Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More spam from Kratovil

Ya gotta love this one, Frank sends out this spam mail talking about how he likes to "rein-in spending" then adds a post script on information and learning how to receive government college funding.

I guess we "regular people" weren't supposed to pick up on that.

Dear Friend,
Last week, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address, which included a call to freeze discretionary spending for three years. As a member of the Blue Dog Coalition I have been a strong supporter of discretionary spending caps, and I applaud the President’s effort to rein in spending. However, as I stated in an op-ed published last week, I believe that spending caps are just one component of a broader reform agenda that Congress should pass in 2010.
We need comprehensive budget reform, starting with this discretionary spending freeze but also including a restoration of pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) budget rules, a budget commission empowered to reform entitlement programs, earmark reforms to improve accountability and transparency, and strong budget enforcement tools to ensure a fiscally responsible federal budget. I am committed to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle on this comprehensive budget reform effort, because I firmly believe we desperately need to restore fiscal discipline in Washington.
Families here in Maryland understand that budgets are about setting priorities and making the tough choices to live within our means. For the past decade, the federal government has failed to live by that same set of rules. And while it is true that extraordinary steps are sometimes needed in tough times to get the economy moving again, uncontrolled spending growth cannot be allowed to continue year after year. With the economy now showing small but encouraging signs of a turnaround, we must take meaningful action to reduce our deficit and put us back on a path toward fiscal sustainability.

With warm regards,

Rep. Frank M. Kratovil, Jr.

“How to Pay for College” Forums Coming in February

Families across Maryland understand that in tough economic times, paying for college is harder than ever. However, there are a number of programs that can help students and their families afford a college education. Congressman Kratovil will be hosting two information forums in February to help students and parents learn more about these options:

Sat. Feb. 6th - Chesapeake College

9:30-12PM - The Performing Arts Center

Maryland 213 & Rte. 50

Queenstown, MD

Sat. Feb.12th - Perry Hall H.S.

9:30-12PM - Auditorium

4601 Ebenezer Road

Baltimore, MD

Participating in these forums will be representatives from The United States Service Academies, the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Maryland Comptroller’s Office, the United States Department of Education, and several nearby colleges. If you have any questions about the time, location, or content of the “How to Pay for College” forums, please contact Karen Willis in my Centreville Office at 443-262-9136.

*In the event of inclement weather please contact my Centreville Office at 443-262-9136 for updates.

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