Tuesday, March 30, 2010

“Scarface” School Play [Randomly Viral]

This is not actually a real school play. According to TMZ, it was created by Marc Klasfeld and Rockhard Films, who also directed Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” video. We have reached out to Klasfeld to get you the scoop.

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the… massive pile of popcorn. Behold, “Scarface School Play,” quite possibly the most majestic piece of theater we have ever seen. Ever.

To our surprise and delight, this bizarre vid of a rather twisted school play was posted to YouTube

earlier today. It’s basically the best thing in the world (which is yours!), and I refuse to say more on the subject. Just watch it. Like, seven times in a row.

Warning: This video contains spoilers.

Sadly, not only is this making it's way around the internet as an actual "school play" but some rumor mills are making this out to be a play performed in one of our Pocomoke schools by our children claiming "to have videoed Pocomoke Elementary School’s 4th grade student play last week."

Someone owes our School and teachers an open apology.


Anonymous said...

I would think they would be concerned with Hadel's court activity yesterday instead of spreading urban legends.
But it's the Burke's!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video. First of all if the Burke's were informed they would know Pocomoke Elementary is only PreK-3rd grades. Also a quick computer search tells the origin of this so called "play."
I for one am sick and tired of the Burke's blatant lies. That's all they do anymore.
Another thing Pocomoke City has nothing to do with the elementary school, but I know that's a little too much for the brainless to comprehend!
The Burke's ought to be terribly ashamed of themselves, but then again the brainless are unashamed about anything!

Anonymous said...

The Burke's claim the video was sent to them by someone who taped it at Pocomoke Elementary.

Bamboozled again!!! What a bunch of simpletons the Burke's are! Gee they will fall for anything-I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh okay so now the Pocomoke Liars are trying to say it was all a joke.
Got News for Ya Wmyzie, we weren't born yesterday. What you are now calling a joke, only because you got caught being a bold faced liar, you tried to pawn off as true and everyone knows it!!!
A whole book could be written on the lies told by those blog writers and now proof once again to not believe a word written there!

Whitey In Da’ Hood said...

for someone to just assume that this post was talking about 'them' must have that look in their eye that a dog gets when it's caught with pillow stuffing in and around it's mouth.

"a joke" ? ok? yea we believe that [not] or it would have been made clear up front.

this was just another attempt to discredit anything and/or anyone Pocomoke from the repugnant malefactor

PES Teacher said...

First, thank you for clearing this up.
I to saw that article on another blog and I was simply mortified in that someone would read that and believe that the play was actually performed at P.E.S.

That was NOT a very funny joke if in fact it was originally intended to be a "joke"

jmmb said...

PES Teacher:
No, this is NOT a funny joke at all. In fact, those that have school children in Pocomoke KNOW which school the 4th graders are in and they also know that this type of play would NEVER be tolerated! And I might add this type of play would never cross the minds of the teachers.

I just hope that this is brought to the attention of the principal of the school along with the superintendent. NO schools needs this.

Anonymous said...

jmmb, "this type of play would never cross the minds of the teachers"
I believe those words wholeheartedly.

BossHogg said...

To the people on this website that are too stupid to realize the post was a joke, this video sums up my message to you.


Crack cocaine is dealt openly in Pocomoke City with the clear approval of Boss Hogg and Mike McDermott at City Hall.

If any of you knew how to read and understood satire, then you would have realized the video was a poke at the openly corrupt Pocomoke City government.

Not innocent children that are victims of our Boss Hogg form of government in Pocomoke City.

There are a lot of haters on this website and your hate is directed in the wrong direction, it should be towards city hall.

Unless you approve of Boss Hogg controlling the open air drug market that sells crack to 4th graders.


Billy Burke, Publisher
Pocomoke Tattler

jmmb said...

Mr. Burke
Please let me inform you that none of us on this website are stupid so please keep your videos for your own pleasure.

We all know how to read and we all understand satire so please don't flatter yourself with thinking you are the "top dog".

What I saw for myself on your recent post were words like "Boss Hogg Government teaches 4th graders....."AND "a revolution in how the kids look at crack business". Then your post goes on to say that the person sending you the video "claimed to have videoed the PES 4th grade student play last week". Satire or not it is not necesary to use the Pocomoke school system in your filthy battle against the mayor and city manager.

This is a very bad joke and a sick joke that could only come from the mind of someone that truly hates the city that he lives in.

Your comment states that this was not directed at the innocent children of the town. Mr. Burke 4th graders ARE children.

Just because you can't have it your way in Pocomoke don't take it out on the people and if situations are so bad there then show the people proof.

You know, when you get mad and say nasty things about people (no matter who they are) you automatically lose your fight for them to hear you. Ranting and raving only leads to a deaf ear. You, being the wise person you are should know this.

The next time you feel the need to drag Pocomoke's innocent youth through your battle against city hall please think twice and think nice.

Enjoy your Easter.

Anonymous said...

Billy get over it! You all were caught in ANOTHER lie and then instead of vowing to never lie again you post another blantant lie. This one concerning your arrest last year. You state the "charges were eventually dropped." Not true Billy! Since when has someone who has had the charges "dropped" get sentenced to one year probation?

theburkesarnttheeenemy said...

wiretapping charges were dropped
distribution is what he was found guilty of.
they aren't my favorite people in the world either but that is the facts.
the wiretapping charge was dropped, and if he hadn't been trying to nail Mcdermott and sent it to joel todd then they wouldnt have anything.
the man is an abrasive man, but you gotta hand it to him he has tried to do good and stand up to these jackasses.
one more thing, the scareface post is clearly a jab at city hall, this thing has been all over the internet and billy has always promoted anything in town except for things the city gov. does and gives it props. they have a school age child and like stephanie said she knew that the 3rd grade isn't even there.
one thing is for sure, they don't ever give up, and you don't maybe like them but they will do anything they can to help you.

Whitey In Da’ Hood said...

show me some evidence, one would think that after almost 40 years of this so called "corruption" in city hall that there must be something that can be provided?

It's revenge, plain and simple. Noting more, nothing less.

All one has to do is show some proof, if Pocomoke is as bad as being portrayed and that bad for so many years there must be proof right?

You can't tell me that someone is that GOOD to cover their ass for 40 years without a disgruntled employee, a contractor, etc. that wouldn't blow the whistle in all that time.

as the infamous quote states "hey! I have a plane for you, why don't you move?"

Well... I can answer that, they wont move because there's no other place as nice as Pocomoke City although we are not above torches and pitchforks to make YOU move.