Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to recycle a snowman

I have acquired a picture sent in by a reader of a recycled snowman. YUP! A "recycled snowman" do to the lack of snow caused by "Boss Hogg's" "flying trash bag" ("UFO") that has been seen in the skies of Pocomoke some of the more astute readers decided to get the most out of our lack of winter white stuff.

The sender of the "recycled snowman" did not elaborate on what was "recycled" to build the recycled snowman but my hours of studying and scientific analysis of this "recycled snowman" I can only conclude that it's parts are made up of;

1) 3 heads of melted snowmen

2) an ear muff from a one eared person

3) the eyes appear to be pieces of "Boss Hogg's" flying trash bag it obviously crashed and was scavenged and put to good use.

4) The hat appears to be that of remnants left over after the tin-foil had worn off.

5) The puny little arms are made from a very rare evergreen that only grows in the garden of Eden. (just south of Salisbury)

6) The stray leaves that make-up the lower festive decorations were donated by the local chapter of leaves for recycled snowmen & women.

7) last but not least, and the most difficult to diagnose are the footprints around the "recycled snowman" They are prints left by moon boots, this is clearly an alien (extraterrestrial) built structure (recycled snowman) more than likely they were attracted by "Boss Hogg's" flying trash bag ("UFO") that was spotted in the skies of Pocomoke a couple days ago.

If anyone else has found a homeless "recycled snowman" that has suddenly appeared in close proximity of their home, approach it with caution but it should be harmless, send in your pictures for an analysis. So far it appears that these extraterrestrial built recycled snowmen are safe but please be careful and keep some distance at first sighting.


Anonymous said...

Beware! These are not recycled snowmen at all, but Capos for the "major organized crime network right here in our little burg."

Before being elected, oops I mean erected, the snowmen made all kinds of promises including and not limited to........sidewalks.
THE POOR CHILDEN OF POCOMOKE CITY HAVE TO WALK TO SCHOOL IN THE STREET. Last week they were pooping in the street-I digress.

After being erected the snowmen fell right into step with Don B.H. Blake and Consigliere Cane and even has gone as far as not to believe in the Constitution of the United States.
Well atleast the children don't have to poop in the streets of PC anymore. Last thing we need is those dawg gone environmentalists snooping around, like they are doing in Berlin all because inferior work done by unlicensed contractors paying high kickbacks.

jmmb said...

My goodness Anon 3:10. Relax. Take a deep breath. Don't you know by now that promises were made to be broken?

And for goodness sakes! In all my life in Pocomoke I have never known children to ever poop in the streets. Simply being inconvienced a few hours didn't cause you that much anguish. Stop making it such a great big deal. Have you never done plumbing? Anything can happen. Give it a rest. You know people do not poop in the street!!

And as far as the sidewalks??? Those streets to the schools have been like that way before you brought your bright ideas to town. I myself walked to and from the high school alot of times. And besides, how many students walk to school in this day and time?

However, I do find your UFO story quite believable. Why not? I'm just sorry I wasn't at home that day to maybe have seen it. My guess is that it was a weather balloon that got away from NASA but you never know.