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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gumboro/Crisfield Mudbogs Racing Points As of 9/1/12

The mudbogging season will come to a close locally with the last event being held in Gumboro, Delaware on October 13, 2012. 

Racing for the closing events is going to be a nail biter!  A few of the drivers are very close in points and anything can happen in that mud pit....(we've all learned that heartache).

Don't MISS this last event of the season.   In most classes who the first place winner will be is anybody's guess.

Current Points as of September 1, 2012 are listed below.

1st Place     Cliff Taylor             32 points
2nd Place   Amy Evans             28 points
3rd Place    Steve Wiesbeski     20 points
4th Place    Matthew Grey        15 points
5th Place    John Laird              10 points
6th Place    Charles Betts          08 points
7th Place    Derek Bergeron      07 points
8th Place    Kenneth Hearn       06 points
9th Place    Trae Revelle           05 points
10th Place  Chris Cuono           04 points

Pro Stock
1st Place       Andy Kauffman         36 points
2nd Place      Ed Vogel                    33 points
3rd Place       Vince McMahon        26 ponts
4th Place       John Laird                  18 points
                      Steve Wisbeski           18 points
6th Place       Jason Gaskill              14 points
7th Place       John Borgstrom          11 points
8th Place       Steve Riggin               10 points
                      Gary Downes             10 points
10th Place      Matthew Haines        08 points
11th Place      Trae Revelle              04 points
12th Place      Brian Johanson          03 points
                       Brandon Lowe           03 points
                       Casey Bradley           03 points
15th Place      Bruce Vogel              02 points
16th Place      Roger England          01 points

Small Tire Super Stock
1st Place      Ed Vogel                      36 points
2nd Place     Kyle Lohmeyer           33 points
3rd Place      Daniel Harvison          30 points
4th Place      Patrick Long               26 points
5th Place      Vince McMahon         24 points
6th Place      Nicholas Bateson        09 points
7th Place      Randy Willey              07 points
                     Jake Vogel                   07 points
9th Place      Casey Bradley             05 points
10th Place    Barry Wise                  04 points
                     Brandon Lowe            04 points
12th Place    Gary Downes              03 points

Big Tire Super Stock
1st Place      Aaron Ellis                        40 points
2nd Place     Daniel Harvison                27 points
3rd Place     Barry Wise                        24 points
4th Place     Kevin Lohmeyer               21 points
5th Place     Mark Christ                       19 points
6th Place     Randy Willey                    16 points
7th Place     Steve Riggin                      13 points
                    Patrick Long                     13 points
9th Place     Billy Marsh                       09 points
                    Roger England                  09 points
11th Place   Jimmy Hall                        08 points
12th Place   Vincent ( Guido) McMahon  06 points

Modified Class
1st Place      Kelly Hubbard                  28 points
                    Sam Jones                         28 points
3rd Place     Brian Watson                   27 points
4th Place     Donald Bowden               26 points
5th Place     Charlie Price                    22 points
6th Place     Aaron Ellis                       13 points
7th Place     Russell Ford                     11 points
8th Place     Billy Heil                          10 points
                    Ricky Messer                   10 points
10th Place   Jared Collins                    08 points
11th Place   Billy Marsh                      06 points
12th Place   Barry Long                      05 points
                    Spencer Messick             05 points
14th Place   Robert Reed                    04 points
                    Chris Johnson                  04 points
16th Place   Barry Wise                      03 points
17th Place   Jimmy Hall                      01 points

Mini Open
1st Place      Wright Townsend           40 points
2nd Place     Kelly Hubbard                26 points
                     Brian Watson                 26 points
4th Place      Lee Sturgis                     19 points
5th Place      Sam Jones                      17 points
6th Place      Jared Collins                  09 points
                     Chuck West                    09 points
                     Barry Wise                     09 points
                     Ryan Dolan                    09 points
10th Place    Ricky Messer                 07 points
                     Billy Marsh                    07 points
                     Bill Heil                          07 points
                    Aaron Ellis                      07 points
14th Place   Patrick Long                   06 points
15th Place   Chris Johnson                 04 points
16th Place   Donald Bowden              03 points

1st Place    Wesley Ward                 37 points
2nd Place   Lee Sturgis                    25 points
3rd Place   Blaine Hitchens             19 points
4th Place   Barry Long                    14 points
5th Place   Ryan Dolan                    09 points
                  Jonathan Corbet             09 points
7th Place   Rodney Graves              08 points
X Class
1st Place    Kevin Lewis                 34 points
2nd Place   Travis Pruitt                 29 points
3rd Place    Ross Cullen(Sunshine Taylor) 16 points
4th Place    Lee Sturgis                   10 points
5th Place    Brian Watson               09 points

For more info go to:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


First Saturday of racing at Gumboro!
Saturday   April 30, 2011
Gate opens at 10:00 AM
Adults:  $7.00 - Children under 10 FREE


Pit admission this year will be $5.00 per person.  NO excessive vehicles in the pit.

