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Readers News!! Gasoline Prices

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Here's the beginning .... 


"Throughout this unfortunate episode Mr. Cardin put party discipline above the interests of Maryland workers.  He failed utterly to defend workers against the Governor's blatantly punitive initiative." -Richard Douglas

Annapolis Capitol 3.1.12 / Gasoline Prices

"Douglas, who hopes to unseat Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin, recently criticized Cardin for not taking a position on the state?s proposed gas tax increase." - Annapolis Capital

WBAL-TV / 2.28.12 Maryland Veteran's License Plates

"Richard Douglas, an Iraq war veteran, said, 'When I came home through Baltimore, it was great to see people standing there, welcoming me home. I think this plate has the same effect.'

Monoblogue 2.28.12 / Gasoline Prices

"...Rich Douglas has been scoring media points with a couple appearances over in western Maryland. He called out Ben Cardin for not taking a stance on the gas tax during Alex Mooney?s WFMD-AM radio show Sunday evening, saying 'I haven?t heard a peep from Ben Cardin (on the gas tax). There?s one simple way he can make his position known ? go to a microphone and say what it is.'

Towson Patch 2.27.12 / District 42 Endorses Douglas

"Find out who Republicans in the Towson, Lutherville-Timonium and Cockeysville area like for office." -Patch

WFMD AM 930 "Alex Mooney Radio Show" 2.26.12 / Gasoline Prices

"Politicians like Ben Cardin and Martin O'Malley look out for one

another," said Douglas. "That's the system we have, and it comes at
the expense of Maryland's hard working families. This gas tax
couldn't come at a worse time." - Richard Douglas

(interview starts @ 1:30)

Cumberland Times News 2.24.12 / Western Maryland campaign swing

"Douglas? familiarity with the Senate rules and procedures makes him the only candidate in the race with that knowledge except for Cardin. Douglas worked for both the Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee," - Cumberland Times News


Jim Pettit

Richard Douglas for U.S. Senate
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