY FEET!




And there are 3 more businesses leaving this summer from downtown!

p.s. Hope $250 for their April 30th event was worth STY'S silence. Such a shame, they would've received more from private donors.

Anonymous said...


A city passing an ordinance that no other restaurant can operate downtown - isn't that illegal?

What is it called when the city operates the restaurant and then passes an ordinance not allowing another restaurant downtown?


Anonymous said...

"With the grant, he asked for bids to replace the present heating and cooling systems with a high-efficiency heat pump system. Tom's Refrigeration was the low bidder with a bid of $24,500 for the work."

Morrison's (a firefighter)friend (another firefighter) owner of Tom's Refrigeration was awarded a contract for over $22,000.00 to install a central heating system?

Mercy. my home is larger than city hall and it wouldn't cost that much for a 'new' one in my home.

Yep, it's definitely getting interesting.

Anonymous said...

Told it was about 10-12 thousand for one in mine and this is bigger too.

Sounds like his friends are getting some help.

Wonder what other businesses that 'helped' him into office get next. Especially those downtown.

Anonymous said...

"those who aupported Morrison are screwed". Now that's huge! Aren't you screwed toi if you're a Pocomoke city limits citizen?

What's your point? Other than you seem to think you have lots of things that the people might want to know.

9:52- I think it's marvelous that the city has given the job to a local business. You seem to have a problem with people being friends around Pocomoke. Would you have prefered they hire someone out of town?

These are ALL fine people. What a shame you find problems with that.

Anonymous said...

Well the people that voted for Morrison made the right decision. What else was there to select from?

I'd say it was an easy decision for the people and they made the best choice. The only choice.

And I think they will find they haven't been or will be screwed as anon 9:30 says.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love all the rampant speculation going on here.

Ordinance prohibiting another restaurant within so many feet? Hogwash. Find it and I'll eat my words, but the people in charge aren't crazy as you paint them. And even if it is publicly-funded (want to say the community center is unfairly competing with the Fountains?) its a service the city is now able to provide. Its a good thing, and it looks GREAT. Only the local gov is able to pull off a restauraunt that is going to take out a portion of a street and sit you down right on the edge of the dock, and I'm glad they're doing it.

Interest? This is a GRANT. Meaning the state doesn't write them the check till they're ready to spend it.. Heck, sometimes the state doesn't write the check until you're already out the money.

As for the heat pump system, it was a bid process and the lowest bidder wins. Obviously no one could do it cheaper, its a small town if they excluded companies owned by people who know the city leaders then contracts would be coming from way out of town, and to suggest that Tom got it just because he is in the fire co. with Bruce is ridiculous. Get your head checked, a low bid is a low bid. Would you rather them spend more money just so its someone else?
Maybe you need to bring back moderation in your comments. Some of your readers love to throw around ridiculous and baseless accusations, and its making your comment section look like an article out of the Tattler.

They're talking a HIGH EFFICEINCY of which the specs aren't discussed in this news article. The cost is driven up either by the age and difficulty of installation in the building or its more than your typical high efficiency system considering its being paid for by a state grant aimed at increasing energy efficiency. Either way, if you question their decision, CALL THEM UP AND ASK THEM WHAT'S GOING ON. Stop with your crap.

The people who run this city aren't bad people trying to pull the wool over your eyes and get one over on you. They're citizens just like you and I, trying to make this city a better place. You're not doing anything by sitting on here and anonymously complaining.

Anonymous said...

My ranting is aimed at the anonymous accusers.. My comment aimed at the blog owners kind of got thrown in the middle of my rant. Sorry about that, my tone wasn't directed at you guys. You (the blog owners) are doing a wonderful job. I would recommend you moderate these comments again though... The trolls are taking over.

Rob said...

Dear Editor,

Anonymous posters who only quote part of the facts to support their argument are only trying to sow the seeds of dissension. These negative comments were made by someone who obviously was not in attendance at the last council meeting.

Using Anonymous' logic the city would be unable to do any business with anyone in the fire company or their relatives. This is nonsense. We on the council strive to do business with members of the community to help our local economy whenever possible.

Here are the facts:

All bids were read aloud in the open public session of the council meeting.

The Tom's Refrigeration bid was the lowest by a substantial amount and was therefore accepted by the council.

Councilman Hawkins recused himself from voting because one of the bids was from his son-in-law.

Mayor Morrison does not have a vote at the council table.

