Thursday, February 16, 2012

Have You Seen Me??

7 year old family pet is still missing.

Missing in the Butler Village area
Pocomoke City, MD.

She is wearing a pink collar with a heart shaped tag that has her name and telephone on it.

PLEASE call 410-490-6579 if you have seen "Mittens"

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Anonymous said...

I mentioned missing Mittens to my cousin who works for another county and she called one of their Animal Control officers who offered this tip. It could be that Mittens is close by, and hiding out because she is scared and when she gets courage up the door is closed and she can't get in. So it was suggested (if you feel confortable doing this and it's safe for you) to keep a door open for awhile while home and maybe Mittens will hear or smell something familiar and run in the house.