Friday, December 2, 2011

Pocomoke City Chief of Police J. D. Ervin Has Retired

As of November 30, 2011 the driving force of the strong police department in Pocomoke City, Chief J.D. Ervin, has retired.

His retirement, after 16 years as Chief of Police in Pocomoke City, was announced this past October.

With a resume filled with acheivements in law enforcement and military, J.D. Ervin became the Chief of Police of Pocomoke City in 1995. During the years of Chief of Police it must be mentioned that his accomplishments in Pocomoke City have been many.

Responsible for many youth-related events, Pocomoke children were not forgotten. Each year Chief Ervin made things happen. The Easter egg hunt, back-to-school event, Christmas Party, a fishing program gave children something to look forward to. Irvin did it without fanfare, without any hoopla, no pat on the back. He just did it. And he leaves many children that will remember him fondly forever and perhaps changed some young lives along the way..

Just as important as the happiness of children was to him came the protection of all citizens of Pocomoke City. He worked dilegently through the years to lower crime in the city and to introduce modern technology into his Police department. His work for the citizens never ended.

Chief J. D. Ervin was selected to serve and protect the citizens of Pocomoke City and he gave 110%. He leaves Pocomoke City with the best police officers the city has ever had and will go down in Pocomoke City history as the very best Chief of Police the city has ever had serve them.

The very best of luck to you and blessings for many days of a happy and enjoyable retired life. You have served Pocomoke City and its citizens well.

To read the many accomplishments of Chief Ervin published in a news release from Pocomoke City Hall go here:

Tom and I wish you well in your retirement.  May you have many uninterrupted family occasions, holidays fishing days and just sleeping days ahead of you.  I just just hope that after a lifetime of commitment to the protection of country and people you can relax.

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