Monday, April 16, 2012


Effective immediately (April 16, 2012), ALL outdoor burning is banned for an indefinite period of time in Worcester County.

Worcester County Fire Marshal Jeff McMahon issued the burn ban today.

The ban applies to all outdoor ignition sources with the following exceptions: Proper use of gas and charcoal grills, campfires at the County’s commercial, State and Federal campgrounds, permitted official Ocean City bonfires, private property recreational campfires which are limited to a fire area of 2 feet with a height of 3 feet, public fireworks displays and volunteer fire company training exercises.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info-I was wondering about Worcester. Had thought to grill out tonight but had decided against it anyway and though it's allowed. Grass looks like a sisal doormat!

jmmb said...

Thank you for being considerate 5:41. I wish everyone would take their environment into consideration. Fire warnings have been broadcasted all over the televison for days and for some reason people don't think the warning includes them.

Sometimes I wonder where common sense and good judgement are. All it takes is one tiny spark to start a raging fire.