Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Season In Pocomoke City


When shopping downtown Pocomoke don't forget your donation of canned goods to benefit the Samaritan Shelter.  The Samritan Shelter  added a new wing not long ago to shelter Mothers and their making  the need for donated foods even greater.  The Smaritan Shelter pantry also serves the needy in the community. Please help in any way you can.

Take your non-perishable foods to the following locations and receive  coupons, discounts and/or holiday treats:  Scher's Bridal Shop; Classic Collections; Enchanted Florist; Mar-Va Theater; Lusby's Hardware & Maytag Appliances; Robinanne's Quilting Service; Salty Dog Grooming; and the Delmarva Discovery Center.


The Pocomoke City Police Department is holding its annual Christmas Party on December 18, 2011 at Bethany  Salem Church.

2010/ Toys  collected from Bingos held at the Pocomoke Fair Grounds
to benefit the Pocomoke Police Dept. Toy Drive
TOYS are needed so that these children will have something new for Christmas.  Your toy donations will also be accepted at either of the stores listed above.

Please don't don't think this doesn't happen in Pocomoke.  I am proof that it does.  One Christmas morning many years ago when my son was very young we were visited early that morning by one of his friends.  The child was grinning from hear to ear holding nothing but a Christms pencil and a Match Box car.  It was all he had asked for- except for a bicycle.  Santa could not afford to leave him one.  I don't know who was devastated more- myself or my children.  They had received so much.

It didn't take long for my young son to get into the garage, clean his old bicycle up a little and ride it to the little boys house.  We hadn't decided what to do with it so my son made the decission. 

(Edward, we still think about you- wherever you may be........)

Children that are truly poor never ask for much.....


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