Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Richard Hatch- 1st 'Survivor' Winner- Released From Prison

Richard Hatch, the first-ever winner of "Survivor," was released from a minimum-security prison Monday (Dec. 12). He was serving time in relation to being found guilty for tax evasion.

In many ways, Hatch was the first reality show celebrity after winning Season 1 of "Survivor" through conniving, manipulative behavior and pixelated nudity. However it was the $1 million prize which was also the source of his downfall.
Hatch was sent to prison in 2006 after he was found guilty of not paying taxes on "Survivor" winnings as well as other additional earnings. Then he went back to jail in 2009 after not keeping up with the terms of his release.

In addition to being on the first season of "Survivor," Hatch also appeared on "Survivor All-Stars" and "Celebrity Apprentice." 

So how long until Hatch re-enters the reality TV world?

Source;  http://www.fox40.com/entertainment/zap-richard-hatch-first-survivor-winner-released-f-20111212,0,5233395.story

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