Rob Clarke,
Councilman District 5

Anonymous said...

yeah i bet it was lower.

Like he wouldnt be told.

2 of Toms family members on 8th street had his sign.

that explains reason another 'plumbing and heating' business owners were afraid to take the sign out of their yard that 'mysteriously' appeared there.

Anonymous said...

That was heard directly from property owners, too. So it cant be denied.

Anonymous said...

haha doesn't deny government owned.

Want a bunch of baloney.

Rob said...

Dear Editor,

The city has not passed any ordinance regarding the location of other restaurants downtown. Yet more innuendo with no basis in fact.

The city will not be operating the restaurant. Details on the operational side will be forthcoming as things progress.

The DDC and the land it sits on are owned by the city, not some mythical trust - more disinformation.

Rob Clarke
Councilman District 5

Anonymous said...

everyone knows in town the meeting is only for show.

it is decided before they get to the table who is gonna vote how.

why now though? why did the city sit and wait on this money for almost three years?

why wait until now to move forward with getting plans started?

can't say they waited for the funds.

why wait?

Anonymous said...

Mr. C, you know not what you speak about. or you test me.

Go to assessments and do research.

ever heard of Barnes & Merchantile Safe Deposit & Trust?

map 401 grid 5 parcel 642?

21,112.00 SF?

do your research before you say i dont know.

jmmb said...

Councilman Clarke and anon 10:21.
Thakyou for your much needed input this evening. Maybe this is what has been needed in Pocomoke for along time and perhaps this discussion tonight will ease the minds of the doubters that live within the city limits of Pocomoke. I sure hope so.

Our greatest hope here at this blog is to keep it Pocomoke friendly.

Anonymous said...

doubters? do your research.

April 10, 2010 minutes and

Chapter 230 Zoning-

"Dry nightclubs, provided that:

(1) There shall be a separation of at least one thousand five hundred (1500) feet between dry nightclubs, and also between dry nightclubs and establishments holding liquor licenses as issued by the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners."

Anonymous said...

maybe we should count 1500 feet from the proposed 'government restaurant'.

That will keep quite a few other restaurants at arms length.


Government control.

and for what?

if i was an owner of a restaurant in town, I'd be miffed.

Anonymous said...

very suspicious

Anonymous said...

what interest was earned last 3 years?

why not before now?

Anonymous said...

How'd you get a grant from Us agriculture for a restaurant?

Anonymous said...

lets see-

town code prohibiting another restaurant with liquor license within 1500 feet - check

friends running planning and zoning committee - check

get your friend elected as mayor - check

Poof! city controled restaurant

Mayor, Council and Town manager are in the restaurant business.

Anonymous said...

dont forget former mayors and councilmen benefit.

isn't town manager retiring in just a couple years?

jmmb said...

Anon 12:48,12:49,12:50,12:59

Take your racial remarks and crawl back to your dark place. Don't believe that you can come here and leave those kinds of comments. I have taken the liberty to take what YOU may claim as free speech OFF MY blog?? Why? Because it isn't nice, you know. Get a life!

Rob said...

Night clubs and restaurants are two different things. NCs usually provide entertainment and / or dancing. Restaurants do not. I stand by my previous post.

Councilman Clarke

MLS said...

It is apparent that the Anonymous person who believes that being a Pocomoke Volunteer Fireman comes with special privledges and a license to serve in government. My suggestion is that she should join the fire company! After all, if you can't lick 'em, then join 'em! BTW- you will have to parallel park a firetruck on both sides, operate a pumper, carry heavy equipment for hours, respond quickly at all hours, get along with other people and make rational decisions in times of great stress.

Don't "dis" the firemen, you might need them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rob Clarke for your continuing comments trying to get the true and correct information out there. During the summertime we are on our boat almost every weekend - we head up to Nassawango in the evenings after work on the boat for a cocktail and some food, and up to snow hill for lunch. I sure hope that this Resturant will be come a "desitnation" for boaters as well.

Anonymous said...

Stand by your post all you want. But everyone knows.

So are you saying the restaurant won't have a liquor license?

Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Government run restaurant.

Dont try to 'spin' it.

Anonymous said...

lol. gee dont talk about the racial divide in this town. dont talk about how us blacks get eyes rolled at us when we walk into a white establishment.

just cause you remove the comments doesnt mean it doesnt happen to us.

Anonymous said...

