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Friday, March 7, 2014

Delmarva Discovery Center ~ Be A Volunteer

DONATE time. ENRICH your community. VOLUNTEER.

Do you have a few hours a week that you would like to spend giving back to your community?

The Delmarva Discovery Center has numerous volunteer opportunities available. Whether you are interested in history, ecology, educational programming, greeting our visitors, or becoming a docent. We would love to have you join our team!

 Contact Megan at 410-957-9933 ext. 102, to find out the many ways you can volunteer.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pocomoke Nature Trail Tentative Construction Dates - Volunteers Needed


From Pocomoke Area Chamber of Commerce:

Pocomoke Nature Trail Tentative Construction Dates
~Volunteers Needed~
Thanks to Chris Miles, the City has received enough lumber to start building the understructure for the new boardwalk.  The foundation lumber or "sleepers," are being delivered today.
 We are in need of volunteers to help us get ready for the construction of the 600' long final piece of the Stevenson's Pond loop. 
This truly is a wonderful project!
We would like to work on several Friday/Saturday times in May. 
If you can lift a board or drive a 16 penny nail, we need you!
Sign up sheets are posted at Harris Ace Hardware, the Chamber of Commerce and at the office of Ritchie Shoemaker MD.
The spectacular Bird shirts, including ladies cuts, are being made now.
 For more information on donation of time or some dollars, please call the Chamber at 410-957-1919 or Dr. Shoemaker at 410-957-1550."
Please see for more details.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Project Linus" Blankets Delivered To Saxis

On Tuesday (November 27) I had the pleasure of meeting Donna Clarke the "Project Linus" Coordinator for Delmarva at the Saxis, Va. firehouse to introduce her to Mayor Denise Drewer and to present Denise with  50 clean, warm, snuggly and hand made blankets for the children in the area.

For those of you who may not know Saxis, Sanford and the small surrounding areas were also devastated by the fury of Hurrican Sandy.

Mayor of Saxis Denise Drewer holds one of the colorful quits made by one of the ladies from the Eastern Shore Quilt Guild, Exmore, Va.
Photo BW
These wonderful blankets bring comfort to so many in times of devastation and both children and teens are fascinated by them!  I am an adult and I was fascinated by every blanket!  Not only do they provide warmth but a sense of security for many children and the blanket is theirs to keep. 

Mayor Denise Drewer and Donna Clarke- Coordinator for "Project Linus" ES
Photo BW
The blankets Donna left on Tuesday  came  from an Exmore quilter from the Eastern Shore Quilt Guild Virginia, from Pocomoke area quilters, from Project Linus  Blanketeers in Palm Desert CA, Denver CO, and  Merrill WI. 

Photo BW

Photo BW

"Project Linus - Providing Security through blalnketsEach blanket is labeled with a Project Linus label showing our lovable namesake, Linus Van Pelt. We attach a hang tag identifying the maker of the blanket too."

I know by now these blankets have found homes and are providing warmth for each child wrapped in one. 

Photo BW
And this is serious business!  Donna reported that 5,000 blankets made by various chapters nationally were sent to the New York/New Jersey areas for children and teens. 

In fact, just a few weeks ago Donna herself organized delivery for 600 blankets to the Somerset County area with more on the way!

If you can sew, knit, crochet, quilt or tie a know and are interested in joining a Project Linus Chapter go to Donna's blog.  You really do need to see her photos of the beautiful blankets that have been made available to so many children.  You also will enjoy her journey to Crisfield to help those in need.  She a busy person with a really big if I can just get her to have someone make me a soft, snuggly blanket with pigs on like I saw at the bottom of that one bag....

Thanks Donna!
Photo Donna Clarke
Above is a thank you note from one of the children.  Donna has them posted on her sight....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Volunteer Needed For "Community Giving Garden"

Photo/City of Pocomoke/facebook

Fresh fruits and vegetables from these raised beds  will go to the Samaritan Shelter in Pocomoke City.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Community Giving Garden"

I checked on the "Community Giving Garden" last week and it seems to be making progress.  I'm sure the recent rainfall has helped it along tremendously.
If you would like to volunteer or assist in any way please contact:
 Neelam Strom @ 443-437-7203;
or Norma Howard @ 410-726-0066
The "Community Giving Garden" is located on the corner of Willow Street and Clarke Avenue.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mar-Va Theater Is Looking for Friends

I think that the Mar-Va Theater is the most wonderful thing that has happened in Pocomoke for a very long time. And I glad to see that Emily is now a part of the Mar-Va team. Here's an opportunity for all of you that were younger "in the day" and gave Mrs. Hattie Clark, Jeannie Byrd, and Roger Marriner "headaches" on those Friday nights (as they pointed the flashlight in your direction) a chance to give back to your wonderful community!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pocomoke Budget INN ... Fire

The Pocomoke Budget Inn is on fire, heavy fire and smoke. Other departments have been called in it must be a big one.

