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Friday, July 20, 2012

Accomack County Sheriff's Office Needs Your Help ~ REWARD OFFERED

A recent article in the Daily Times a few days ago mentioned the grafitti that has been showing up recently in lower parts of Accomack County in Virginia.  I mentioned this a few weeks ago in a post with photos to show that this type of vandalism has seem to have taken over.  It is NOT only in the Mears, Savageville, Pungoteague areas.

This type of vandalism is in Horsey, Hallwood, Parksley, Jenkins Bridge...and it just goes on.  Sheriff Todd Godwin has released a statement concerning this and the Accomack Sheriff's Office needs your help.

Below is Sheriff Godwin's statement and photos I took in the upper Accomack County area.....but there are SO many more!

The Sheriff's Department is seeking your help in apprehending those responsible for a rash of graffiti in Accomack County. In some cases homes have been spray painted resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. The graffiti artists seem to be trying to get revenge on a Jay Floyd whom they claim has cooperated with drug enforcement authorities.

There is now a $2000 reward set up for anyone who provides information that leads to the apprehension of the vandals.

Contact the Accomack County Sheriff's Department for more information.

Grafitti was scrawled across the side and the back of the old Jenkins Bridge Post Office.This "artwork" and the word NARC on the side was done sometime around June 30.  I am so happy to report that the old building has been removed and is now on the property of Grayson Chesser. 

NARC was painted on a trailer of a local farmer.....The trailer and the land is still in use- EVERYDAY on Horsey Road.

 Photos above from the Neal Parker Road in the Hallwood area. 

Please contact the Accomack County Sheriff's Office if you have any information.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

On May third 2012 Members of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Enforcement Team were honored by the Department of Justice United States Attorney’s Office of the eastern district of Virginia. The U. S. Attorney Neil H. MacBride presided over the ceremonies honoring several Law Enforcement

Officers from Eastern Virginia for the outstanding work they had done solving major crimes in the area.

Pictured in the back row are U.S. Attorney Neil H. MacBride Deputies Wells, Trader, and Sgt. Passwaters. In front of Sgt. Passwaters is Cpl. Ramey

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, Sgt. Passwaters, Cpl. Ramey, Deputy First Class Trader, and Deputy First Class Wells, were among the Officers honored for the investigation, arrest, and conviction of several subjects that were distributing drugs in the Maryland and Virginia area.

Operation “Bakers Dozen”, as it was called, initially identified 13 people that were involved together in selling drugs on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The investigation revealed that the drug activity reached into Worcester County Maryland.

Virginia State Police investigators called on the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team to assist them in the investigation and apprehension of subject selling large quantities of drugs in the Maryland Virginia area. The investigation led to more than the original 13 people that were involved in the drug trade.

The major target of the investigation was arrested and charged federally for distribution of controlled dangerous substances. That subject was sentenced to close to 20 years in federal prison for his actions. 

-Congratulations.  Working together does make a difference.-jmmb   

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Structure Fire Friday Night

You have to know that fire departments, along with any organization that protects and serves communities, are very special to me.  I appreciate everything they do and I admire their dedication....every ounce of it.  And I don't think that any of them could  ever be recognized enough.

Friday night not far from my own home four fire departments were called to a structure fire on Saxis Road.  Every single person that lives around here KNOWS this  house.  I have been told that years ago it was a country store but more recently the house has been used for seasonal  farm workers that move into the area for just a few weeks then leave.

The yard is always maintained.  The house has siding on it.  It is NOT an eyesore in the community compared to some we have to see.

But for some reason on Friday evening of September 23, 2011 some low living creature decided to burn this home.

Now, this really jerks my chain!  Men and women were called to duty - dropping what they were doing for the evening - to fight a fire started by someone that doesn't give a darn or just wanted to see something burn...........

