Monday, February 13, 2012

Md. Senator Proposes Animal Abuse Registry

If you have never seen an abused animal I suggest you get yourself to the nearest shelter and take a look or ask someone that fosters these frail, frightened animals that have NO voice.  There are connections between animal abuse, domestic violence and child abuse.  88%  of homes where children have been physically abused pets were also mistreated!  A study a few years ago also determined that women abused by their partners  were TEN times more likely to also report that their partner had abused OR killed one or more pets than women not abused.

EASTON, Md.- People convicted of abusing any kind of animal may soon have their information made public, under a new bill proposed last week by Maryland Sen. Ron Young. 

Talbot Humane Society Executive Director Patti Quimby thinks the registry is a great idea.

"The animal abuse registry is going to make a big difference, specifically for humane organizations and rescue groups," she said.
This bill was proposed to help protect all animals. Animal abuser's information will be listed on the Maryland database for 10 years. Similar to the sex offender registry, abusers' photos and addresses will me made available to the public. 

Quimby is in full support of the bill and said it is another step in the right direction.

"I will be another tool for us to use, ensuring that the animals that are in our care don't go back into harms way," she said. 
Animal rights advocates like the idea but say this should have been done years ago.

"There are not quite as many advocates out there for animals as there are for young children or in some other issues," said Peggy Geisler of Cordova. 

Not everyone is in favor of Sen. Young's bill. "I think it's an unnecessary legislation that is an undue burden," said the Rev. Charles Cephas of Hurlock. 

According to the proposed bill, a person would go into the registry if he or she abuses, neglects or poisons an animal, attends dog fights, or leaves a dog unattended outside while it is tied up. 

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