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Friday, September 9, 2011

Saturday At Crisfield Mud Bog

Saturday, September 3, 2011- The mudbogging on Saturday concluded the events that were scheduled in Crisfield for the season.  The remaining scheduled mud bog events will be held in Gumboro.

That Saturday wasn't much different from any race day that all of us had attended before. 

As usual before any mudding begins each truck is spic and span clean but only because the trucks were washed until every trace of mud was removed.  Unless you have washed one of these muddied truck you have NO clue the time it can take even with power washing.

But that's part of loving to race in the mud.
Lined up before race time: 'All Night Soldier', 'The Grey Ghost', 'In The Mix'

'All Night Soldier' with driver Patrick Long and 'The Grey Ghost' with drivers Lori Ann Sturgis and Lee Sturgis had a great racing day on Saturday.

This is what Patrick Long had to say;
"Had good weekend at Crisfield Mud bog, I took a 3rd, my brother in law took a 3rd driving his truck Grey Ghost and my sister took a 3rd driving Grey Ghost, pretty good for first time out after The Metal Shop put new suspension under the Grey Ghost."

And he's right!  'The Grey Ghost' did have an awesome day for it's first time out.  Personally, the condition of the mud kept alot of trucks slowed even this one.  But I have to give Lori Ann a big pat on the back because she did an awesome job!!  - Sorry guys.

Here are some photos of the brand new suspension under 'The Grey Ghost'.  My question is will they ever begin to squeak?  The truck looks great!  and if you are thinking about a  new suspension for your truck the website address is on the bumper of 'The Grey Ghost'.  - Clever idea.

Lori Ann - only one of two female drivers on Satuday, does a wonderful job traveling through mud!
She's just not afraid of anything when it comes to racing.

Lori Ann

And neither is Lee...............

Great job Lori Ann, Lee and Patrick!

More photos and video to come...........

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Superheroes" Truck Gets A Mud Bath

The "Superheroes"  mudtruck is popular with many mudbog fans not only for the speed it travels through the mud but for the super heroes it has painted on  its body. 
The colors are bright and the superheroes are not quite  life size but large enough to be recognized.

Cleaned and mud free this is one eye-catching truck and once you see it you never forget it. 

This isn't the best photo of the truck but you can at least see the colors used to make it so appealing.

Here's what the "Superheroes" truck experiences --

And the crowd loves it!!

Gumboro 2011-lower photos
Crisfield 2011-top photos

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Events for Saturday August 14, 2010

Truck & Tractor Pulling

Mud Hop

Admission: $5.00
Registration for events begins at 5:00 p.m.

Racing starts --- 7:00 p.m.

Refreshments available
Bring a lawn chair and come enjoy yourself this evening.

9343 Guy Ward Road
Parsonsburg, Md.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Crisfield Mud Hop July 25, 2010

Race Results For Classes From Crisfield Hop - Sunday- July 25,2010

Street Stock:
1st Kameron Lohmeyer 96 Chevy 116ft.
2nd Charles Betts 78 Ford 109ft.
3rd Chris Stubbs 81 Chevy 108ft.
4th Cliff Taylor 69 Chevy 107ft.
5th Danny Breding Ford F150 106ft.
6th Clarrence Morris 77 Chevy 105ft.
7th David Jones 86 Chevy 104ft.
8th Katherine Marshall Miss Behavin 103ft.
9th Bryan Johnson Blazer 100ft.
10th Brian Stevens 82 K2500 36ft.
11th David Humphreys 86 CJ7 36ft.
12th Paul Tyler 88 Chevy 35ft.
13th Chris Willy 01 Dodge Ram 26ft.

1st Barry Wise Blue Chevy 112ft.
2nd Lori Ann Long Grey Ghost 111ft.
3rd Bryan Johnson Blazer 108ft.
4th Chris Stubbs 81 Chevy 107ft.
5th David Jones 86 Chevy 112ft.
6th Trey Milligan Out of Order 103ft.
7th Richie Knox Dirty Money 36ft.
8th Orville Wells Digger 31ft.
9th Ed Vogel No Shame 11ft.

Big Tire ProStock:
1st Patrick Long All Night Soldier Full 7.740sec.
2nd Mike Rodriguez 83 Chevy P/u Full 9.504sec.
3rd Wayne Jones 92 Chevy p/u Full 10.228sec.
4th Kevin Hackett Black Primer Full 15.139sec.
5th Matt Hanes 91 Ford 125ft.
6th Sarah Clifton 69 Jeepster 118ft.
7th David Blough 86 Chevy 117ft.
8th James Bennett 79 Toyota 116ft.
9th Kevin Lohmeyer 96 Chevy 114ft.
10th Kim Watson Cowpatty 114ft.
11th Danny Breding 113ft.
12th Lee Sturgis Grey Ghost 31ft.
13th Randy Willey 79 Blazer 19ft.

Small-Tire Modified:
1st Aaron Ellis Bog Hog Full 4.144sec.
2nd Patrick Long All Night Soldier Full 6.324sec.
3rd Kelly Hubbard 90 s10 Full 9.019sec.

Big Tire Modified:
1st Jared Collins Orange Crush Full 5.149sec.
2nd Rodd Owens Mud Mistress Full 5.413sec.
3rd Sarah Clifton 69 Jeepster Full 7.211sec.
4th Kelly Hubbard 90 Chevy s10 Full 7.361sec.
5th Bryan Watson Cowpatty Full 7.520sec.
6th Mike Rodriguez 83 Chevy p/u 7.797sec.
7th Wayne Jones 92 Chevy p/u Full 11.345sec.

1st Wright Townsend Mud Dobber II Full 3.059sec.
2nd Johnny Edwards In The Mix Full 3.556sec.
3rd Aaron Ellis Bog Hog Full 3.733sec.
4th TJ Bernard Equal Justice Full 4.953sec.

1st Greg Noonan Can't Stop Full 2.554sec.
2nd Melvin Deavers Neighborhood Nuisance Full 2.731sec.
3rd Mike Scheifley Over The Top Full 2.750sec.
4th Wesley Ward Git-n-Busy Full 2.890sec.
5th Larry Joslyn Equal Justice II Full 3.260sec.
6th Aaron Ellis Bog Hog Full 3.719sec.
7th Johnny Edwards In The Mix Full 3.980sec.
8th Barry Long Sod Buster Full 4.443sec.
9th Chris Johnson Da Shiznit Full 4.977sec.
10th Ed Hoffman Equal Justice Full 5.559sec.

X class:
1st Jerry Pitman Big Buck$ Full 3.828sec.
2nd Jesse Ellis Big Red Full 5.006sec.
3rd Richie Lewis Big Poppa Full 5.136sec.
4th Jimmy Hall 99 Problems 127ft.

Thanks Kim!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"The Rollover"- From Sunday July 25, 2010- Crisfield Mud Hop

Crisfield Mud Hop

The entire day of the Crisfield Mud Hop was an exciting and challenging day for everyone. Some trucks never made it through the muddy trench (most getting stuck near the 100ft. marker) and required the cable for pulling them out.

Most of the trucks with the larger motors, bigger tires, etc. had very little difficulty with the attempt and gave all of us some scary moments by going side to side in the pit, racing to the other end. There had been some close calls during the day that made everyone ooh and aah.

But it wasn't until the Unlimited Class took their turn that we really got our scare for the day.

The driver was not injured in this accident.