That's called -ARSON- 



Here's what I'd like to know...........Do they have any idea who did this?  What was used to start this fire?  Has the person/s been arrested?  Just how safe are the other unoccupied homes in this area?
 I took these photos the next day....
This is the aftermath - all created because someone had NO regard for property owned by someone else.....  NOR the fact that the brave, unselfish men and women of our community had to put their personal lives on hold to take care of mess that was caused by someone whose life is probably a mess.

This structure is located on the corner of Jenkins Bridge Road and Saxis Road.  The wonderful fire departments that responded were from the fire departments of Saxis, Bloxom, Atlantic and New Church.  All wonderful fire departments manned with all volunteers that extinguished the fire within a short period of time but remained on the scene for several hours to assist in "overhaul and investigation".  The investigation is being handled by Virginia State Police Investigator Neal.

For the peace of mind in the community I sincerely hope this 'firebug' is nabbed before he/they have the chance to destroy something else..... that belongs to someone else.... and before someone gets injured. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 Year Old Struck While Riding Bicycle

A 9 year old child was struck by an Accomack County Sheriff's Deputy on Monday August 30, 2010 according to Virginia State Police.

Virginia State Police Sergeant Michelle Anaya says Deputy Earl Drummond was driving his 2008 Ford Police Interceptor on Shields Bridge Road in Belle Haven at 6:00 PM when he struck Quaizal Kellam, 9, while he was riding his bicycle.

Sergeant Anaya said no charges were filed against Deputy Drummond because Kellam was riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the road. Kellam was transported to the hospital after the accident; Anaya said she was not aware of the victims condition.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Accomack County Sheriff's Office Needs Public's Help....

The Accomack County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public's help.
They say this man, 40-year-old Kenneth Corneal Birch, Jr. of Saxis, Virginia is wanted in connection with the August 21st robbery of the Oak Hall Corner Mart.
A felony warrant has been obtained by the Sheriff’s Office charging Birch with robbery.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office at 787-1131 or 824-5666.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

NASA Rocket Launch A Success

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. (WAVY) - The NASA Black Brant X sounding rocket successfully launched from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore Wednesday.

The rocket launched at 5:15 a.m. It's mission, according to NASA, was to "flight qualify the new production Nihka rocket motor, the third stage in the Black Brant X."

The next mission from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility is expected no ealier than August 23.

To view rocket launch from NASA click below.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Accomack County Circuit Court

Accomack Commonwealths Attorney Gary Agar reports the follow trials and sentencings in Accomack County Circuit Court:

Richard Copes, 31 of Withams, was found guilty of robbery, grand larceny and abduction.

Christopher Barcroft, 21 of Cheriton, was found guilty of 2 counts of burglary and 2 counts of grand larceny.

Elmore White, Jr., 44 of Mappsville, was found guilty of possession of cocaine and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with all but 3 suspended.

Wilbert Watson, 47 of Bloxom, was found guilty of 3rd offense shoplifting.

Steve Kilgore, 24 of Exmore, was found guilty of armed burglary, attempted robbery, use of a sawed-off shotgun and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Douglas Bragg, 26 of Painter, was found guilty of possession of cocaine and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with all but 3 suspended.

Kerwin Mears, 25 of Accomac, was found guilty of 2nd offense possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, 2nd offense possession of marijuana.

Edward Trader, Jr., 28 of New Church, was found guilty of credit card larceny and obstruction of justice.

Charles Shields, 51 of Painter, was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with all but 7 months suspended for distribution of cocaine.

Charles Miller, Sr., 61 of New Church, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with all but 5 years and 1 month suspended for possession with intent to distribute cocaine and possession of a firearm while in possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Martese Creekmore, 20 of New Church, was sentenced to a youthful offender program for robbery, grand larceny and abduction.

Dashon Scarborough, 25 of Atlantic, was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment with all but 6 years suspended for burglary, grand larceny and 2 counts of uttering.