Gee someones a bit paranoid.

didnt say anything knocking a fireman. said his friends are now reaping rewards.

paybacks or bribes, they look the same when his good buddy gets a $22,000.00 bid accepted to put in a heating system. right.

that aint about being a buddy and a fireman, its about paybacks.

Anonymous said...

then again you dont like your buddys' deceipt coming out.

Anonymous said...

Mr. C doenst need to deny it. anyone can get copy of ownership from Snow hill's Dept of Assessment. and dont' worry i plan to count 1500 feet from your government sponsored restaurant.

Just avoid the questions. You still dont answer the questions. That's ok, i'll keep asking.

Why wait 3 years? Where and how much is the interest?

Anonymous said...

Why wait 3 years?

Where and how much is the interest?

Rob said...

Dear Anonymous,

I did not say that the restaurant will not have a liquor license. I said a night club and a restaurant are two different things and that there is no ordinance stopping any other restaurants from locating downtown. If / when the restaurant is built, the plans do include a small bar and spirits will be available. The business end of the restaurant will not be owned or controlled by the city.

Grant money is not dispersed to the city ahead of approved projects being built. The money is dispersed as each phase of a project is completed and only upon approval of the agency granting the funds. The city has not received any of this money to date, so there is no interest to worry about. Any funds allocated to this project are still under the control of USDA and the State of Maryland. You obviously have no understanding of how grants work.

Rob Clarke
Councilman 5th District

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,
Why do you let Lynn Duffy to contain to bash our town when she is nothing but a sore loser. She has no ideal about local goverment. Just please leave town and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Yes.. 10:21 here again, agreeing with 8:47.
The only words that come to mind with your frequent anonymous poster is raving lunatic. One of our council members took the time to respond to the baseless allegations and was only met with "Oh no you're wrong".

Rob, your time is appreciated by the majority of readers. Sorry about this one poster with some issues.

Sorry, Tom had the low bid, fair and simple. There is no back-door good ole boy process that got him that. Every other HVAC business in town probably has some connection you could find to the council.. Jackson Mechanical is run by a former council member (No idea if they bid or not). Get over it, you live in a small town. Everyone knows everybody.

Editors.. Don't let anonymous commenters run your blog down. The former Mayor and Mr. Clarke frequently posted responses on the Tattler, until the accusations and innuendo ran out of control. Negativity breeds negativity.

The people running our city are honest people, and if you don't take that at face value, then talk to some of them occasionally and you'll see. We live in a great town with leaders who want to see it continue to be great. Nobody is perfect, but they're doing a fine job in my opinion. The voters in this city overwhelmingly agree with my statements.

jmmb said...

Anon 12:10 Thankyou for your comment. I agree with everything you said 100%.

Pocomoke is a great town filled with many honest people. And for the exception of a very few everyone knows that.

We plan to continue to make this a blog where everyone will enjoy to to read.

Thankyou agian for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

I believe most of your long time readers PPE are taking the nagging minute apart comments as nothing more than the ramblings of someone very bitter. For the most part I don't think anyone believes them and personally I find them amusing. Sometimes I find myself thinking there must be a Prozac shortage after reading them.
I don't live in the city limits but I do go there and I love Pocomoke City. I'm not one bit afraid and am looking forward to the restaurant opening up.
The last time I was in town alot of the residents were doing yard work and the town looked so nice I even felt proud that Pocomoke City was in this county.

Anonymous said...

For a long time local residents have been saying the county should not be in the liquor business so we finally got rid of the Liquor Control Board. Now Pocomoke wants to get in the restaurant business. What's the distinction? Am I missing something here?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:26 makes an excellent point and that's why I'm so back and forth on the city getting into the restaurant business. On the flip side would other downtown business feed off of it there by giving them a boost?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if comparing the LCB to this is the same. I believe the grip about the LCB was the lack of choices and prices the retailers of liquor had, which was the LCB only.

Anonymous said...

170 seats? You would have to turnover over each seat twice a day to make a decent profit. If the Discovery Center was drawing 1,000 people per day and 1/3 of them had lunch or dinner at this restaurant it might work. Oh, that's right, the Discovery Center isn't open at night so we can't count on dinner patrons from there.

Anonymous said...

If the above four comments (from most likely the same person) weren't so sad they might actually be funny.

