Friday, September 9, 2011

Saturday At Crisfield Mud Bog

Saturday, September 3, 2011- The mudbogging on Saturday concluded the events that were scheduled in Crisfield for the season.  The remaining scheduled mud bog events will be held in Gumboro.

That Saturday wasn't much different from any race day that all of us had attended before. 

As usual before any mudding begins each truck is spic and span clean but only because the trucks were washed until every trace of mud was removed.  Unless you have washed one of these muddied truck you have NO clue the time it can take even with power washing.

But that's part of loving to race in the mud.
Lined up before race time: 'All Night Soldier', 'The Grey Ghost', 'In The Mix'

'All Night Soldier' with driver Patrick Long and 'The Grey Ghost' with drivers Lori Ann Sturgis and Lee Sturgis had a great racing day on Saturday.

This is what Patrick Long had to say;
"Had good weekend at Crisfield Mud bog, I took a 3rd, my brother in law took a 3rd driving his truck Grey Ghost and my sister took a 3rd driving Grey Ghost, pretty good for first time out after The Metal Shop put new suspension under the Grey Ghost."

And he's right!  'The Grey Ghost' did have an awesome day for it's first time out.  Personally, the condition of the mud kept alot of trucks slowed even this one.  But I have to give Lori Ann a big pat on the back because she did an awesome job!!  - Sorry guys.

Here are some photos of the brand new suspension under 'The Grey Ghost'.  My question is will they ever begin to squeak?  The truck looks great!  and if you are thinking about a  new suspension for your truck the website address is on the bumper of 'The Grey Ghost'.  - Clever idea.

Lori Ann - only one of two female drivers on Satuday, does a wonderful job traveling through mud!
She's just not afraid of anything when it comes to racing.

Lori Ann

And neither is Lee...............

Great job Lori Ann, Lee and Patrick!

More photos and video to come...........


The Public Eye said...

sounds like the lady didn't shift and she didn't turn the engine nearly as hard as the lower video. Sounded like about 2k less then the upper video

Anonymous said...

Considering it was her first time in the Ghost since its overhaul, I think she did an awesome job!!

Too bad you didn't get Lee's second run - under 5 sec!

jmmb said...

PPE thanks for your input. I know you have an ear for racing motors.

I wasn't aware Lee had a run of under 5 seconds. But the one posted was a timed something like 7.2072. Not bad for such a heavy truck.

Lori Ann -to whom I am giving full recognition to because she is one of the few female drivers, had a time of - 7.289....