For more information:

Race will begin @ 1:00 PM

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melson Power Show Coming Soon! ~Save The Date~

Final events of the season!!

Prizes will be awarded for the points winners of the days events.

This is sure to be a full day of fun for everyone!

My favorite for the Lawn Tractor Pulling? The young lady, #63! Yep! She isn't as nervous as she was at the beginning of the season and now has complete confidence in herself! She has NO FEAR!
I wish her the very best of luck and hope she will continue next year.

For more information on Melson's........

Go to OR

You can find them on Facebook listed under Melson's Tractor Pulling. Become a friend and keep up with what goes on. Browse the photos and watch videos.........even offer suggestions if you like.


For one last day of playing in the dirt!

Monday, September 20, 2010

More From Gumboro ~ The Sod Buster

Each and every mudbog at Gumboro brings new trucks to area for the fun of racing through the 200 feet of mud. And each and every time the same trucks reappear with the hopes of keeping their points already acheived and gaining more plus getting their thrill for racing. It's also a time for joining friends made at races before and make new ones.

It should always be remembered that the trucks you see on mudbog day were put together with a great deal of expense and time and care. They all want to win.

Some will drive a great distance to Gumboro.....hours. For those of 187 East Peformance it is a 1 1/2 hour drive. Most of us stop for breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evenings before venturing home. It is not an expense free day.
Without these trucks and without these fearless drivers Gumboro would NOT be what it has become. Each and every truck that enters the pit has paid their fair share, just like everyone else, to participate. And it is always a sigh of relief for me knowing that we arrived safely and the rest of the 187 East Peformance would arrive shortly.

Saturday after the mishap of Orange Crush the spectators witnessed another hair raising moment with Sod Buster.

Flips and roll overs and fires may be excitement for the crowd but I can assure you that it most definitely is NOT for those in the pits! The family is there too....not to forget the extended family of the 187 East Performance.

This incident is unsettling with me. I did not like what I saw in the few seconds after this truck caught fire.

Here's the video followed by some photos.

The first one to arrive to the side of the truck was this driver's son! Within seconds other drivers had jumped the fence INCLUDING the driver's WIFE, daughter and daughter's boyfriend followed by my husband and even more.

Then appearing on the scene even seconds later was the staff arriving in their golf cart looking like the Keystone Kops! That's right. I said Keystone Kops! They do a remarkable job measuring distances driven by the trucks in the pit but when it comes to an emergency situation they stink!

Everyone was screaming to remove the driver. Others were screaming for fire extinquishers. They yelled and yelled while this driver's family and friends scrambled to unhook the extinguishers they had................The "staff" had come unprepared! No one on that cart had a fire extinguisher in hand!

And at the same time all of this was happening the daughter of the driver was running towards the pits screaming for a screw driver. I can't imagine that cart not even being equiped with a few tools..... common sense should tell them that a screwdriver and hammer could always come in handy.
And the other racers and racers families even helped clean up. All that was left to be done was to tow the Sod Buster. The driver was not hurt..........but as in any mishap HE COULD HAVE BEEN!

What is it going to take before an ambulance is present at these races? What's it going to take before fire extinguishers are placed ALONG THE FENCE NEAR THE PITS so your summer tanned pretty boys can fight a flame or a flicker in a truck if they know how to!?

Each and every driver is required to have an extinguisher on board his or her truck. THEY can't always get to it in an emergency situation and neither can the first person to the scene.

This isn't the first time this has occured. We witnessed a similar situation on August 28th.

These drivers spend alot money for and on Gumboro. Not because they have to........they want to. They love the sport. Each mudbog these men and women put on one heck of a show for the spectators in hopes that the crowd will spread the word and return the next time and time after that.

So, in appreciation for what these men and women do and for the revenue THEY bring to the Gumboro Mudbog organization don't they deserve to have that extra reassurance? Surely, by now they have made enough money for the Gumboro Mudbog to affored it.

They deserve it and it should NOT be put upon the people in the pits to take care of these situations...........even though they will and with a reaction time so much faster.

Let's not wait for a true horrible disaster to can. By then it will be too late.

A little bit of money spent for SAFETY purposes will go a long way.

Saturday, September 11, 2010



Hook your tractor or truck to this sled and see how much weight you can pull !!Or...........

Try the MUD HOP

Spectators welcomed. So grab a lawn chair and come watch

Refreshments available Gates open at 5:00 PM

Events begin at 7:00 PM Great fun for the whole family !

9343 Guy Ward Road
Parsonsburg, Maryland


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MELSON Dirt Drag This Friday Night


Friday July 9, 2010
Admission: $5.00

Refreshments are available

Registration for events begins at 5:00 p.m.

Races begin at 7:00 p.m.

9343 Guy Ward Road

Parsonsburg, Maryland


Friday, June 18, 2010


In May my husband (Barry Wise), member of the 187 East Performance Racing Team, ran the 200 foot dirt track in 4.9 seconds. First place winner ran the track in 4.7
Tonight Barry and his truck, now named, "SHORT - N- SASSY" will be racing to beat that time.
Don't miss it!