10:11, the restaurant is going to be a pretty much separate entity physically from the Discovery Center. I'm sure it doesn't have to follow their hours. And why do they have to make a decent profit? There's no loan to pay back. All they need to do is pay the bills, maybe a profit is going to support the Discovery Center, which is even better if it could sustain it. I'm not going to speculate further because I don't know.

I'm looking forward to catching dinner on the water. I loved the restaurant in Crisfield that overlooked the water, I love going to OC restaurants over the water, and now I'll be able to do it right here at home.

Anonymous said...

11:57 the above comments are not from the same person. The 8:58, 9:50, and the 10:00 comments are from me. Personally I totally do not understand the 170 seat comment nor the point they are trying to make.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:50 I don't understand the comment about seating capacity either. I do know that Pocomoke City will NOT be in the restaurant business . Maybe going back to the previouse comments left by Councilman Clarke will help you.

With everything else tht needs to be done why worry so much about a restaurant downtown that people have wanted for a long time.

Some have it doomed before the first move is made.

Anonymous said...

I do feel that the added traffic the restaurant will bring may just boost the other downtown business as well and maybe give some incentive for others to open new business 1:04.

MLS said...

Now we have a very nice forum going on! I think several people have gotten the point that the restaurant is a new venture. Lets hope we can all patronize the restaurant to make it successful. In my travels, I have noticed that thriving downtowns all have successful restaurants. Let us be positive forces in making this work for the good of Pocomoke,and hope that it leads to more good things.

Anonymous said...

I agree with MLS: you have a good discussion going! There are almost 60 comments so far and nobody has called anyone names or made stupid comments. It seems like everyone is trying to make their points forcefully but politely. Congrats to all! Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the plans! Maybe Councilman Clarke could have them displayed on the city website?

Anonymous said...

I made the comment about seating capacity. Why pay for a restaurant with 170 seats and a kitchen to match when there will never be more than 75 customers in there at one time?

Rob said...

6:45 I'm not sure about the website, but I'll inquire on Monday. In the meantime the plans are on display in the council chamber at city hall and can be viewed during business hours.

Rob Clarke

The Public Eye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Public Eye said...

RE: 7:15

This is one of my pet-peeves, I'd personally much rather see more seats than less. If this restaurant is successful and is built with "70" seats then you'll be standing in line waiting for 2 hours to get seated.

Look at the Texas Roadhouse, I wont even go there anymore because there's such a long wait to be seated every time.

As for the location? Who knows? We can't see the future so none of us know what kind of business this new restaurant will do.

Look at Suicide Bridge Restaurant, it's out in the middle of nowhere and there's not even a town like Pocomoke for a tourist draw, yet they do an amazing business, if you don't get there early you'll have to wait to get a seat.

When it comes to a restaurant, it doesn't matter where it's at (Suicide, Red Roost, Wright's etc.) People do like a water view to dine in, it's relaxing, the rest of the fluff-n-stuff that they call "ambiance" well... I say "you can't eat ambiance"

I hope they build it, and mostly I hope they build it too big and close off what they don't use in the off season so those of us inpatient hungry people wont have a two hour wait.

People naturally reject change but this is not change, this type of improvement is what Pocomoke used to be in "the good'ol days"

Anonymous said...

Good point, PPE. It's better to have more seats, just in case. Let's go ahead and make it 250 seats or, better yet 250,000, Why not, it's not our money, right?

The Public Eye said...

RE; 8:00

what is it about having a nice down town restaurant that brings out such sarcasm and bitterness?

This is a really nice thing for Pocomoke, it will clearly help clean up that part of town, it will provide a good number of jobs to locals, it will be taxed to death so that will greatly improve on our bottom line.

This IS not a conspiracy, it has nothing to do with "the good'ol boy network" (whatever that is) that so many keep throwing out there.

It's simply our governing officials trying to improve our city, bring in new and/or repeat tourist and a private business trying to make some money all while providing our citizens with a nice new place to relax and dine. And who knows, the patrons might even spend some money at other places here in town for some gas, clothes, motel, etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree with PPE and during slow periods a section of the restaurant could be closed down which I have seen done in places. And speaking about being in the middle of nowhere how about Barbelys in Newark? Who would have ever thought a restaurant in Newark would become so successful!

Peachy Speechy said...

Just to make a comment about that fact that yes, I did have a elect Morrison sign in my yard - and yes I am a relative of Tom Wall. I do believe that as a citizen of the town and the United States that I am free to endorse whomever I like in an election. I personally know both candidates and I CHOSE the person I felt would do the better job.

