Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Please Support the SPCA's "Murphy's Fund"


Open to the public Tuesday thru Saturday 10 until 3 PM 
Drop by soon and meet Bear and Jacoby.  They have both had hard, unfortunate lives and would just love to have company....and even better a forever home.  If this size doesn't fit your taste there are more wonderful dogs  just waiting for attention.
If you  dogs don't fancy dogs there are kittens too. 
Teeter-Tot is one of the many kittens.  This is Jinx.

From the
SPCA Eastern Shore Virginia

Since the SPCA Eastern Shore is a private No-Kill shelter, fundraising is our main source of revenue. We receive NO State or Federal funds! So, if you are unable to attend the 23rd Annual SPCA Ball this Saturday you may wish to contribute another way.

"Support the SPCA's Murphy's Fund"
Murphy's Fund was created so we would have money in place for extraordinary medical needs here at the shelter. ...Most of the money in this account has been used to treat dogs who are positive for heartworms making it easier for those dogs to be adopted. 20% of the dogs we take in have heartworms and the average cost to treat them is around $500 per dog. When we have funds in this account, we can offer to cover this cost for a prospective adopter. At this time, these funds are depleted. If you'd like to make a donation where you know exactly how the money will be used, please consider donating to Murphy's Fund.

For your convience we have a paypal account on our webpage. Donations are tax deductible! Thank you for your help!

Did you know that your Food Lion card can be registered with the SPCA Eastern Shore and a certain amount of every dollar you spend at Food Lion will go to the SPCA. You can register on the SPCA Eastern Shore website.*

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