Friday, June 1, 2012

Vandalism ~ Pocomoke City & Local Virginia

Route 13- headed North and into Pocomoke ....
While on my way to Pocomoke City yesterday I found to city crew workers trying to decide how to remove the spray paint job left by  some brilliant fool a few hours before. 

This was in my email yesterday afternoon when I returned from Pocomoke.  Tom forwarded the photo to me that had been sent to him  from one or our readers.

Don't feel alone.....
Just a few miles down the road it seems creativity from the mindless has become popular.

I hate to see these types of things.  For one,  it makes me wonder and ask that age old question "Where are the parents?"  And then why would someone feel the need to deface anyone's property whether it's city, state or even something that belongs to a private citizen.

Look on....

Taken two  weeks ago but the sign gets shot at frequently.  Intersection- Neil  Parker Road & Horsey Road

The old Jenkins Bridge post office.  It's been closed for years and sits at the intersection of Saxis, Road and Wessels Farm Road next to the house that was burned by an arsonist late last summer.  Google NARC and it stands for just about anything.  I love this old building and would give anything is someone would just give it to me and move it to my yard.  Otherwise, it will just sit there until vandals finish with it.

Horsey Road/Virginia
Property of a farmer and cattle grower in the community.  A man that would do anything just about for anyone. 

Anyone have any idea as to who may be doing this in either area?  If so, I'm listening......

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