Monday, April 16, 2012

Finishing Touches Being Put On the Pocomoke City Police Department

Pocomoke City Police Station
~Almost Completed~
Thursday  April 12, 2012

It had only been 7 days since I last visited what would be the new Pocomoke City police station to take photos.  But while I was in Pocomoke Councilman Malloy and I decided we really should get another peek....actually, it was my idea, I guess,  since I am so nosey.

WOW!!  What a difference just a few days makes!
Have you ever watched paint dry?  Watching floor wax dry is just about as exciting but with people you like, who engage in good conversation it isn't bad at all.  That 20 minute wait flew by in no time...Worth the wait. 

Thank you Mike Brady, of Peninsula Floor Service, for allowing us to walk across your newly waxed floor.
What a shine!  You may need your sun glasses...I'm not kidding.What was once dull gray tile  only a few days ago has enough shine now to see your reflection!

(below) Do you know what this is?

"The Box" "It's where we question both  witnesses and suspects....An OK Corral with a table and a couple of chairs." ( Words of Kelvin Sewell taken from his book  "Why Do We Kill?")  Now, Darren  has enlightened me in so many ways concerning  what has taken place in this soon to be police station.  The discussion about this room:  I say TWO chairs- because I read the book.  He says could be THREE chairs- depending on who is in "the box" at the time of interrogation. (He hasn't had time to read the book - he's been here!) 

So, I thought about it.  I looked the paragraph up in Chief Sewell's book when I got home.  Okay, Darren.  You win.  A couple could mean two or more- so I'll give you the three.  (But how odd was it when I opened the book and found that I had marked that page with an expired monthly GO PASS from the Baltimore MTA).  Here is how I feel about that room........I will NEVER sit there to be interrogated!  The only table I EVER intend to be seated at is a table that is surrounded by my  friends and family  waiting to partake in a meal!

All cells are completed.  The beds have been bolted to the floor, cots put in place and ready for occupancy really soon.  This is the female holding cell....NO bling! 

So, on this trip everything seemed to be just about wrapped up and ready for the "white glove" test.  Restrooms and showers have been cleaned.  And I'm sure by this writing the floors have been buffed. (What if I told you I left my toe print in a corner in that building?)

Anyway, I was able to show the police chief a photo of the shiny floors....(I like to always be first). But it made his day and when I left that day he made sure I had my cell phone. (For those that don't remember: the first time Chief Sewell and I met I accidently left my cell phone in his office.  Embarrassed?  ME?  Hell, yes!)

But anyway, the Second Street police department that so many of us have known for many years....the walkway that my son, as a small boy,  would ride his bike up and coast down when he could get away with it will soon be history.  I never realized it until I walked down the stairway and out those black doors that I never go photos of the inside...the stairway...

But here is what I want you to do when you visit the new police station.  Please take full advantage of your reflection in the windows on the end of the building.  Take time to fix you hair and straighten your cap so you look nice when walking inside.  And once inside WIPE YOUR FEET! 

Thanks Councilman Malloy, Chief Sewell, Mike Brady and assistant and of course "the go to man" Darren.

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