Sunday, March 28, 2010

NASA Rocket Launch A Success

The rocket launch yeaterday at Wallops Flight Facility was a success.

The flights main goal was to test the new improved Malemute rocket motor along with carrying two cubesats* developed by university students in Kentucky, Moorehead State, the Naval Academy and California to collect data as its second goal.

Even with the wind playing a small role the Terrier-Improved Malemute uborbital sounding rocket was launched from Wallops Flight Facility at 10:09:56 EDT. 72 seconds into the launch the cubesats ejected from the rocket and as they fell collected data to be used for research by the students.

The rocket flew lower than expected but Kenutcky confirmed that they were able to get data. At 10:21:35 EDT there was a loss of signal from the rocket which indicated splashdown and success!

I'm not sure what our friends Carrie and Gerald witnessed (or felt) yesturday since rocket launches are very visable from their backyard but from my backyard, eight miles away and unlike some launches) there was hardly any sound and just a vapor trail.


*cubesat--small miniature satellite for space research and weighs no more that a kilogram which aides universities with science and space exploration

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