Thursday, December 24, 2009

I hope your shopping is done, It's dangerous out there

I just got back from wal*mart, I had to go pick-up those things we always forget.

A word of advise; STAY HOME if you do not have to go out. People are simply crazy, I think they must leave their commonsense and common courtesy home during last minuet shopping.

First I had to get to the store safe, it's all of 3/4 of a mile from my house to the store yet I could have been to Salisbury in the time I made the trip to the local retail giant. Vehicles lined up waiting and pushing their way through leaving that "common courtesy" home, do they not realize that vehicles will bend when hit?

Finally making it safely to the store finding a place to park is another problem, those same nuts that were on the road are also in the parking lots trying to weed each other out of a parking spot while holding up those of us willing to walk all of 200 feet to the store. I can park and walk in and have 1/2 my shopping done before they find a spot by the door.

Once inside the store it's easy to see these nuts don't only drive crazy they shop the same way, twice I was almost run down by handicap scooters, of course those on the scooters don't really need them, in fact it might do most of'em some good to get the hell up and walk. This is a normal thing to me with the scooters but once I was almost run over by one of those new 'limo carts' you know those new carts that are 20 feet long with extra seats?

Why do people leave their cart on one side of an isle and then block the path that is left with their body? PEOPLE! please keep your cart and body on one side of the isle, other people want to shop too ya know.

Then comes the social isles, you know the isles where people hold family reunions? LOOK, it's a damn store, you do not own nor have you rented space in the isle to hold a family reunion, class reunion, long time friend talk session, or an orgy, OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO GET BY, we are not standing there looking at you like you're stupid because we want to join the party, move the hell out of the way.


jmmb said...

Good Grief!!! But you mean no one walking around talking on a cell phone???? They must have been in there somewhere!!!

Hope you managed to get those last minute things!!

The Public Eye said...

oh yeah! cell phones stuck to everyones ear, funny how they can't talk and walk at the same time