Thursday, April 19, 2012

Something About Dick Clark Locals My Not Remember

By this time the would knows of the passing of Dick Clark yesterday at the age of 82 from a massive heart attack.

Yesterday evening "tk"- the person responsible for all the interesting history from around our area- left a comment under the original Dick Clark post.  I was afraid alot of you would miss the comment so here it is:

tk for PPE has left a new comment on your post "Dick Clark Dies At 82":

"In the late 1940's the parents of Dick Clark's girlfriend, Babrara Mallery, moved to Salisbury from Syracuse, NY. She attended Salisbury State College for a couple of years before transferring to another college. Clark was working at WFIL in Philadelphia at the time and made frequent trips to Salisbury to visit Barbara. As referenced in the book American Bandstand "...which necessitated what Clark described as seventeen-hour 'sheer suicide' motor trips in his heaterless '34 Ford convertible in the dead of winter." They married in 1952; divorced in 1961.

Dick Clark made a guest appearance as MC at a fund raising teen record hop at the Salisbury armory along with WBOC's George Hack (who hosted a weekly live TV dance show on Saturday afternoons). Clark also participated in Salisbury's Christmas parade one year."


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