Friday, December 25, 2009

Little Sarah's Gift

As the story of missing Sarah Foxwell unfolded and three cold days into her disappearance most of us knew her fate but held hopes that she would be found, maybe cold, hungry, and scared but found alive.

We desperately prayed that 11 year old Sarah be found and safely returned home to enjoy her Christmas where she so much belonged. That didn't happen, Sarah didn't sit under the tree to open her gifts on this fateful Christmas day but instead she gave a gift, a special gift that only she could give, one of her life.

As families around the globe enjoyed their families in the warmth of their homes little Sarah was missing and a community hoped, prayed and wondered but never gave up hope.

The local Law Enforcement searched around the clock tirelessly covering ground inch by inch, by land, sky, and water in search of missing Sarah Foxwell.

On December 24th Christmas eve 2009 LE called out to the people of the Eastern Shore for assistance on putting more feet on the ground. The community obliged in an overwhelming response.

Literally thousands of people put a hold on their Christmas day, people from all over the local and regional area and people from far away came to help find missing Sarah Foxwell early Christmas morning. This is Sarah's gift to us, she has shown us that we can and will stand together, it didn't matter what anyone's religion, race, sex, political affiliation, we didn't care.

What I witnessed today was heart, compassionate caring people coming together and working together to accomplish one goal, finding Sarah. These people didn't know Sarah or her family but by God they were there, thousands of them.

If there ever was a Christmas of real giving today was the day, I will never forget Sarah Foxwell and the thousands of faces that put Christmas day of 2009 on hold to come together for one joint agenda, to find Sarah Foxwell. This IS the Eastern Shore that I know and love.

A special thanks to LE, volunteers, and people that made donations in the search for Sarah.

Today God has a new Angel named Sarah Foxwell, please say a prayer for Sarah's family and loved ones and remember the gift that Sarah gave.... I will. Every year there will be a special ribbon on my tree that represents little Sarah and the story of her gift.

God Bless

Sleep peaceful little one

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afterthegoldrush said...

Thanks for putting that into words.
I,too,am proud to call the Eastern Shore my home.