Christopher Philips, 27 of Parksley, was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment with 7 years and 3 month to serve for grand larceny and 5 counts of obtaining money by false pretense.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Highest Environmental Honor Awarded To Wallops

WALLOPS ISLAND --NASA's Wallops Flight Facility has been awarded the highest environmental recognition within the Commonwealth of Virginia for programs protecting the area's natural resources.

Wallops is only the second federal facility in the Commonwealth of Virginia to receive this Extraordinary Environ-mental Enterprise level of the Virginia Environment-al Excellence Program.

"VEEP E4 status is the highest level of environmental recognition in the commonwealth. Wallops joins an elite group which not only strives for environmental excellence within their own missions, but also reaches beyond their facility fence line in proactively working with community partners to promote environmental stewardship," said Carolyn Turner, Wallops head of the Environmental Office.

The facility is currently pursuing renewable energy sources, alternative fuels, and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications for existing buildings. The Wallops Environmental office also specializes in pollution prevention, hazardous waste management, protecting endangered species, recycling, storage tank management and environmental planning.

These programs are managed through the Wallops environmental management system, a process aimed at reducing the facility's impacts on the environment by identifying impacts, setting goals to minimize those impacts, improving procedures and tracking progress.

VEEP is a partnership program that has a goal of a more sustainable Virginia. The program is aimed at improving environmental performance and stewardship through a beyond-compliance collaboration with the Department of Environmental Quality.

The award program has stepped levels. The higher the level, the more advanced the facility's environmental program. To be awarded the Extraordinary Environ-mental Enterprise award, a facility must display a commitment to the highest environmental performance.

Some of the requirements for a facility to receive this award include a fully implemented environmental management system including a pollution program, community involvement, and continuous and sustainable progress. Another main component is maintaining a record of sustained compliance.

Sustained compliance requires that the facility be in good standing with the federal and state regulations. It also requires the facility to have less than two environmental violations in the previous three years. Wallops has had no violations.

"Wallops Flight Facility is always striving for environmental excellence," Turner said.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

85th Annual Chincoteague Pony Swim - July 28, 2010

The 85th Annual Chincoteague Pony Penning is set to take place tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28th. The Ponies will hit the water after 10:00 AM at dead low tide.

This year, the town is providing a free shuttle service for people wishing to attend the swim. The departures will being at 5:00 AM at Chincoteague High School on July 28th. There are various shuttle stops for all who are staying on the island already in hotels and campgrounds. The shuttles will be wheelchair accessible and will run continuously until the pony swim ends.

According to lore, the Assateague Ponies swam to shore when the Spanish Galleon carrying them was shipwrecked. However, after research was completed it is more likely they were simply turned free by settlers. The Penning was originally for livestock owners to claim, brand, break and harness their loose herds. By the 1700's it had become an annual event, complete with festivities for entire community, according to the Chincoteague Pony Penning Website. The first known documentation of the Pony Penning was a pamphlet printed in 1835.

Following the swim will be the Pony Auction. The auctioneer for the even will be Tim Jennings. At last year's Pony Auction, 65 horses were sold, or folds as they are referred, raising $94,100 for the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. 5 ponies were "bought back" in last year's auction. "Buy backs" are ponies which are purchased at auction and then returned to the heard on Assateague Island. Several "buy back" groups exist such as Feathered Friends and the Buy Back Babes. Traditionally, the Chincoteague Volunteer Fireman's Carnival has ended the Saturday after the Pony Swim. However, this year Chincoteague's Carnival will run until Saturday, August 7th.

More Information History of the Pony Penning

Friday, July 16, 2010

Used-Car Salesman Guilty of Kidnapping

ACCOMAC -- Richard Coleman set out to buy a car on June 9, 2009, and instead was kidnapped by the seller.

Three suspects hauled Coleman to a bank and forced him to make a withdrawal from an ATM in Accomack County. But Coleman instead ran inside, freeing himself, and bank workers called police.

Richard Copes, 31, of Withams pleaded guilty in Accomack Circuit Court to the abduction of Coleman, stealing an automobile and robbery.

