Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sign Up To Be A Volunteer For the Friends of the Nature Trail

The Nature Trail Committee is still looking for community sprited people to volunteer to keep the Pocomoke Nature Trail alive and growing.

For many years the nature trail has been growing and it is so very important to keep this project alive and growing in the future.  Here is where the "next generation"  can step in.  Here is YOUR chance to have a role in being one of the Friends of the Nature Trail.
You know, the Pocomoke River is a beauty by boat but it is just as wonderful to see from the nature trail.

Needed for this continuing project are:
Money Raisers
And of course citizens to help build.

It's a beautiful part of Pocomoke.  Pocomoke belongs to YOU.  Grab a friend or relative or two and become members of the Friends of the Nature Trail.

Here's the number to call.  Pocomoke City Hall/ (410)957-1333

Give them your name and tell them what part you would like to play in keeping the nature trail growing into the future.

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