Thursday, April 19, 2012

Worcester County Honors Its Most Beautiful People

Tuesday, April 17, the Worcester County Commissioners and Volunteer Services Manager Cyndy Howell recognized the contributions of area volunteers during the 2012 Worcester County’s Most Beautiful People (WCMBP) Volunteer Awards Ceremony.

This celebration honored 21 individuals and two organizations recognized by Worcester County for their ongoing service to the community.

Individuals recognized by Worcester County included Mickey Ashby, Winette Dennis and Greg Frostrom of Pocomoke City, Ed Colbert, Stacy Schaffer, and Helen Rasmus and Mary W. Smith of Berlin, Jack “Graham” Caldwell, Mike Corcoran, William “Bill” Long, Diane McGraw and Mary M. Stevens of Ocean Pines, Phillip “Phil” I. Houck, and Jackie Disharoon and Jo Miller and Timothy Garett Roe of Ocean City, Christy O’Connell, and Mary and James Waters of Snow Hill, and Git R Done Cleaning Services of Newark

The two groups recognized included Instructional Volunteers for Outreach of the Veterans Memorial of Ocean Pines and the Community Church at Ocean Pines Choir

These outstanding individuals and organizations are among the 1.3 million Maryland volunteers whose combined volunteer hours represent a worth of $4 billion this past year.

"This collective group today serves countless hours throughout Worcester County providing needed services that enhance the lives of our residents,” said Howell. “Our human capital is our greatest resource here!”

Those in attendance during the county’s 2012 WCMBP ceremony represent only a small sample of the hundreds of volunteers whose efforts sustain vital programs that otherwise could not be made available in our area.

Worcester County Government is extremely grateful for each of the countless volunteers who dedicate their time, talent, and resources day in and day out to improve the lives of those around them. It is these individuals and groups, whose good works often go unnoticed by the general public, who make Worcester County such a wonderful place to call home.

For more information on volunteering in Worcester County, contact Cyndy Howell at (410) 632-0090.

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