Girdletree, Stockton, Newchurch assisting

2 units were burning, no cause yet, but the fire is extinguished.. all in less then 1 hour from volunteers that have to drive to the VFD, get suited-up etc.

Another great job and exceptional results from all the local VFD's

They do not get thanked enough for what they do.

Thank you to all the VFD's

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lets Welcome our new contributor Tricia Griffith

I'd like to welcome our latest contributor Tricia Griffith owner/editor of International crime forum.

We are delighted to have Tricia Griffith on board with The Pocomoke Public Eye and I believe she will bring positive and informative post for our reading pleasure.

Remember our goal here on TPPE as we have become somewhat off track in the last couple of days and hopefully we will be back doing what we started this blog to do.

I'm confident with the addition of Tricia Griffith My admin jmmb, and a couple of surprise contributors that are joining forces with us we will be bringing you the News and information that the MSM does not report or does not want you to know.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Christine Sheddy; The Fires of Byrd Rd. who set these fires and why? Were these fires Investigated for arson?

Pocomoke City, MD– Christine Sheddy was murdered on the Byrd Rd Farm in Pocomoke City on the evening of November 12, 2007.

The series of events that led up to her murder are stupifying.

Of Particular concern is the rash of fires occuring on the farm and within surrounding areas in the time frame of both of Christine’s visits there.


As the September alarms are no longer accessible on the Pocomoke Volunteer Fire Department Site, you are looking at a cached version confirming the call to the farm and the fact that photos DID exist of what was assuredly a major fire. Three different stations responded at a minimum. The Images have been deleted.

The day before the Byrd road chicken house fire on September 20th, the Showell Fire Department extinguished this chicken house fire:


Also a cached version of deleted information from the PVFD site, is this October Alarm Source, through October 23rd, 2007:


Effective October 1, 2007 the Worcester County Fire Marshalls Office takes over.

“..The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for conducting fire investigations of all fires in the County where arson is suspected, the fire is undetermined by the fire department, and/or an injury or death has occurred. The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office is the local enforcing agency for 3 municipalities and the County…”

Note the October 10th alarm for yet again, a subsequent fire in the chickenhouse on Byrd Road.

On October 11, the neighbors who have already been vicitmized by the Clarence Butch “ Jr” Jackson crew, are victimized again. As you can see the Fire Marshall visits Byrd Road.

What the record does not say, is that the neighbors are awakened at 3 am by the Fire Marshall and Deputy Parnell from the PCPD. They were told if they called the Fire Department one more time for fires on the neighboring property, they would be arrested.

On the exact same day that JR Jackson unsuccessfully seeks peace orders against the neighbors that are simply trying to avoid the menace of his existance at this point are denied on October 13th; there is another chicken house fire. Fire Police and Pocomoke PD are in attendance.

Another outside fire call on October 17th. There is no data past October 23rd on fire activity available for this time frame.

The November calls have been deleted entirely by the Pocomake VFD. The site is managed and maintained by “Choppy Layton” a long time Vounteer Fire Fighter and by all accounts, a solid guy.

What is astounding, is that I am in receipt of an email that confirms a witness gave a statement to Detective Trautman, the original detective in this case, on February 12, 2008.

Should we consider it a coincidence then, that the last time the PVFD site is updated, and apparently when the November alarms were deleted is February 12, 2008?


We have eyewitness accounts of fires on the Byrd Road farmhouse from November 9th through the 13th at a minimum. Fire Police and Marshalls have been to the property. By my accounting, we are talking in the neighborhood of 12 fire alarms to this property alone, starting one month after an emergency outdoor burn ban.

Why hasn’t Clarence Jackson been charged with arson?

Any other suspects? Dead Issue? We know there are surveillance still pictures and security guard witnesses, what did they see?

What is the ratio of alarm calls versus arson arrests?

I digress.

Who was copied on the confirmation email containing a witness statement on February 12, 2008?

Michael McDermott.


BlinkOnCrime for updates and comments

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Volunteers Needed

Annual Beach Clean-Up

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Manager Lou Hinds invites the public to join refuge staff and volunteers on Saturday, Sept. 19, for the Annual Beach Clean-up. Registration will begin at 9 a.m. in the Hebert H. Bateman Educational and Administrative Parking lot.

The annual beach clean-up is part of the International Coastal Cleanup sponsored by The Ocean Conservancy and Virginia Clean Waterways. Anyone can participate; it doesn’t take special skills or knowledge, just the desire to further the cause of clean oceans and waterways. Participants will remove trash from the beach, record what they find and identify the sources that caused the debris. The Ocean Conservancy will use this information to educate the public and to help change the behaviors that cause pollution.

Participants should bring water and sunscreen and wear comfortable footwear. Trash bags, gloves, and data sheets will be provided. Participants will receive a free T-shirt and the entrance fee to the refuge will be waived.