Commonwealth's Attorney Gary Agar said the victim spoke to Copes about buying the vehicle and the victim arrived in the family van.

Copes got into the passenger seat and two other individuals came from behind bushes and confronted Coleman, according to testimony.

They assumed the man had the $600 with him to pay for the used car.

"He did not," Agar said.

But they found $50 and an ATM card in the man's wallet. All three got in the victim's van to drive to an ATM to withdraw money.

From Withams, they drove to the NASA Federal Credit Union at T's Corner. Agar said the plan was for the man to get out of the van and withdraw money while they sat in the van. The victim told investigators he thought the men had a gun.

The victim got out of the van as directed, but instead of going to the machine, he ran inside the credit union.

The three men then reportedly sped off in the van. Two of the men made statements to police and named Copes. The victim knew the three defendants and was able to identify them to police.

Copes, however, contacted Coleman in an apparent attempt to buy his support.

"Give me a break. Is there a price I can kick at you?" Copes said, according to a transcript of the phone call, which Agar read in court. The call was recorded by the victim.

The accomplices have been convicted of the same crime -- one has been sentenced to five years and the other faces sentencing.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


CHINCOTEAGUE -- The 23rd annual Chincoteague Blueberry Festival will be held at the Chincoteague Community Center at 6155 Community Drive July 23-25

The Blueberry Festival will be held from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. rain or shine. The festival remains the largest fine arts and crafts event on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with exhibitors from 10 states including many excellent local artists. This large exhibit brings a unique Christmas in July shopping atmosphere to Chincoteague. The arts and crafts exhibits are located both inside the Chincoteague Center building and outside on the green space and parking lot.

The fresh gourmet blueberries will once again be provided by Dick's Kitchen. These succulent delicacies are unlike any blueberries that can be found in the grocery store or produce stands and are a huge favorite of festival visitors and sell out every year. For fresh blueberry pre-orders, call Dick Jones at 540-273-2963.

The Blueberry Festivals' net profits from the fresh blueberry sales will be donated to the Chincoteague Police Department's "Ride for Kids" program to benefit local children. Buying fresh blueberries at the festival provides not only a tasty and nutritious treat for the family, but helps the kids in need. Blueberries freeze extremely well and many of the festivals blueberry devotees stock up for the entire year.

For a free pint of fresh blueberries, be one of the first 50 paid adults each day of the festival.

The "ultimate blueberry pies" will once again be made and sold by Sugarbakers Bakery. These offerings also sold out last year and should be pre-ordered. To pre-order blueberry pies, call 757-336-3712.

The blueberry confections continue with blueberry ice cream from the Island Creamery, old-fashioned blueberry shortcake from Diana James, blueberry funnel cakes from Cross Concessions, blueberry pancakes from Pepper Jack Grille and more.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served by Pepper Jack Grille. For a complete menu, visit

The musical offerings are expanding for the 2010 Chincoteague Blueberry Festival to include the Celtic Islanders, the Piped Piper, Mountain Faith, Johnny Mo -- "The Musical Chef," Ron Cole and Wayne Young and Moonstruck Music. Musical performances will continue for the entire event. For a complete musical schedule, visit the website.

Attractions for kids include pony rides from Against the Wind Farms, sand art and face painting.

For directions, discount coupons and more visit www.Chincoteague or e-mail: samserio@

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


BURN BAN still in effect in Accomack and Northampton Counties!
PLEASE check in your area to see if it is safe to burn.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Firefighter Injured Fighting Wheat Field Fire

ACCOMAC -- A volunteer firefighter was injured and a Tasley tanker truck was damaged fighting a huge blaze that swept across a wheat field on Folly Farm Lane around 3 p.m. Thursday. Most of the fire companies in the county and two from Northampton spent over three hours fighting the fire in a successful effort to save several homes on the property, including The Folly, a historic home dating to the 1700s.

