Saturday, April 3, 2010

Remember Dyed Easter Biddies??

During a conversation last week with my sister concerning Easter dinner today the chat turned to some of the Easters we had celebrated years ago.
Being just 19 months apart in age we have had our share of Easters together. That's a good thing. If one of us should forget part of the story the other remembers the rest.

This particular day the Easter topic turned to baby chicks. Having lived on a farm and my father being a chicken grower for many years my sister and I know all there is to know about chickens and how to care for them. Two more baby chicks would be no problem.

On a weekend before Easter Mother would take us to the Ben Franklin 5 and 20 Cent Store where at the end of an aisle were colored baby chicks. We don't remember the colors being as vivid or the large assortment of colors those many years ago. We don't remember the colors we chose but what we do remember is that at the end of the aisle, huddled closely together under the heat lamp were the cutest baby chicks we had ever seen and couldn't wait to get them home.

Does anyone remember these? Did you ever own one?

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The Public Eye said...

I bet the yellow ones would make some good dumplins' when they grow-up