Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More on Eastern Shore Robotics

POCOMOKE CITY, Md.- Students across Delmarva are building robots to learn about engineering.

On Monday, a team of local high schoolers showed off their latest creation, affectionately called "Bubbles" the robot, at the Hawk Institute for Space Sciences in Pocomoke City.

The students say they spent about 150 hours to build a robot that competed in an international competition earlier this year. It went against other robots in a game that required each machine to toss balls into the attached trailing nets of competitors.

Organizers of the local non-profit group, called Eastern Shore Robotics, say it helps recruit a next generation of engineers. The group participates in the international FIRST Robotics competition.

"As our older engineers retire, we don't have a lot of really well-trained [and] technically-minded young kids coming in to fill those positions," said Chris Thompson, an organizer of the group.

The group uses resources from the Navy and NASA. It plans to begin working on a its next robot, under a strict six-week build period for the competition, beginning in January.

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