Friday, August 6, 2010

Phone Scam In Worcester County

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md. - The Worcester County Sheriff's Office is warning the community to be aware of a phone scam. They are currently investigating incidents where phone calls have been made by people who have represented themselves as Law Enforcement officers and requesting money. Police say the calls are being made to parents claiming that their children have been arrested and are in jail, usually for drug violations. A list of charges is given to the caller and police say the calls appear to sound official. The suspects then request the parent to wire money to "Bail Bondsman Acct." The parents are advised that the child will be released from custody upon receipt of the money.

Police say this is a fraudulent account used for the purpose of defrauding people.
They also say a legitimate Law Enforcement agency will not ask you to send money anywhere to secure the release of a person.

If you receive a call of this type, you are advised to ask for the name and call back number for the alleged agency. Then call your local law enforcement agency to help you verify whether or not this is a legitimate call or someone trying to commit a crime.

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