My family has always been very civic minded and supporters of this town. My grandfather was mayor, a volunteer fireman and a justice of the peace in his hometown in PA. My father LOVED this town and did all he could to serve it - with the Samaritan Shelter being his heart. The day of the election my mother and I voted after returning from a luncheon where she was honored by the county for her volunteer work at Project Intervene. Yes, my brother and my nephew are volunteer firemen - I am proud of that fact. I have been and continue to be involved in civic organizations having been a past president of the Soroptimist, current president of Alpha Delta chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma society international (an society of women educators) and the state newsletter editor for that organization, the co-coordinator for the MD/DC Chapter of Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League and I am a member of other state and local organizations.

We have lived in this town since 1974 so, how do you not know people and have friends in the area who may be in the town government? Don't you think the other contractors would be suing the pants off the town if there were any indication of bid tampering?

By the way - this is the first I have heard of any job as I don't get into my brother's business but I was told that someone had an issue with whom I endorsed and said something about Tom's "relatives on 8th Street" endorsing Bruce - considering my mother and I are the only two "relatives on 8th street" it doesn't take a master's or doctorate degree to figure out who the relatives are. Also, we didn't get as many signs as we asked for - my mother asked Bruce to "pepper her yard with signs from one end to the other." I KNOW my father would have been pleased with our endorsement.

If Anonymous, who obviously knows where I live, would like to come and talk to me about my political views and why I chose to endorse whom I did please feel free to knock on my door. I would be more than happy to go into great detail with whomever would like to discuss this.

jmmb said...

Peechy- Thank you for your comment. Pocomoke is a lucky town to have your family living in it and I have always said that.

Everyone adored your father, the kind, caring and giving man that he was. For me he was one of the greatest men that Pocomoke ever knew and there is still a certain silence without him.

All of this would simply break his heart and I can't help but feel that he would give a hand at helping to straighten it.

Thanks again. Your thoughts matter to us.

jmmb said...

I know first hand the number of boats, canoes, jet skis, etc that travel up and down the Pocomoke River during the spring, summer and fall months. There are loads of people on the Pocomoke River! And maybe only a handful have seen the larger boats docked in the park.

We owned a boat for a few years and always docked in the park and I can remember quite a few times we could have used a restaurant nearby. I'm sure once the restaurant is up and running those weekend boaters will gladly stop for at least something cold to drink and a small meal. It all adds up.

The Delmarva Discovery Center is growing larger everyday. Sturgis One-Room School, The MarVa, Coston House, Nature and Exercise Trail, bus tours, and The Bay Queen may ALL find that a restaurant on the water in downtown Pocomoke is something to be celebrated.

Not to mention the people that just like dining near the water. Ever tried to get into a restaurant that sits on the water in Crisfield or Chincoteague even on a week night?

I don't think the city can go wrong with this idea.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the number of people who claim they will eat at this mythical restaurant. How do they know that? Have they seen a menu? Hove they seen the prices? What kind of food will be served? Seafood? Italian? Steaks? Burgers and fries? Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog? What are the hours of operation? Breakfast and lunch? Lunch and dinner? Dinner only? How do you know it will be open when you are boating on the river? Will it be casual or upscale? Who will operate it? City employees or will it be leased to an independent operator? What if the operator has a bad personality or is incompetent? What if no operator steps forward to sign a lease at terms favorable to the City? Yes, Suicide Bridge, Texas Roadhouse are successful but they and ALL other restaurants have a business plan in place before they spend the first nickel on construction. In this case we have the nickels (a lot of them) but where is the plan. I think that's called putting the cart before the horse. I would LOVE to have a nice Japanese restaurant downtown and someone else might LOVE to have a nice Italian restaurant downtown and another someone might LOVE to have a steak restaurant. Everyone is assuming that the plans would fit their aspirations perfectly. Somebody is going to be sorely disappointed.

Anonymous said...

this message would be for lynn duffy who leaves the bulk of the negative comments on here and she just hides behind anonymous because she is embarassed which i can understand after loosing three elections!!! give it up nobody wants you in pocomoke you obvously have no life to be living on these websites and updating them every minute of every day. keep you opinions to yourself cause no one wants to listen to it anyway. keep saying that the election was 500 votes?? ok good one! and to talk all the crap leading up to the election and then not staying for the results?? get out of town.