Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Police Station In Progress

The New Pocomoke City Police Station
In Progress
Thursday, February 23, 2012

This building resembles a maze at the present time with it's open ceilings in most rooms.  Lots of hard work has taken place since my last visit and regardless of the buildings appearance on this day I can tell you that this new police department is going to be a top of the line facility!  And in my opinion, it's about time.

I try to find humor in just about everything. 
Chief Sewell's Office (above)
*Please note that this is not his central heat and air.*

 Each room, when completed will be done in a blue/gray color to coordinate with the uniforms of the officers.  There will lockers, restroom/shower facilities for both female and male officers.  Plenty of offices and even a Records Room, Lounge and Conference/Briefing  Room and more.

This will be the Interrogation Room AKA
"The Box"

Men were hard at work all throughout the building.  Hopefully, the new Pocomoke City Police Department will be completed by May 2012.
According to a Beauchamp Construction spokesperson (Darren, I believe)  Pocomoke City Police Officers after making an arrest will drive their patrol car into this bay area.  The back of the police station is surrounded by fencing to give the station, the officer and the prisoner privacy along with safety.

Towards the back of the bay area is a corridor that leads to a larger room especially for the arresting officers so making it much more convenient for them to do their paper work once an arrest has been made with the prisoner secured.  After completion the prisoner will be escorted to his cell just a few steps away.
The cells, not completed yet, are only holding cells until transportation can be provided to the jail in Snow Hill.  The male cell and female cells  will have a double bunk, toilet and sink.  No bars on these cells.  They will have doors.  There was no electricity into those two cells or doors on this day but I do plan to go back and see what it's like.

Make no mistake.  This is going to be a thing of beauty and I feel confident that the entire police department that is now housed on Second Street will be delighted once they have moved.  The citizens of Pocomoke can be proud of it as well.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take that tour.  I'll be back.


dlo said...

Great pictures. Thanks for the update on a building that is much needed for the men and women in our great police dept. Debbie

Anonymous said...

Yes, great pictures as usual.