One firefighter suffered first and second degree burns on his face and arms after the wind suddenly changed direction, causing those fighting the blaze to run for safety. The injured man was treated and released at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital, Tasley Volunteer Fire Company Chief Jeff Beall said, adding that the injuries were sustained while the firefighter "was making a valiant effort to protect the homes."

Beall said the company's 1994 tanker also was overrun by the fire but was not a total loss and is being repaired.

The conflagration, which Beall estimated consumed over a hundred acres of cutover wheat field as well as part of the nearby woods, started when a combine that was harvesting the wheat caught on fire. The fire quickly spread to the dry stubble and across the field.

Several fire companies responded to the call directly from a structure fire they were battling on Bennett Street in Parksley.

Beall said he could tell immediately that the Accomac fire was a large one. "As I was coming down Route 13 from Fisher's Corner I could see the smoke," he said, and called for additional help.

In addition to the damaged vehicle, some 800 feet of hose, portable radios and other equipment also were lost in the fire, along with the combine, which was a total loss, Beall said.

Tasley was called back to the scene Friday morning to fight a small fire in the woods, which likely resulted from a smoldering ember.

Units responded to the fire from Saxis, Atlantic, Parksley, Tasley, Onley, Onancock, Melfa, Wachapreague, Painter, Community Fire Company in Exmore and Eastville. The Virginia Department of Forestry also was on the scene and Pocomoke City and Stockton, Md. fire departments also assisted Accomack County for the duration of the fire.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Accomack County Sheriff's Department Makes Mutliple Attests

**The people of Accomack County don't like it when thugs break into their homes and take what they want when no one is home. They don't like it at all and refuse to tolerate it. Thank goodness Accomack County has a wonderful Sheriff and good, hardworking men in his deparment that work for the people of this county. You see, that's what your tax dollars are supposed to be paying for....... Good, hardworking men that care and are concerned about crime and the safety of its citizens. And thank goodness at the head of this great storm of men coming through to rid the community of crime in any form, is Accomack County Sheriff Larry Giddens!**

According to Sheriff Larry Giddens, an extensive investigation conducted by the Accomack County Sheriffs Office in connection with several Painter break-ins reported during the months of March and April has led to multiple arrests. The investigation involved three residential break-ins and a break-in at the Gravitys Light clothing store. A variety of items was taken during the break-ins and some of the stolen property was recovered during the investigation.

Michael Lee Sample, Jr., age 25 of Painter, was arrested June 15 on three counts of burglary & and three counts of grand larceny. He is incarcerated in the Accomack County Jail with bond denied.

Spencer Lee Sample, age 53 of Painter, was arrested June 15 on four counts of burglary and 4 counts of grand larceny. He is incarcerated in the Accomack County Jail with bond denied.

James Phillip Johnson, age 37 of Painter, was arrested June 16 on four counts of burglary and four counts of grand larceny. He is incarcerated in the Accomack County Jail with bond denied.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Accident On Eastern Shore Kills One

ACCOMACK, Va. - Police are investigating a deadly accident on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

The accident happened around 2:08 am on June 16 on Rt. 13 just south of Rt. 677.

Police say there was a head-on collision between a Subaru and a Toyota Tacoma.

Subaru passenger, John R. Lutz Jr. of Hazeltown, Pennyslvania died on the scene. He was 32 years old.

Subaru driver, Brooke Evans, is being charged with reckless driving.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gun Trafficking Ring Began On Virginia's Eastern Shore

EASTVILLE — Three Northampton County men have been charged in New Jersey with second-degree conspiracy and other offenses related to a large gun trafficking network.

Charged are Jonathan Johnson, 28, of Cape Charles, Bobby Lee Henderson, 24, of Townsend, and Larry Nottingham, 28, of Eastville, according to the New Jersey attorney general’s office.

The three men were charged in connection with indictments against Trayle Beasley, 29, of Trenton, N.J., who police say led a network that trafficked guns from the Eastern Shore, including firearms recovered in connection with several homicide and narcotics investigations.

