Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Donation Account Set Up For Crash Victim's Family

The family of Courtney Bloxom has set up a Donation Account at all PNC Bank.

Bloxom was involved in a single car accident where she recently struck a tree. Due to weather conditions, the EMTs were unable to medical-evacuate Bloxom to the hospital. Bloxom slipped into a coma due to a brain injury. She also suffered broken ribs and a lacerated liver.

Though she continues to make progress in recovery small steps at a time Courtney's parents are facing a tough road and are asking for any and all donations.

Simply walk into any PNC Bank Branch on the Eastern Shore and ask to donate money to the Courtney Bloxom Donation Account.

Friends close to Bloxom say her swelling has gone down substantially, but she remains in a coma like state.

For more information call Pam Kilmon at 665-6218.

Taken from Shore Daily News.

``I have withheld the account number to this account until I know it is wise to post it. Hope it does not cause any inconvenience.
Or you can find it by going to ~~

Your donations are appreciated and so are the many prayers.
Please continue to pray for Courtney.

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