Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Last of the Summer Days

I'm sure alot of you woke up to the morning the same way I did...........with your extra hour of sleep! Big deal, right!? My husband assured me that instead of it being 11:00 a.m. as the bedroom clock said, it was only 10:00.

Well, that's fine, I guess, if you like the extra hour sleeping but I had rather have that extra hour left in my day. I like the extra hour of daylight even if I choose to do nothing outside. Beach days are gone, gardening days have dwindled to the few fall chores. If you do it outside now there's no time to even change your mind.
Looking back on the summer I remembered all those hot, sunny, humid days we had. I like those brightly lit summer days and I even enjoy the humidity! I'm going to miss the sound of thunder in a distance and the soft breeze. I'm going to miss my abundance of blue birds, humming birds and finches. And I am even going to miss (somewhat) the sound and the bites of the mosquitoes and sleeping with the windows wide open.
I am a sunlight person. I like the sunny days, even if they are just warm. It's the long dreary days and nights that get to me. And I suppose that maybe there will be a few more warm sunny evenings to light the wok and sit on the patio watching the sun set. Our "world" is in the autumn mode now. It's time to rake leaves, mulch flower beds and take one long glimpse of the colorful sketches that Nature gives us this time of year.
I'll do all that while at the same time missing the summer.


Anonymous said...

Is that your garden jmmb, in the first picture? It's beautiful.

jmmb said...

Thankyou. But it isn't mine exactly. The brick work was laid and designed by my brother-in-law and the herbs/flowers are planted and tended by my sister. It does become "mine" when I need fresh herbs. The entire garden is quite beautiful and alot larger than in the picture.