Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OCPD Narcotics Detectives And Wor. County CET Shut Down Drug Ring

A few weeks ago Worcester County Sheriff Reggie Mason spoke with numerous sheriff's within the county and state lines and pledged that they would all give "110 percent" to ridding the abundance of drugs in all of our communities. 

This time they didn't have to cross a county line OR a state line...... they just entered the city. 


Ocean City Police in cooperation with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Criminal Enforcement Team have for the past two weeks been arresting indicted suspects in connection with the illegal distribution of drugs in south Ocean City.

The investigation into the illegal activity began last December and over the past eight months detectives have made an estimated 40 hand-to-hand drug deals in OC, from 20 different suspects.

The drugs purchased include:  crack, powder cocaine, heroin, PCP, marijuana, ecstasy, oxycodone, buprenorphine, suboxone patches and clonazepam.

As a result of the investigation, police obtained grand jury indictments for the suspects charging them with 62 criminal charges.

As of today, 19 of the suspects have been arrested and police say they hope to arrest the last person shortly.

In December 2010, Ocean City Police Narcotics Unit members conducted an investigation into to the illegal distribution of drugs primarily on the south end of Ocean City. 

Narcotics detectives worked in conjunction with OCPD patrol officers who had been aggressively enforcing illegal drug activity in this area for several months.  Because of the initial information obtained by patrol officers, narcotics detectives made numerous contacts with area residents, which led them to persons believed to be selling drugs.  Undercover detectives were able to make several undercover purchases of illegal drugs from various dealers. 

Over the last eight months detectives made almost 40 hand-to-hand drug deals in Ocean City and the surrounding area, from 20 different suspects.  The drugs purchased were: crack, powder cocaine, heroin, PCP, marijuana, Ecstasy, Oxycodone, Buprenorphine, Suboxone patches, and Clonazepam.

On August 23 of this year, as a result of this investigation, OCPD narcotics  detectives obtained grand jury indictments for 20  suspects. There were 62 criminal charges in this case. The charges included CDS Distribution, Conspiracy to Distribute CDS, Possession of CDS, and Distribution of CDS in a Drug Free School Zone.

Beginning August 31 OCPD Narcotics and General Assignment detectives as well as Worcester County Sheriff’s Criminal Enforcement Team (CET) began arresting the indicted suspects. A total of 19 arrests were made during the operation.  OCPD expects to have the remaining person in custody shortly. 

The Circuit Court preset bonds on the indicted suspects ranged from $25,000 – $200,000.

Source; http://www.wgmd.com/?p=34769


Anonymous said...

All this gotta be tied to the Ocean City city manager being let go! Don't even tell me, they had an open air drug market sanctioned by City Hall with profits rumored to flow up to city hall?

And here all that time what I thought was bloodworms in the pockets of the fisherman on the fishing piers was really crack cocaine! :)

Anonymous said...

Another outstanding demonstration of what team work can lead to! Great work Worcester County Sheriff's Office and the Ocean City Police Department.