The offense is a first-degree crime and carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

Beasley grew up in New Jersey and on the Eastern Shore, reports indicate.
Amoi Smith, 21, of Cranbury, N.J., was also charged and faces a second-degree conspiracy charge, along with the four others.

Smith allegedly accompanied Beasley to the Shore to acquire guns and the two are charged in a pending indictment in connection with a New Jersey armed robbery last year, officials said.

Locally, Johnson would allegedly obtain guns for Beasley or arrange meetings for him to purchase guns locally, for cash, marijuana or other narcotics. Henderson and Nottingham allegedly sold guns that Beasley transported or attempted to transport to New Jersey.

Beasley is being held in the Mercer County, N.J., Jail with bail set at $250,000 cash. Arrest warrants were issued for the other four defendants in connection with the indictment.

Second-degree crimes are punishable by a maximum sentence of 10 years in state prison and a $150,000 fine. In addition to the second-degree conspiracy count against all five defendants, Beasley and Johnson also face several other second-degree counts, and Smith and Henderson each face one second-degree count of either transportation or attempted transportation of a firearm into New Jersey for unlawful sale or transfer.

Beasley and Nottingham are charged with fourth-degree unlawful disposition of a firearm, which carries a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine. Beasley is charged with four counts, and Nottingham with one.

The indictment is the result of an investigation by the State Police – ATF Joint Firearms Task Force, Trenton Police Department and several other New Jersey police departments and Eastern Shore Drug Task Force.

The Eastern Shore Drug Task Force is a partnership of Virginia State Police, the Northampton Sheriff’s Department and the Accomack Sheriff’s Department.
Johnson in May was charged with a federal offense of conspiracy to distribute more than 5 kilos of cocaine.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chincoteague Island To Be Featured On TODAY Show

After a year long effort the Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Commission is pleased to announce the Today Show is scheduled to present a travel segment on family friendly vacations that will spotlight Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.

Currently scheduled to air Monday barring any pre-empts, the anticipated coverage of Chincoteague is estimated to be seen by nearly 5 million people and has an advertising value of approximately $ 225,194 according to Virginia Tourism Corporation's 2009 data.

The Tourism Commission first began courting the Today Show to feature the Eastern Shore as one of the mystery destinations on the annual "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" sending the show's producers an ES Suitcase and the Day in the Life of the Eastern Shore video, a Tourism Commission project produced by local company Ward & Associates.

The Today Show also received local wine, Shore products and the Seashore Chronicles: Three Centuries of the Virginia Barrier Islands by Shore authors Brooks Barnes and Barry Truitt.

Continual follow ups paid off and the Tourism Commission recently teamed up with the Virginia Tourism Corporation's Public Relations Director Richard Lewis, to provide the show video, still shots and information on the islands.

"We so often pitch ESVA stories and I would surely not have the necessary knowledge without the efforts of the Eastern Shore Tourism Director, "said Lewis. "In fact my most recent pitch to a freelancer writing for Southern Living included story ideas in Cape Charles, Onancock and Assateague Island."

As the Eastern Shore's sole regional marketing organization, the Tourism Commission is charged with promoting the Eastern Shore "You'll Love Our Nature" Brand through 154 media placement in 2009 alone including Southern Living Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

This equates to millions of dollars of free advertisement for the Eastern Shore Tourism Industry.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eskimos Wanted

No, eskimos have not landed on the quiet island of Saxis, Virginia and built a home there.

This igloo was built after the January 8th snow we had. The local engineers were Stephanie Schivo, Josh Voss, Tyler Williams, and Cory Chance. All of them are just local kids with the creativity
for building something other than the traditional snowman............not to mention the motivation to get out in the cold.

Great job, guys!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Please Help Locate Missing Person

STILL MISSING...................................................

John Benjamin Thornton, III

Missing from Temperanceville, Virginia

since Monday January 11, 2009.

If you have see him or know where he may be PLEASE CONTACT THE